VPS Server Hosting North Macedonia

  • Akton, Skopje DC
  • DDR4 RAM
  • PTR delegation (rDNS)
  • IntelĀ® Ethernet Network adapters
  • Fastest IntelĀ® Server Processors

Experience the benefits of North Macedonia VPS Hosting, where we prioritize affordability without compromising on performance. With minimal latency and ping times, our servers ensure a seamless online performance. With a robust 2 Gbps internet port and enormous traffic allocation as per your selected plan, you can confidently handle your online operations. Our advanced KVM Virtualization supports both Linux and Windows OS, providing you with flexibility and compatibility. Your data is secured in the Skopje Tier III Datacenter, while fast loading times make our hosting solution perfect for VPN Proxy or Web Server applications. Benefit from instant provisioning, top-tier customer support, and a virtualized infrastructure powered by lightning-fast dedicated servers, all designed to deliver top-quality services to meet your hosting needs.

VPS Hosting in North Macedonia

Cheapest North Macedonia VPS Plans

We understand that every budget matters, and that's why we are proud to offer our Low cost North Macedonia VPS Plans. These plans are meticulously designed to provide you with cost-effective hosting solutions without compromising on performance and reliability with a distinction of various resources are packed in each. Explore our Low Budget VPS Plans today and embark on a journey of affordable yet dependable hosting services.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Port OS Price
01 1 GB 15 GB SSD 1 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $14.99 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 20 GB SSD 2 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $22.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 45 GB SSD 4 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $35.99 / Month Order Now
02 6 GB 75 GB SSD 6 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $47.99 / Month Order Now
02 8 GB 100 GB SSD 10 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $69.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 100 GB SSD 10 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now

Lowest Price guaranteed with Linux and Windows Operating System from North Macedonia based Data Center.

Nearby Dedicated Servers

Looking for an online experience that grants you maximum freedom and peace of mind, free from concerns about resource limitations? Consider our full-fledged dedicated servers, physically situated in a top-tier Turkish Datacenter. These servers provide you with near-identical ping and latency, ensuring a seamless online experience. What's more, we are committed to offer you the most competitive prices available in the market.

Dedicated Hosting Server Turkey

Best VPS Hosting Provider in North Macedonia (Nov 2023)

Today, in Nov 2023, if you're researching for all the strategy absolute non-shared and best VPS hosting provider in North Macedonia, Akton, Skopje, you have reached the foremost trophy holder industry. VPSandServer optimizes your online website to the upper quantity by that you can gain immense level of uptime. Almost all of our clients don't know that why we're serving lesser prices compared to the other virtual machine providers in this local ground. We will definitely tell the back truth as you wanna know extra information about our objects. It is because our object is to collect and push up all the initiator businesses to the upper atmosphere. According to our lots of ages experience and white hairs, most of the providers concentrate on the clients payments or incomes but don't facilitate them benefits and features. Faith it or not, we don't feel comfort when providers do this kind of treat. VPSandServer bestows own service features (dedicated resources, up to the minute software installation, PTR delegation rDNS, 1st level IP address, boundless root access, flexibility) to all of those who come to this hosting website and buy cheap pricing of plans. It depends upon you and your fortunate, which web company you choose to host and push up your apps or web sites out of the way of thinking.

Benefits of North Macedonia VPS

The noteworthy benefits of North Macedonia VPS hosting are:

  • Enhances security of your controlled system operations and private documents. It is also called as non-shared hosting in which no any one user shares his anything with other users. VPSandServer team protects users with firewall and DDoS.
  • It guarantees sole environment, everlastingly and more 24x7x365 available tech support, website's positive result, and dedicated resources namely Intel CPU processor, bandwidth, memory, SSD drives which are demurely flexible.
  • Increases uptime of multiple web sites up to 99.998% (SLA). In a coming time, uptime may reach one hundred percent. Believing our budget able web company, you must host your unhandled infinite apps, sites, and projects.
  • With complete due respect, it is extraordinary fast, easily manageable, and 100% accessible. Gratitude client-friendly, certified, top-powered as well as licensed WHM/cPanel whereby each one person can manage own server himself.

Upgrade Now Plan

Everlastingly a doctor suggests medicines to own patients for well. Since all of our plans are 100% medicines. Likewise, VPSandServer suggests upgrading of North Macedonia VPS plans to own clients.

100% Ideal

VPS of our web company VPSandServer is one-hundred percent ideal for online shopping stores, workloads, rapid grown apps, and all sizes of web sites/applications like minor, starter, middle, bigger.


Those website owners who share their data of bandwidth, storage drives, vCPU processor, and memory with other owners, in truth they're in risk of deficiency. Bravo! Safe VPS of us is 100% private with own name.


Didn't somebody says that all businesses rank all round the global due to the tech support. When your enter into our virtual hosting service, you gain support by live chat, ticket, phone call, and email.


Wanna know what persons like? All the persons like swift and blaze-loading site, on major of that, expend a lot of time in studying of this media content. VPSandServer guarantees balzing load of your site.


Offline product selling business owners are hard-workers because they go in morning or afternoon and come at late night. They must begin their reliable E-commerce businesses to get shut of hardworking.

Wanna More Betterment

Apart from VPSandServer 1st level service features, if a single or greater than single clients of us wanna more betterment, protection, over-improvement, and growth, they should also discover add-on service which has charges depending upon the client commitment. It is consonant with facts that over-consumption of resources means over-addition of resources. Object of us serving ease-managed control panel to you is that you might gain better overview knowledge to add space in resources yourself as well as self management. Without any auxiliary charge, our tech skillful team guides initiator clients. Tutorials is the 2nd option for more better experience. Unrepeatable one dedicated IPv4 address with a VPS is included for your a site which can also be annex more according to that how much sites do you have. As an instance, for 4 sites, you can commit 4 IP addresses if wanna. Your needs, your principles.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Do you offer North Macedonia (NM) VPS with Linux?

Yes, why not, with both Linux and Windows operating systems, we offer NM located VPS server & a IP address. Having SSH/RDP access, you can manage all of your applications and scripts without hurdles.

Do you include anti-malware installation?

Yes, absolutely fine. Protection is our 1st priority. We includes anti-malware, firewall, SSL Certs, distributed denial-of-service (DDOS), and anti-virus installations with 0 percent advance.

What is your best payment choice to buy VPS?

As usually, VPSandServer has four to five payment choices such as Visa Card, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, PayPal, and Perfect-money but the best payment choice to buy our North Macedonia VPS is MasterCard.

What happens if I lose my memory limit?

Take into cogitation, a website gains visitors means consumption of memory or other resources. If it happens to you, you can enlarge space of your memory after paying a bit of fees.

How much does a North Macedonia VPS cost?

Have you really spotted our cheapest VPS plans? Spot plans today along with their fit costs which are put in sequence. Firstly, i think you must spot necessities regard your business site then should choose a plan.

Can I make more profit with a virtual hosting?

VPSandServer isn't against shared hosting but of course, any client can make more profit with our service of virtual hosting which includes weighty volume of resources and sole environment.