VPS Server Hosting Georgia

  • Meria & Tbilisi Tier III DCs
  • KVM and SSD
  • 100 - 1 Gbps Shared ISP Ports
  • root / Admin | Linux / Windows Access
  • Quick Activation

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, Meria, Tbilisi boasts a Secure Tier III Datacenter renowned for its cutting-edge virtualization solutions. Catering to both Linux and Windows operating systems, our datacenter stands at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia, offering world-class VPS Hosting services. Utilizing KVM technology, our Virtual Private Servers are equipped with boosted HDDs and SSDs, ensuring lightning-fast query processing. At Meria, Tbilisi, clients can select from two shared Internet Port options – 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps – guaranteeing maximum data transfer speeds. Our servers are powered by hardware from globally recognized brands, dedicated to efficiently distributing servers into containers. To ensure uninterrupted service, our infrastructure is fortified with redundant internet and power backups. While stringent internal security measures are in place, users are entrusted with the responsibility of managing their individual boxes. Our policies strictly prohibit any form of abuse or spam to safeguard our IPs from blacklisting, contributing to a safer online environment. Emphasizing low latency, our Virtual Private Servers from Georgia ensure optimal connectivity across Asia and Europe.

Georgia VPS hosting

Best Georgia Virtual Private Server's Plans

Our VPS solutions are incredibly versatile, suitable for various applications such as VPNs, Proxies, websites, or any legal purpose. Experience exceptional performance within a secure and reliable environment, making Meria, Tbilisi the go-to destination for premium VPS Hosting services. Choose a DC, compare plans and start ordering your VM by paying through BTC / Crypto Payments, PayPal and Perfect Money.

vCPU RAM HDD Storage Bandwidth ISP Port (UDP Disabled) OS Price
01 2 GB 20 GB Unlimited 100Mbps Linux VPS $19.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 30 GB (+20GB Windows) Unlimited 100Mbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $36.99 / Month Order Now
03 6 GB 50 GB Unlimited 100Mbps Linux VPS $53.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 70 GB Unlimited 100Mbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $68.99 / Month Order Now
06 12 GB 100 GB Unlimited 100Mbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $89.99 / Month Order Now
08 16 GB 150 GB Unlimited 100Mbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $129.99 / Month Order Now

Enjoy top features, low Georgian Latency in fraction of price.

vCPU RAM SSD RAID 10 Storage Bandwidth ISP Port OS Price
01 1 GB 30 GB Unlimited 1Gbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $28.99 / Month Order Now
02 2 GB 50 GB Unlimited 1Gbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $42.99 / Month Order Now
03 4 GB 100 GB Unlimited 1Gbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $59.99 / Month Order Now
04 6 GB 150 GB Unlimited 1Gbps Linux / Windows georgia VPS $79.99 / Month Order Now

Unique location, not an ordinary one, difficult to find a trusted provider from search results.

Want to buy a full Dedicated Server?

In pursuit of top-tier configurations with substantial resources? While dedicated servers within Georgian territory aren't currently offered, our close proximity to Russian data centers is pivotal. This strategic positioning grants you access to maximum RAM, cores, and an array of additional features, all at a fraction of the usual cost.

Russia Located Dedicated Server

No. 1 VPS Hosting Provider in Georgia (Nov 2023)

High-profile and No. 1 VPS hosting provider in Georgia, Meria, Tbilisi in Nov 2023 is just and just VPSandServer that provides amplest resources, outright managed services, control on the dedicated server, admin access, and best support with Ticket, Landline phone, Email, Live Chat. If compared to cheaper shared hosting solutions where max number of clients face obstacles such as be overload of a server; week after week or month after month certain downtime; be block or suspend of site; etc, Georgia VPS solutions are further reasonable, robust, reliable, right, and brilliant for innumerable businesses. Thanks to the authorization, you can rotate the real-time server location whenever wish. It means you can pick Greece, Malta, Isle of Man, Venezuela or any country’s location. If you are doing the business of buying and selling by unlocking a trade-shop into the bazaar since last years, you must change this cost-efficient business into an online shop today because the online twenty four hours available immense audience is very better than the least available audience in the bazaar. There is not any complicated method to get an online trade-shop as most of the people imagine, rather it’s guaranteed easy. Lightly press the option of “Order Now” by picking out any plan, after the confirmation of pay, VPSandServer quickly activates your server to send faster, after overall attaining it, creating your trading website with the support of our technicians or web developer, you will get immense online audience that can buy your goods at your placed prices.

Benefits of VPS Hosting in Georgia

No joke! Legitimate web hosting company of VPSandServer offers various benefits of VPS hosting in Georgia:

  • Georgia VPS gives longer self legislating , power, control, avant-garde technologies of software & hardware, performance, access, uptime, and online presence for your core businesses and individuals.
  • For all of the Georgian co-location persons, we provide easy-going SLA (service level agreement), round-the-clock protectorship, observation, and support by connoisseur technicians actually without other fees.
  • Cocksure dedicated resources namely 150 GB of HDD SSD RAID 10 storage, 8-core CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and unbounded transfer are supplied on time after your payout procedure. Want to add more space?
  • You get from feet to head five-star (anti-ddos, secured socket layers certificate, firewall coat) security in that illegal persons, attackers, spammers, or cheaters can not access your basic files and data.


VPSandServer is better, easier and faster web hosting company that serves low budget Georgia located virtual private servers in association with one public IP, domain, minimum latency and infrastructure.

UPTIME Of Server

Must bear in mind that a server acquires downtime only when it draws upon extravagant resources and break the limits. But, server of us is unique than this that stands firm at the fixed uptime of 99.996%.


In the main, a best fortunate person abides in connection with a dedicated service provider company and recurrently share questions to get knowledge. Abide connection with our technicians & managers.

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Join social partners of VPSandServer that are Instagram, Linkdedin, Facebook, and Twitter. All of these partners have shared numerous information about VPS & dedicated along with its benefits and uses.

FREE Certificate

You get a 100 and 10 percent free secured certificate of SSL together with your resources. It is installed on the server on time. VPSandServer is the best credible company that exists due to own good nature.


You get a 100 and 10 percent free secured certificate of SSL together with your resources. It is installed on the server on time. VPSandServer is the best credible company that exists due to a good nature.

The Future is Today

Max number of people when create websites to develop their ready-to-go services such as igaming, email marketing, buying & selling, or e-commerce all-around the planet, they waste time in the large period of waiting. Notwithstanding, every one knows that time is diamond, confidence, money, and achievement which never comes back even a human tried a lot better. Faith it or not, you can not come back your passed time but, our multiple award winning web hosting company “VPSandServer” reassures to the every client that “The Future is Today”. It means, alone our clients can quickly develop their websites and businesses from starting to the upward position because they before end of the month escalate amount of their resources. Want to develop your web site like our clients? Place order today.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Can I use Georgia VPS for host individual projects?

Why not! Yes, Georgians can use VPS of us for host individual projects, apps, software applications, proxies, databases, igames, forex trading, AI, e-commence websites, blogs, and etc..

Can I customize plans of VPSandServer anytime?

Yes, you can customize our plans of VPSandServer involving vCPU cores (processor), SSD HDD storage, and RAM (memory) anytime with a (WHM/cPanel) control panel.

Georgia VPS, how to buy from VPSandServer?

Perfect Money, VISA Card, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, PayPal, and MasterCard are the gone faster options to buy Georgia VPS from VPSandServer. Accept one option from them to proceed the next step.

What about server locations?

Present server locations are Tbilisi and Meria. Goergian people can pick out one server location allocated with data centre. Visit our plans to attain more details.

Can I upscale my virtual private server?

Of course! Easy to use WHM control panel is the biggest important tool by virtue of, you can upscale your virtual private machine and its dedicated resources anytime.

Do you have recent-time OS of Fedora?

Yes, we certainly have it. Georgian clients can choose a lot better operating system from the following such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016/2019.