Virtual Private Server In Japan

We deliver Japanese best and cheapest Virtualization platform to host websites and Apps in Japan. All possibilities and chances are there to boost your business locally. Moreover, all tools and virtual accessories are available that client depends on the way in which each virtual server uses its own unique, non-shared CPU and RAM resources. We offer virtual private servers with protected resources and the heart, which helps our customers to deal with their system from every possible point of view. In order to build the foundation of your venture, you need to create business plans, growth strategy, and investment plans. On the other hand, put the burden of your hosting necessities on our shoulders, we can manage the right CPU cores, LINUX / Windows OS, bandwidth personalization and whatever your custom demand is, as per your needs.

japan vps hosting

  • Firm Networking
  • 100 Mbps Default Port
  • 24*7 Support
  • Low Latency Rate
  • System Oriented Firewall
  • Remote Access
  • 50,000+ Customers
  • Dedicated iPs
  • Server Monitoring

Steps to Order a VPS

We offered different payment options for your preferred choice, you will browse all available packages, compare them and choose one suit you most. Then just click “Order Now” and proceed to the configuration page where you can customize and add your choices, later you will be asked to check all the details to verify and finally go to checkout for payment. Next is what the short wait for provisioning of your ordered service and credentials via email. Moreover, Our team is always available to assist.

Plan Selection

You can gain lot of plans with just one tap.

Personal Info

We will include you to panel via personal information.

Pay and Earn

You can work with your preferred Server in a short time.

Tokyo VPS Plans with Pricing

We deliver various specifications of virtual hardware, including troubleshooting, installation, and distribution. So there are several low-cost and secure packs, ready to use from within Japan, find below already made specs to go with one. If you thought that you or your business does not have compatibility with this location then you can navigate through others origins available in Asia under our supervision.

CPU Model RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
4x 3.2 GHz Intel® Xeon E3 1225 16 GB 2x 128 GB 5 TB $99 / Month Order Now
4x 3.2 GHz Intel® Xeon E3 1225 32 GB 2x 256 GB 10 TB $149 / Month Order Now
4x 3.2 GHz Intel® Xeon E3 1245 32 GB 2x 512 GB 15 TB $199 / Month Order Now
4x 3.6 GHz Intel® Xeon E5 1620 64 GB 4x 512 GB 20 TB $299 / Month Order Now
6x 3.2 GHz Intel® Xeon E5 1650 128 GB 4x 512 GB 30 TB $399 / Month Order Now
6x 3.2 GHz Intel® Xeon E5 1650 256 GB 4x 512 GB 40 TB $499 / Month Order Now

As per latency and fast loading user experience, You can avail same quility of virtualization from nearby locations as Malaysian VPS and Hong Kong Virtual Servers.

Hardware Engineering

All our servers are upgraded and new software and equipment are installed for you. We've had a long history of maintaining the best safety practices for VPS servers.

100% Uptime

For all our VPS servers, we have established a high availability in such circumstances when you need power. We promise to keep your server 100 percent uptime for all implications.

Security License

We have latest security module, DDoS defense, malware and virus prevention. We have SSL, IP and spam filtering licenses.

Fast deployment

The hardware and software highlights that you rely on are migrated to our VPS Server facility at the same time during your requests.

Technical Support

We also help our customers with our technical support. We have a dedicated IT department to provide interaction solutions by technology. They have the skills and can quickly solve all problems.

Control Panel

Wide control panels make it much easier to handle the servers and the applications you run on. Easy to use and with an extremely powerful array of advanced management tools. The Windows and Linux systems are easily manageable through this option.

Convenient Accessibility

Unlike past, things got mature and specially when we talk about internet world, we found revolutionary updates. As a result, today despite managing your online machines with old custom ways, give yourself and server manager a sigh of relief by employing a variety of free defaults which may assist your working style or purchase paid modules which can help you directing your thoughts into work more efficiently as there are individuals and companies are working for the betterment of server usability. Along with third party addons, you can also select a range of other upgraded features will submitting your order like increase in RAM, Bandwidth, Disk Space and other resources.

Add a Resource
Upgrade Price
1 GB Extra Ram $4.50 / Month
10 GB SSD Storage $5.00 / Month
100 GB Premium Bandwidth $18.00 / Month
1 Dedicated IPv4 Address $5.50 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why in Tokyo?

Ans: Tokyo is the capital of Japan and advanced city of the world with unique culture and infrastructure. Also this site has the ability to offer versatile connection and latency to ensure best loading in the whole Japanese territory.

Q: Server instance Provisioning Time?

Ans: Usually it is quite instant but upon maximum orders in queue we commit delivery in more than 24 hours after payment.

Q: How are you using servers?

Ans: All PC systems focus on custom command, adaptability and remote viewing and solving problems until they affect the administration.

Q: How does VPS vary compared to Dedicated Hosting?

Ans: By using a huge database, VPS is created and partitioned into several separate servers Virtualization layers are then built to ensure that each virtual environment is autonomous. A dedicated server is, by default, connected with a single client. The client has direct access to a full range of services on the physical server and is able to operate its own operating system. It covers all network access, hard drive storage, memory and power management. Enterprises at the business level typically have the specific requirements of dedicated servers. Small to medium-sized companies also work best for a VPS.

Q: Do you make security settings and optimization?

Ans: All server orders are provided with necessary security configurations and optimization procedures before delivery which are totally automated so feel yourself comfortable.

Q: Which Hosting Control Panels are Available?

Ans: There are many hosting and server management panels are available in the market but we recommend the most powerful and popular Plesk Obsidian for Windows and cPanel/WHM for Linux based Operating systems.

Q: Do You offer Linux and Windows based VPS?

Ans: Two types of operating systems are Linux and Windows. Linux is the most commonly deployed web server operating system. When Linux-based hosting is more common, web designers anticipate more functionality whereas SQL and .NET framework or those who are to use remote connections always prefer Windows so we have both.

Q: Level of Privileges?

Ans: You will acquire Administrator user level access with Windows RDP servers and root level access for all Linux virtual private servers.

Q: Can i Upgrade resources at any stage?

Ans: We recommend you to buy maximum resources while ordering because once you will utilize them all then you may need to buy a separate bigger resorced instance to move.

Q: How to Pay?

Ans: The most secure and easiest way to pay globally is PayPal so yes you can use that gateway to pay your current invoices or renewals.

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Eligibilities and Legalities

Any one throughout the world is eligible to buy this services with ISP, DC, Country and our Terms of use. For any illegal approach we will suggest you to knock other doors.