VPS Server Hosting Malta

  • Swieqi City Physically located Tier III DC
  • Secure KVM and SSD Storage
  • Linux / root and Windows / rdp Access
  • 10 Mbps ISP Port

Unlock the unparalleled hosting experience in Malta's Swieqi City, where we seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology with a host of exceptional features. One of our standout offerings is low latency, ensuring that your online assets and projects run at their best. We employ KVM Virtualization technology to optimize resource allocation, resulting in a performance that exceeds expectations. When it comes to speed, our SSD storage space is at your service, designed to process queries and execute commands with lightning-fast efficiency. With a 1000 Mbps internet port, the transfer of your data, whether inbound or outbound, is a swift and seamless process. We pride ourselves on offering worry-free remote access to your online assets, projects, folders, and files, from anywhere in the world to Malta's geolocation. Our hosting services cater to diverse needs. Enjoy SSH access for Linux and Windows Remote Desktop Access for Windows 2019 and 2022, ensuring smooth and efficient server management. We don't just stop at technology; we also guarantee the best hardware and low regional latency, promising you an optimal hosting experience. Reliability is our promise, with a maximal Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures maximum uptime. Security is paramount, and our secure hosting instances keep your data safe and sound. And, to make your experience even more seamless, our dedicated support team is at your service, providing assistance at every step of the way. But that's not all – we go the extra mile with BGP session and Tun/Tap enabled hosting, enhancing your network capabilities. The future of hosting in Malta is here, where we redefine the hosting experience, offering unparalleled speed, security, and top-tier support. Join us and discover a world of hosting that exceeds your expectations.

Malta VPS hosting

Malta Virtual Private Servers in Affordable Price

With cutting-edge technology and high-speed SSD storage and vice versa we ensure top-tier performance, and our commitment to low-latency connections guarantees faster loading websites and applications. We prioritize data security and reliability, providing a safe environment for your information. Moreover, our flexible payment options include Bitcoin (BTC), ensuring convenience and privacy. Our competitive pricing makes premium VPS hosting accessible, and our 24/7 customer support is always available to assist. Choose Malta VPS to enhance your online presence with exceptional performance, cost-effectiveness, and versatile payment choices.

CPU Cores RAM SSD Bandwidth / Port IP Type OS Price
01 1 GB 64 GB 1 TB @ 10 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $39.99 / Month Order Now
02 2 GB 64 GB 2 TB @ 10 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $69.99 / Month Order Now
04 4 GB 128 GB 2 TB @ 10 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $99.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 128 GB 3 TB @ 10 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $139.99 / Month Order Now
08 8 GB 128 GB 8 TB @ 10 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $219.99 / Month Order Now

Easy scalable resources at any stage and ability to add Extra IPv4.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Due to its small size and considerable distance from neighboring regions, Malta faces challenges in providing highly efficient network speeds. Additionally, the costs associated with bandwidth and other infrastructure are relatively high. As a result, obtaining a fully dedicated server without virtualization at an economical price with excellent reliability is currently a costly endeavor. However, we always strive to offer solutions to meet your needs. If you're determined to deploy a dedicated server, consider selecting a nearby region like Turkey. This choice not only reduces latency and ping but also ensures trustworthy performance at minimal prices.

Dedicated Server in Türkiye

Best VPS Hosting Company in Malta (Nov 2023)

VPSandServer is the one in a thousand or billion best VPS hosting company in Malta that provides Linux/root & Windows/rdp access, Intel XEON cores processor, 10 Mbps network port, secure KVM technology (Virtualization), anti-ddos protection, free VPS re-installations, fast server activation, dedicated Ipv4, and a lot better. Tell the truth, mostly all the persons having academies, schools, colleges and universities have lots of chances to grow up more & more. One of them is to create the online website of education. If you have your own office in a market relatively to home tutor services, can earn immense amount of income that is out of your imagining within a day to day and on monthly basis if you purchase our Malta affordable virtual private server plans. When you acquire your complete activated server on the account, you can talk to any web developer to create your educational or home tutor service provider web site. Since majority of the European or British students appreciates online teaching classes, that being so, with your online present website, automatically these students will learn your online classes carefully with just hiring. We guarantee that one day will come, you will gain abundant of students. More and more students means more income in dollars. Malta VPS is also right for an online shopping website (e-commerce).

Top 4 Advantages of Malta VPS Hosting

VPSandServer is offering real top 4 advantages of Malta VPS hosting.

  • Complete security is given with the very colossal aid of characteristics like firewall layer and anti-ddos attack. Bring to light our unexcelled VPS in Malta to secure your private files, folders, documents, and data.
  • Entire control on the server. You’ll be allowed to do any type of variation, upscale/downscale, configuration, and management by only the use of a feature-rich and ease cPanel control panel. Wanna more autonomies?
  • By means of lightening-fast-speed 128 GB solid state drive, your website pages will unlock rapidly, clearly and freshly. Moreover, visitors to your site will turn into customers that is the supreme advantage of our virtual hosting.
  • 100% free real-time 24x7x365 technical assistance through land-line call, email, live chat, and ticket. If customers have questions and want their answers snappily, can contact our team in all around night and day.

Price Saver Solution

VPS in Malta, Swieqi from VPSandServer is money-spinning, dependable, and one-hundred % price saver solution. Up lift of businesses and apps from a low paid price is only possible with our hosting.

99.997% Online Time

Lifetime available web hosting company of us warranties and proves that customer’s website will be up with 99.997% online time. However, in shared hosting, the almost people have down online time.

Web-site Migration

There is not any bro or fellow on this planet who sees happy with shared hosting. No tension! We’re here to migrate your web site as good as data from another competent provider to VPSandServer.

Up Email Company

Up your Email company as soon as possible that runs due to emails. No matter how much emails your boss or manager can send in one day. With our VPS, you can send emails as many times as necessary.

Machine Learning (ML)

Malta VPS server can be applied for machine learning, multiple subjects of blog, databases, up-to-the minute artificial intelligence system, gaming, proxy servers, e-commerce shop, and a lot better.

Achieve More IPv4

You can achieve more dedicated Ipv4 addresses at order with VPSandServer. If you order one local virtual server, you gain one Ipv4 address. Dedicated Ipv6 address which is innovatory, can be achieved anytime.

Ultra Fast Amplification

Why you consider un-affordable servers? VPSandServer’s greatly reliable servers are here. Mass of business persons claim high cost dedicated servers onliest because of the fanaticism of acquiring prolific resources. Contrawise, with Malta VPS, you can acquire larger prolific resources by larger scalability. In real time, if you want ultra fast amplification of your website, you must use our ease-managed cpanel to scale-up your medium resources (transfer, CPU, RAM, SSD disc) at a spare cost. You can straight comfortably upgrade your plans if don’t want to increase resources. VPSandServer guarantees that current local IP address, private data and files remains as it is at the time of upgrade of customer’s existed VPS plan. Also, not only your virtual servers, rather your websites gain smoothest performance. At the result, we are proud to say that we serve the diamond class Malta VPS than others. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction. It’s time to get profit by connecting VPSandServer.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

What is the Uptime of Malta VPS range?

The uptime of our every and each VPS is 99.997% monthly. VPSandServer has been passed much lifespan in offering virtual private servers, 1,000 + customers of us always gain foremost uptime.

Do I need to know how to control the server?

Yes, if you are pupil or neophyte, you’ll need to know related it. Otherwise, not really needed to know that how to control the server, if you are past master or intelligent. Although, our control panel is easy to know.

How do I purchase Malta VPS plans?

All around the world, there are a lot of gateways to purchase Malta VPS plans but to purchase our plans, you can elect one gateway from five references namely Bitcoin, PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard, Perfectmoney.

What operating system do you have available?

We have available operating systems like Windows Server 2022, Fedora, Cent OS, Ubuntu, and Debian. Not all supplied with one VPS, rather, we supply one operating system that a customer choose.

Do VPS servers come with SSL Certs?

Of course! All of our servers come with SSL Certs (https://) certainly. Rather, our other competitors also supply these secured layers. With domain names, they're automatically connected for network’s protection.

Do you offer live chat support or not?

Yes, of course. It doesn’t matter you have dedicated, shared, cloud, or virtual hosting servers, we offer live chat support for definitely free of charges with whole of our services.