VPS Server Hosting Mongolia

  • Ulaanbaatar, Jigjidjav DC
  • Linux and Windows Provisioning
  • Hypervisor Virtualization
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium Cloud

Choosing VPS server hosting in Mongolia offers a multitude of exceptional benefits, particularly for businesses seeking the lowest East Asian latency. Our powerful datacenter in Ulaanbaatar is equipped with advanced infrastructure to ensure top-notch performance and reliability. Utilizing Hypervisor Virtualization technology, our VPS solutions provide efficient and secure virtualization, ensuring that each virtual server operates independently and with full access rights. Fast server deployment means that your virtual server can be up and running in no time, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The unique geolocation of our datacenter provides a significant advantage, offering confirmed Mongolian IPv4 addresses and enhanced connectivity for regional users. Clients also have the flexibility to choose their preferred operating system, allowing for customized environments tailored to specific needs. Resource upgrades are straightforward and easily accessible, ensuring that your server can grow with your business demands. Additionally, users enjoy full liberty of remote access, enabling efficient and flexible management from any location. The virtual servers we offer perform at the level of physical servers, delivering high performance averages in terms of usage, specifications, and technology. Each server is configured to operate independently, ensuring robust performance, security, and autonomy. With our VPS hosting solutions, you gain a powerful, flexible, and reliable hosting environment tailored to meet the highest standards of your business operations.

Mongolia VPS hosting

Mongolia Virtual Server Plans in Cost Prices

Our Mongolia VPS hosting provides a variety of cost-effective plans designed to fit most budgets, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our services. We prioritize affordability without compromising on the high-quality features that our clients expect. Each plan is crafted to deliver exceptional value, combining competitive pricing with robust performance and reliability. For added convenience, we offer multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Perfect Money, and cryptocurrency, making it easy to manage your payments in the way that best suits your needs.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 1 GB 15 GB Unlimited Linux VPS $49.99 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $69.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 60 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 120 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $179.99 / Month Order Now

VPS’s internet connection speed is 2 Mbps, and you can connect from Mongolia at 1 Gbps. Scalable options like RAM, HDD and Number of Cores are available at checkout so you can increase your resources or settle them as per your requirements.

Fast Dedicated Hosting

If you find yourself constrained by budget or are in need of a fully-fledged dedicated server without compromising on latency considerations, we regret to inform you that delivering such services from Mongolia is currently not feasible. However, we offer an alternative through our robust datacenter located in Russia. This facility boasts an extensive selection of servers with varied specifications, operating systems, and state-of-the-art features. Furthermore, it provides ample bandwidth on the fastest internet ports, all within a secure and tier III environment, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability for your hosting needs.

Russian Dedicated Server

How Mongolian VPS can Impect?

Having a Mongolia-based VPS can significantly impact a business in several ways.

  • Improved Regional Accessibility: Hosting a VPS in Mongolia can enhance accessibility for users located in East Asia, offering faster loading times and smoother user experiences for this demographic.
  • Local Market Penetration: For businesses targeting the Mongolian market or neighboring regions, a Mongolia-based VPS can provide a competitive edge by ensuring better performance and reliability for local users.
  • Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Hosting data within Mongolia's borders may help businesses comply with local data protection regulations, ensuring data sovereignty and mitigating legal risks associated with cross-border data transfers.
  • Enhanced Security: Utilizing a Mongolia-based VPS can bolster security by minimizing exposure to international cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities associated with hosting in other regions.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Advantage: For businesses operating in Mongolia or catering to Mongolian-speaking customers, hosting services locally can facilitate better communication, customer support, and cultural alignment.
  • Strategic Geolocation: Mongolia's strategic location between Russia and China can be advantageous for businesses seeking a presence in this region or aiming to serve customers in neighboring countries.
  • Unique Geolocation Advantage: Mongolia's unique geographical location can be leveraged for specific projects or businesses that require a presence in this region.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Hosting your VPS in Mongolia may ensure compliance with local regulations and data protection laws, providing peace of mind for businesses concerned about legal requirements.
  • Cultural and Language Understanding: A Mongolia-based VPS provider may offer better understanding of local culture and language nuances, facilitating smoother communication and collaboration.
  • Limited International Connectivity: Mongolia's internet infrastructure may not be as robust or interconnected as other regions, potentially leading to slower connectivity for users outside of East Asia.
  • Higher Costs: Hosting services in Mongolia may come with higher costs compared to other regions with more established hosting infrastructures.

Lowest East Asia latency

Experience unrivalled speed and performance across East Asia with our Mongolia VPS hosting solutions. Our strategically located Ulaanbaatar datacenter boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, offering the lowest latency in the region. This translates to lightning-fast connection speeds for your website or application, ensuring a seamless user experience. To acquire better results in local search engines, it works extraordinarily great with top results on SERPs by a local IP authentication by bots.

Branded Hardware

Branded hardware isn't just a fancy logo – it signifies quality, reliability, and often additional features. Opting for established brands like Weiser or Emtek for door hardware, for instance, ensures user-friendly designs, potentially eco-friendly materials, and the peace of mind that comes with a trusted manufacturer's reputation. While there may be cheaper generic options, branded hardware can provide a worthwhile investment in terms of durability, functionality, and potentially even aesthetics.

Reliable Support

When choosing a service, reliable support is an often-overlooked yet crucial factor. A dependable support team can be the difference between a smooth experience and frustrating downtime. Look for providers offering 24/7 support channels, knowledgeable technicians who can effectively troubleshoot issues, and clear communication throughout the process. Reliable support ensures prompt assistance when you need it most, minimizing disruption and maximizing your productivity.

Include Add-ons to your Machine

Adding addons to a virtual machine can work wonders for optimizing performance and functionality, transforming it into a versatile powerhouse. Incorporating control panels not only simplifies management tasks but also provides intuitive interfaces for monitoring and configuring various aspects of the virtual environment. Additionally, having extra IPs enhances flexibility and security, enabling seamless scalability and isolation of different services or applications. Furthermore, enhancements in resources, such as additional RAM, storage, and CPU cores, can significantly boost the virtual machine's capabilities, allowing it to handle more extensive workloads and resource-intensive tasks with ease. These addons empower users to tailor their virtual environment precisely to their needs, maximizing efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Reach for More
Additional Space
Extra Storage
More IPs
Windows Server 2016
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Extra Memory
Extra CPU Power

What is virtualization in VPS hosting in Mongolia?

Virtualization in VPS hosting in Mongolia partitions physical servers into multiple virtual servers, known as VMs, allowing efficient resource utilization and independent operation, ensuring reliability and performance for businesses in the region.

How to migrate to VPS hosting in Mongolia?

Migrating to VPS in Mongolia involves transferring files, databases, and configurations, updating DNS records, testing, and monitoring, ensuring a smooth transition for your website or application.

How can I determine if my website or application requires a VPS instead of shared hosting?

Consider factors such as the amount of traffic, resource requirements, security needs, and customization options. If your website or application experiences high traffic, requires specific software configurations, or needs dedicated resources for optimal performance, a VPS may be more suitable than shared hosting.

What factors should I consider when selecting a VPS hosting provider in Mongolia?

Factors to consider include reliability, performance, scalability, security measures, customer support, pricing, and additional features such as backups, control panels, and server management options.

How can I optimize the performance of my VPS server for better speed and reliability?

Optimize performance by allocating resources appropriately, using caching mechanisms, optimizing code and database queries, enabling compression, and minimizing server response times. Regularly monitor server performance and make adjustments as needed.

Advantages of cloud-based VPS hosting in Mongolia?

Cloud VPS in Mongolia offers scalability, flexibility, and redundancy compared to traditional VPS, with on-demand resources and pay-as-you-go billing, ideal for businesses in the region.