Worldwide Web Hosting

"vpsandserver" is providing worldwide web hosting. As an organization of over 100+ employees worldwide, our support team is 100 percent online. We are currently working for many positions in the data center for web hosting services. With us, you can post your business website or web page on the Internet via web hosting. We provide the technologies and services that are needed for every website to be viewed on the internet. We have special and updated Hosting Servers through that, all worldwide users can have easy and fast action access to your website on their browser by browsing your domain name. It all is possible because we have introduced location based shared hosting by means of which you can select an origin which comes near to your audience. This practice will give you and your customers a best website browsing experience and highest local ranking in search engines like google.

VPS Hosting

Web Hosting UAE

uae web hosting

We have a large web hosting network with a range of hosting services. We offer a lot of exclusive choices for hosting. It has several cost-effective options for every hosting type you can choose from. If you are looking for a cost-effective plan for your medium or small business, choose one of its common business strategies. Our mission is to offer superior facilities throughout the Middle East. In all major UAE cities such as Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah, our performance shared hosting services are available at the most desirable cost along with the best customer service possible. Custom configurations are available upon request or you can avail UAE based VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE for even better solution.

Space Email # of websites DBs Free SSL OS Price
10 GB 10 01 5 MySQL Yes Linux Hosting $250 / Year Order Now
50 GB 100 03 10 MySQL Yes Linux Hosting $490 / Year Order Now
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Linux Hosting $690 / Year Order Now

You will get hosting credentials with in 5-10 hours after confirmation of payment, Linux based account's control panel would be cPanel/WHM and for windows it would be Plesk Obsidian, You can install scripts like Wordpress, openCart through 1 Click script installation. All shared hosting accounts will be created through Dubai, UAE based data center with unlimited amount of Yearly bandwidth.

Web Hosting Saudi Arabia

saudi web hosting

Those who need a precise, secure and updated shared hosting infrastructure in Middle East and specially with in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must have a great interest in below optimized plans. You can select for both the major operating systems Linux and Windows and most renowned control web interfaces like cPanel and Plesk. Plenty of resources are available including Unlimited Bandwidth in each package to start though you can upgrade a plan at any stage. If your needs are not being fulfilled in less dedicated hosting type and you want this location too then we have vast range of Saudi VPS Hosting plans for your selection.

Space Email # of websites DBs Free SSL OS Price
10 GB 10 01 5 MySQL Yes Linux Hosting $299 / Year Order Now
50 GB 100 03 10 MySQL Yes Linux Hosting $599 / Year Order Now
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Linux Hosting $959 / Year Order Now

Hosting activation could take 6-12 hours, cPanel/WHM will be the default control panel for Linux based hosting whereas Plesk Obsidian will be the control panel comes with Windows based hosting, all hosting plans includes 450+ one click scripts installation support. Offered Hosting accounts will be provisioned through physically hosted servers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

Pakistan Web hosting

If your audience belongs to sub-continent and you want to launch your website or app from with in this region and you want it to be done in fraction of cost then the best solution for you to have a shared hosting plan with a Pakistani IP though we offer dedicated infrastructure from this location too. You can buy VPS Hosting Pakistan or Dedicated Server in Pakistan from us in cheap prices too. Get high performance Hosting with Advanced system performance and device monitoring. You have to go for specific parameters and strategies that help you build a foothold if you're going to start a company in this digital-driven environment. It is the business plan, growth strategies, and the investment plan that must be built to form the framework of your project. Once all of the aforementioned items are taken into account, you will take on the promotional scheduling and policy. As per your needs, We handle the very best CPU nodes and big disc, LINUX/ Windows OS & Big Bandwidth Customization.

Space Email Bandwidth Mysql (Linux) MSSQL (Windows) Addon Domains OS Price
04 GB 30 15 GB/mo 10 01 (0.5 GB) Zero Linux Hosting $96 / Year Order Now
06 GB 150 25 GB/mo 20 05 (1 GB) 01 Linux Hosting $139 / Year Order Now
10 GB 350 55 GB/mo 30 10 (1.5 GB) 02 Linux Hosting $189 / Year Order Now
15 GB Unlimited 80 GB/mo 40 10 (2 GB) 03 Linux Hosting $219 / Year Order Now
30 GB Unlimited 200 GB/mo 50 10 (3 GB) 04 Linux Hosting $399 / Year Order Now

  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Free 1-Click WordPress installation
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Shared IP PK based
  • Free SSL
  • Fair Usage Policy Apply

Any selected plan will be provisioned through an Islamabad / Pakistan based hosted server. Credentials will be delivered on your registered email address with in maximum 24 hours after confirmation of payment and order.

Bangladesh based Web Hosting

Bangladesh Web Hosting

Dhaka based web hosting with process improved performance, management of technology and productivity. All windows-based plans are powered by Windows 2019, SQL 2017 & IIS 10.0., Ajax, Silverlight ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 & 4.6x ASP.NET MVC 3, 4 & 5 with Razor whereas Linux based plans have Apache, MySQL 5.6 and all latest versions of PHP along with POP3, IMAP & Webmail. Specific requirements and techniques can be found to help you create a database once you start a business in this digital world. So there must be one plan which can accomplish your demands otherwise browse Bangladesh VPS Servers or Dedicated Server Hosting Bangladesh for heavy resourced or dedicated usage.

Space Bandwidth Email DBs Addon Domains Sub Domains OS Price
02 GB SSD 50 GB/mo 50 10 MySQL 05 10 Linux OS $39 / Year Order Now
05 GB SSD 75 GB/mo 100 20 MySQL 05 20 Linux OS $69 / Year Order Now
10 GB SSD 100 GB/mo 150 30 MySQL 05 50 Linux OS $109 / Year Order Now
02 GB SSD 100 GB/mo 50 05 MSSQL 01 10 Windows OS $69 / Year Order Now
05 GB SSD 500 GB/mo 100 10 MSSQL 01 Unlimited Windows OS $119 / Year Order Now
10 GB SSD 500 GB/mo 250 25 MSSQL 01 Unlimited Windows OS $179 / Year Order Now

  • Asp.Net Core Not Supported
  • Linux, Secured by CloudLinux
  • No support for mysql and php in Windows
  • BDIX Connectivity
  • Windows with SolidCP
  • Free SSL + Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Linux with cPanel/WHM
  • 1 Click Scripts in cPanel

We will send you hosting login details from 8-24 hours after payment and order confirmation. Dhaka is the location where data center is located for offering Bangladesh based Shared Hosting.

Turkey Web Hosting

Turkey Web Hosting

Do you have any upcoming or current project, you want to launch in between Europe and Asia, the best door for such events is Turkey. With us you can acquire a shared hosting platform to establish an online link from this territory to the world. The choice to have Turkish located web hosting is great if your viewership or buyers belong to Turkey. You can manage all your web projects together with our basic to unlimited hosting packages. Buy fast and uninterrupted hosting in affordable prices or secure a Turkey VPS Server or a Turkish Dedicated Server for huge resources and dedicated use.

Space Email / Space Addon / Sub-Domains DBs / Size Inodes OS Price
02 GB Unlimited / 512 MB 0 / 02 01 / 500 MB 75000 Linux Windows Hosting $39 / Year Order Now
05 GB Unlimited / 01 GB 04 / Unlimited 05 / 500 MB 250000 Linux Windows Hosting $65 / Year Order Now
Unlimited Unlimited / 01 GB 09 / Unlimited Unlimited / 750 MB 250000 Linux Windows Hosting $99 / Year Order Now
Unlimited Unlimited / 01 GB Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited / 01 GB 250000 Linux Windows Hosting $159 / Year Order Now

  • Virus and Spam Protection
  • Free Backup and Free Site Migration
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel or Plesk Control Panel
  • Redundant DNS servers
  • Free Lifetime SSL Certificate
  • One click to install hundreds of scripts
  • LiteSpeed and 200% CPU Usage

Usually, a shared hosting accont is setup from 4-18 hours from this location. Purely hosted under Turkey based data center to offer your lowest local latency.

Web Hosting in Netherlands, Germany and Canada

Germany, Netherlands and Canada Web hosting

If you are looking for a cheapest shared web hosting solution along with higher number of resources with best available infrastructure, we recommend you to select any of the plan and finalize the location before checkout which suits you most. All hosting plans have same price for Linux / cPanel and Windows / Plesk. Germany and Netherland locations are best for European lower latency whereas Canadian location can achieve your goals of fast loading in North America. For more cheap dedicated hosting you can find different options like Germany based VPS Server, USA VPS Hosting or Russian VPS Hosting.

Space Bandwidth Email Addon / Sub-Domains DBs OS Price
01 GB 25 GB 10 Zero / 05 01 Mysql Linux Windows Hosting $29 / Year Order Now
05 GB 60 GB 75 Zero / 10 01 MSSQL / 03 MySql Linux Windows Hosting $45 / Year Order Now
10 GB 100 GB 100 01 / Unlimited 02 MSSQL / 04 MySql Linux Windows Hosting $69 / Year Order Now
100 GB Unlimited Unlimited 04 / Unlimited 03 MSSQL / 05 MySql Linux Windows Hosting $99 / Year Order Now

  • Same price for Linux and Windows
  • Plesk for Windows and cPanel for Linux
  • DDoS Protection
  • Down gradation / Upgradation
  • Managed Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate for Life

You will get hosting credentials with in 6 hours after confirmation of payment. Mysql databases will be the part of Linux and Windows based plans whereas MSSQL DBs will come with only Windows based Hosting.

Web Hosting in JAPAN

japan Web hosting

We deliver Japan's best and cheapest hosting platform recommended for those who want to start operating a website easily. As WEB server, database server, and mail server are distributed and operated by physical servers that specialize in each function, they are resistant to failures and operate stably! Compared to a general shared server that is integrated into one unit, it is resistant to failures and boasts high reliability. Speed up the display of CMS sites with HTTP / 2, which can process multiple requests at the same time, and the module version PHP7 + OPcache. Even if there is a large amount of access, Nginx is adopted as a reverse proxy and stable display is performed. Moreover, the WEB and DB are physically separated to distribute resources, and the high-performance Xeon server equipped with SSD executes a large amount of processing at high speed. We use a backbone line with ample bandwidth. We will also carry out timely enhancements to maintain a stable speed. You can also consider VPS Server Hosting in Japan at really low cost or for highly dedicated resources, buy a Dedicated Server Japan.

Web Server DB Server Mail Capacity / Accounts Bandwidth Free SSL OS Price
200 GB 10 GB Mysql 100 GB / Unlimited 160 GB Yes Linux OS $439 / Year Order Now
300 GB 20 GB Mysql 100 GB / Unlimited 200 GB Yes Linux OS $599 / Year Order Now

  • Nginx + Apache 2.4 series
  • Free 1-Click WordPress installation
  • Mysql databases
  • WAF / IPS are all free
  • Scheduled backup is free up to 10GB
  • Always SSL on all sites

We have only linux based shared hosting plans from Japan based origin through which you can manage you mysql, php based websites. It does not have cPanel for managing hosting but a totally customized panel. Hosting details will be sent from 12 to 36 hours after payment and order from this location.

What is shared Hosting?

It is the basic form of web hosting in which a dedicated server is being shared by multiple users/domains through a control panel interface usually like plesk panel and cPanel.

Do you offer Linux and Windows Hosting?

From most of the locations, yes. but not from all.

Hosting delivery Time?

Usually, it is done instantly but it can take up to 36 hours for delivering you hosting credentials.