Internationalized VPS Servers

Want to rely on same provider for multiple locations, having same quality of services, resources, plans in SAME PRICE? To maintain your all VPS hosting needs quite appropriately and in easy manners, now you can place orders through single window from 100+ numerously located and territorial datacenters. You are still free to explore other destinations as we have large number of places from where you can be online. For adding more features and conveniance, now Cloud VPS from worldly datacenters is being offered by us through which you would be able to upgrade and downgrade to any plan with ability to add several licenses and add-ons. Explore Continent, Country and City below to order and provisioned your virtual node.

Full Dedicated Server Hosting

You do not want to settle with lesser but the maximal available resources, your project may have a demand to be deployed only upon a machine which must not be based on containers to acquire dedicated access but a heavy-duty server with a grip and control on each of its functionality and control. You have a good budget to surf for devoted hosting infrastructure yet require it from a particular location. If so, we have vast range of such options to select from, find below your desired destination and view available bare metal machines or customize them as per your needs.


Being a reliable Hosting company worldwide, you can get configured, manage, maintain and resell all kinds of web hosting services. We offer cheap yet reliable virtualization solutions, customize dedicated servers, cloud VPS and shared web hosting from different international locations.

Virtual Dedicated Resources

VPS Hosting

For an ambition to acquire hosting from a specific location with no other party who can share your resources, a VPS Server will be a best choice. Especially when you are to acquire root access in lowest budget.

VPS Hosting

  • Free setup on top priority
  • Provisioning from 3-24 Hours
  • Best experience guaranteed
Full Dedicated Control

Dedicated Server

If you are in need of full control over resources, operating system, bandwidth and a unique dedicated experience hassle free then a dedicated server hosting must be your priority to be deployed as per your desired origin.

Dedicated Servers

  • 24 to 72 hours provisioning time
  • Most locations with Tier III+ Data Centers
  • Competitive prices and plenty of addons to select
Shared Resources

Web Hosting

Our services are duly guarantied for Shared hosting for those individuals who want to make public interest in market. We are providing at low price. We have energetic and dynamic product development team has designed ideal, best suitable and most cheap shared web hosting packages for local market that can manage and drive every basic to mid-level website to host on shared web hosting environment.

Shared locations and plans

  • Fully shared resources with full potency
  • Unlimited resources with high availability
  • 100 % Uptime with proper backup on order
Custom Resources

Cloud Hosting

We offer best and reliable cloud services around the world. Due to its virtualization layer and the independent CEPH processing cluster and upgradable CPU Core and RAM design, our cloud services provide almost unlimited capacity to cope with traffic spikes. If one storage instance is inaccessible, due to the 3N redundancy, the other instances are capable of providing the stored information.

Cloud locations and plans


Rely on best degree of unadulterated site and application facilitating assets from the first-rate server providers of the world, presently accessible for you to run distinctive operating system in the most reasonable and aggressive costs. We are best in technologies and services that are needed for every website, script and app to be viewed on the internet. Experience our special and updated Hosting Servers to boost the online visibility by ensuring the availability of allocated resources. We are providing services that are more reliable to our business owners or resellers along with top notch after sales support, especially in the time of trouble when websites needs more traffic, resources or personal intentions. Most of the locations comes with Anti DDOS Security as well as networking security so you should feel yourself comfortable with us.

Best Hardware

Hardware in all DCs is absolutely of excellent quality and we are providing lot of hardware options. This way, you can get a hardware setup that has the capacity and performance capabilities that you require. You can select CPU model, number of cores and speed, the size of RAM, the type of RAM, Space capacity (HDD or SSD).

Compatible Price

All kind of Hosting package comprises of quality services in affordable prices for your convenience. There is a full stop from our side for cheap quality in cheap rates because we never sacrifice the stability and continuity of services but try to lower down our margins. Offering most of services in lesser charges, in compliance with customer requirements.


We have next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention, web app security, DDoS protection, and malware and virus prevention. In addition, also we provide SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and spam filtering. We try our level best to ensure our customer's data safe from any kind of attack though we recommend ordering a backup solution.

Easy Deployment

The hardware and software you can rely on with us for a basic coded website to a fully functioned and high traffic scenario. Our Deployment Infrastructure is always ready to build, install and provision servers as per orders with a low level queue.

CPU Optimized

Our CPU's handles come with all of the calculations of computer needs in order to function perfectly. Optimizing the speed at which the CPU runs, increases performance and allows the computer to perform more CPU-heavy tasks. Compute specialized private virtual servers with dedicated work loading CPUs, which rely more on CPU than on RAM.

High Availability

We recognize that if your server runs important applications, you cannot afford to go offline. So always, pick the right plan before deploying your project from testing phases to running phase. We always suggest you to get advise by our analysts, discuss in details to reach the decision to maintain 100% online uptime.

Server Configuration

Another key requirement is the ability to have total control over your server so Now you can configure your servers that will meet your needs. In our solutions you will have full root SSH / RDP root access though sometimes we will send you credentials with a basic user which be alter by yourself in all kind of dedicated hosting servers.

What Our Customers Says?

We have been associated with hosting services for many years, so we realize our clients can't face some form of challenge. We offer our clients the best and most professional service for this kind of situation. This is why our clients are completely satisfied with us. To our clients, we have designated user-friendly technical team, which is always available ready for fixing and coordinating. We are the best in the market to extend your company.

After moving from another provider, it was difficult to rely on someone but VPS&SERVER deservers a WOW, they did all great for us.

Salkhan tiblani
Chemical Industries

Amazing! This company provides me the best enterprise level of services now i can gain my business without involving myself in technical hudles.

HQ Streaming Company

By fetching these services for manipulating my business in market with full confidence, feeling good after selecting this company.

SAAS Billing Solutions

Looking for a custom solution?

Our technical assistance is always ready to support our clients. Combining Technical analysts and pure sales team, we have an IT department of experts that can offer solutions on the contact point. Our engineers can provide you with the most personalized and customized solutions irrespective of distinguishing whether you are a freelancer, small business or corporate company. We have the required experience and we work aggressively with any quote or proposals. For any technical or pre-sales queries, don't hesitate to contact us.