VPS Server Hosting Croatia

  • Akton Zagreb, Croatia
  • Ideal for VPN
  • TUN/TAP Enabled
  • 2 Gbps fast Connection
  • SSD Storage
  • Linux / Windows, Same Cost

While the European technological infrastructure is undeniably modern, there are instances when precision in targeting a specific audience, whether remotely or physically, is crucial. This may be to instill trust in customers, to signal to search engine crawlers that a website or app is localized, or simply to ensure seamless internet browsing from a remote location. In such scenarios, acquiring hosting services physically located within the target territory becomes imperative. In our current context, we proudly offer the lowest latency and ping times throughout Croatia, thanks to our state-of-the-art and fully equipped datacenter situated in Zagreb. Our Croatia VPS Servers are strategically deployed within a Tier III datacenter, boasting the latest networking capabilities and customization options. These servers are powered by Kernel-based Virtual Machines, and each instance is connected through a robust 2 Gbps internet connection, complete with various bandwidth options to align with your chosen plan. With the inclusion of SSDs, we guarantee swift execution and sustained system performance, preventing any frustrating slowdowns. Should the need arise, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist with hard reboots or reinstalls. Furthermore, we offer a choice between Linux and Windows operating systems, with Linux being a free option and a Windows Trial license available for 180 days. At our core, we prioritize delivering hosting solutions that cater to your specific needs and ambitions, ensuring that your online presence thrives in a competitive digital landscape.

VPS Hosting in Croatia

Croatia VPS Plans

Our Croatia VPS Hosting Plans are a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch hosting solutions. Whether you're an emerging business or an individual with specific hosting requirements, our VPS plans are tailored to cater to a diverse range of needs. These Plans are crafted to empower your online presence with a particular and out of the box thought, offering the performance and reliability required to thrive in today's competitive digital world.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Port OS Price
01 1 GB 15 GB SSD 1 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $14.99 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 20 GB SSD 2 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $22.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 45 GB SSD 4 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $35.99 / Month Order Now
02 6 GB 75 GB SSD 6 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $47.99 / Month Order Now
02 8 GB 100 GB SSD 10 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $69.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 100 GB SSD 10 TB 2 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now

Secure, Affordable and Competent Virtualization location in Europe.

Buy Dedicated Server in Hungary

As we are continuously enhancing our stocks and adding up new locations for both VPS and Dedicated servers. In case you get short of resources in virtualized packages above, you can rely upon a nearby destined dedicated server though we are committed to offer such from this geo location too in very near future.

Hungary based Dedicated Server

Highest VPS Hosting Company in Croatia 2023

So impressive, so secure, so profit-making, looking like a wow. It shows up that the highest VPS hosting company in Croatia Dec, 2023 is VPSandServer that manufactures a flush amount of virtual machines on one physical located server to grant them own servers, rdp root access, memories, routers, ports, filters, bandwidth transfer, switches, solid state drives, Ip addresses, processors, life, control, and boots. Akton Zagreb, Croatia based virtual private server of us is exceptional because it offers liberation to install warrantable softwares and to configure system amplitudes. VPSandServer does not accedes unwarrantable and illegitimate softwares installation. To start out online tutoring, projects, trading, or tasks, note in your mind the main specifications that dedicated hosting (extraordinary expensive) is excellent ; virtual hosting (very low cost) is good ; shared hosting (cheapo) is fair. Stand out business of yours with VPS (Virtual Private Server) to take receipt of choiceful Linux / Windows, detached dedicated resources, etc. It is also fitted for office work, for email marketing, for remote work, and for call center. Without unimpeachable security & protection, you can't vouchsafe your any kind of site on the internet, that being the situation, fix on our flexible & protectful Croatian VPS server here and now with VPSandServer.

5+ Advantages of Croatia VPS Hosting

Indeed, it's the time to relish our well liked services. There're a profusion of advantages of Croatia VPS hosting which Croats can cash in affordable and flexible prices.

  • Unmultilated RDP / root administrative access
  • Control on own server like a pro
  • Top of the line accessory and KVM Virtualization
  • Up to date, reliable and fast speed of servers
  • Automatic installation of SSL Cert and software systems
  • Quick SSDs and souped-up 2000 Mbps internet
  • 24 x 7 x 365 utmost propitiousness for clients
  • Single Ipv4 / Ipv6 dedicated address


Finding a hosting provider to experience business regularity? Stand out your blogger site, shop of e-commerce, trading, and other businesses to rank to the top of Google's first page.


We usually place the fixture in a stable, contemporary, reliable, and Tier-III data-center in Zagreb, Croatia. VPSandServer provides 99% availability of proxy servers, gaming servers, and forex trading.


Unlike regular hosting, to gloat over too good to be true performing web's speed, outstanding rankings, blazing downloads, VPS in Croatia supplies 1 TB to 10 TB (10, 485, 760 MB) traffic volume.

TOUCH NOW [24x7x365]

Your issues would resolve whenever reach us. Not another time yet any time of the day, you can make contact with a qualified help team by online chat, phone call, ticket, as well as email.


VPSandServer ensures a secure and reliable hosting environment and decreases all sorts of dangers by providing free shields of ddos protection, SSL encryption, and firewall configuration.


With the commitment of best practices, minimized disruptions, number 1 speed website, regular up time, haul your dedicated website to strong SSD-drives and Intel XEON processors right now.


Find Add-ons which add resources to your package of virtual private server hosting (memory, bandwidth, solid state drive, processor), boosts performance of your tasks and projects, and affixes you to our services you use each day. Unquestioning, discern our qualified specialist team to transpose, customize and upscale package of yours or what you want to do that fits you one step ahead. Remember that the price of package increases after scaling up the capacity of resources. Are you scrutinizing for anything else? No requirement to scrutinize, VPSandServer offers facile to managed and world-class control panels. Your server, your management, your rules.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Which optimal Linux & Windows OS do you have?

Cent OS, Fedora OS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows Servers 2008, 2016, 2019 are our Linux & Windows operating systems.

What determines the Croatia VPS price?

Croatia VPS price is $14.99 that rises and falls because of modern application updates and demands of yours.

If I do SMS to consul, will I gain answer?

Consul of us takes a mini couple of minutes to answer your SMS. Live Chat would be available for round the clock.

Why Croatia VPS is charismatic?

Since Croatian VPS has several benefits and is ideal for python programming, digital marketing, data science, VPN, and email marketing.

How much is server response time?

To load web page, VPSandServer's server response time (also known as Time to First Byte (TTFB)) is often less than 600 milliseconds.

How much manners of payment VPSandServer has?

Ready to go beyond? Manners of payment by VPSandServer are Visa Card, BTC (Bit coin Cryptocurrencies), PayPal, MasterCard, and Perfectmoney.