Being mini Europe, United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular has vast impact on businesses, trademarks and brands as this country holds the main offices about each corporate profession. Due to its undeniable significance, more and more international commerce industry obverted to launch their products and services from a stable and secure origin. UAE is not lacking behind in any field of life and putting its resources for betterment of their own economy and business climax. Understanding the gemutlich local environment, even those who do not have any practical existence within country are using remote means for show their presence by employing their apps and web portals from Dubai based data centers. Moreover, in today's world, for getting highest level of outcome from online business, the important fact is to have best loading apps speed with lowest latency for a particular region. Now the turn is to analyze, how you can obtain a base for hosting your belongings in lowest cost with full effect, answer is straight forward, it is UAE based VPS Hosting, where you can enjoy the freedom of dedicated resources as well as cheapest confirmed price while comparing it with UAE dedicated servers.

UAE vps hosting

  • Dubai DC
  • Multiple Internet Carriers
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Low Latency
  • Multiple IP ranges
  • Remote access and root user
  • SSD Storage
  • 2GBPs DDoS prevention
  • Custom solution availability on demand

Cheap Priced Plans

Our website offers new hosting choices and affordable prices for your comfort especially when you are to work through a virtualized node. As per resources with different cores, bandwidth, memory and space, we have crafted 6 valuable plans from this location. You are free to compare our charges with any other provider before placing your first order or even compare our packages to choose the one comes true on your requirements.

Processors RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
1vCPU 01 GB 30 GB Unlimited $15 / Month Order Now
1vCPU 02 GB 50 GB Unlimited $30 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 02 GB 60 GB Unlimited $60 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 04 GB 80 GB Unlimited $90 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 08 GB 80 GB Unlimited $110 / Month Order Now
4vCPU 08 GB 100 GB Unlimited $135 / Month Order Now

Best VPS Hosting in UAE

VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for medium-sized companies and areas with good regular traffic. Our VPS hosting plans provide you with the perfect intermediate solution. Our platform certainly has a VPS hosting option for you, based on where the page stacks up or your specific needs. We attain the best feedback from our customers because we know about our customer's desires and we are available all the time to fulfill our client's needs. Additionally, you would be glad to read that you can now buy VPS Hosting in Saudi Arabia , which ensures that you can bring your targets from two separate Middle East locations. Now if you have decided to create a business relation with us and with hope that this relation should remain firm forever then you are welcome. Now it is your time to take benefits of your conclusion. With more than 10 years’ experience and specialized in virtualization and even the preliminary VPS Hosting company, you will maintain a healthy hosted infrastructure with secure and safe project deployment. You will receive what would be our words, same quantity or resources you ordered, creative support, in time response, best and powerful data center infrastructure, firm networking, choice to select IPv4, any time upgradation facility, selection between operating systems, monthly and annual subscriptions, forceful server reboots, free re-installation, change in OS and much more.

Dubai Based Virtual Private Server Provider

No doubts that United Arab Emirates as whole is being modernize but yet state of Dubai has in depth latest infrastructure and hub to run its economic activities. That is why despite offering announcing virtualization facility from any other state, we decided to present Dubai based virtual private servers, being top notch local vps provider company. You can acquire any VPS node with SSD storage, KVM virtualization, healthy traffic and DDoS protection from us but rest other companies may not offer you such features. We have huge quantity of dedicated servers, specifically reside for virtualization purposes. All server instances will be provisioned within maximum 24 hours after order with the availability of numerous operating system and utility to add popular addons like control panels and scripts installer. Including the class and quality of hardware, we have designed container system through KVM virtualization which is responsible to offer best virtual hosting experience currently as being advanced technology in the world. We have a large web hosting network with a range of hosting services. We offer a lot of exclusive choices for hosting. If you are looking for a cost-effective plan for your medium or small business, choose one of our common business strategies. In all major UAE cities such as Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah, our performance servers are available at the most desirable cost along with the best customer service portal. Our goal is to give our customers a versatility of large websites and the simple deployment of web hosting along with our solid hardware network and server features.

Solid-State Drives

For improved performance and dependability, our VPS servers have been built in SSDs. SSD drives are incredibly fast and long-lasting. It uses flash technology to increase the load speed of your application. This helps to boost efficiency.

IP Latency Test

Our qualified and professional technicians monitor server status and are still engaged. So if you're stuck, they resolve the technological problems automatically.


You get more storage space, CPU, and RAM from the VPS hosting. You may select the operating system and applications that you want the server to install or make personalized modifications to the OS. You have direct access to the root.

Fast Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most basic but powerful features that you will get instantly with your UAE VPS hosting package. A fast loading website ensures that your services run with full potential and without an activity stoppage.

Fast Delivery

As soon as possible, you can get the ordered credentials. Our technically extremely skilled team is always ready for developing your VPS link. You can use administrator control after customizing system tools.

Cheap VPS

Here you can find the most cost-efficient way to run a virtual private server. When comparing the low cost of VPS to a dedicated server, you can save your wallet. Our VPS is the ultimate way to distribute technologies globally with cost-effectively and balanced resources.

Extra Comforts

AddOn has deep experience offering solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, and offers a complete range of scalability. You can increase the tools in our environment, including licenses for management interfaces, certification of firewalls and other networking functions. This is a perfect package containing additional extensions that can be applied to specific servers and websites to suit the purpose. At all levels, you can increase resources. You can order upgradable options from within your customer area or even go to the next package that will give you the lowest upgrade costs. Our sales expert would send you the solution to your needs to reduce the control of ongoing monthly charges. We suggest you still ask about every condition before purchasing an additional substitute. On sorting and alternative methods, we are still available to help you. You also save your money after having with the single hosting account as compared to several web hosting accounts.

Web Hosting Upgrades
Upgrade Price
10 Hosted Domains $2.50 / Month
25 GB NVMe SSD Storage $6.00 / Month
200 GB Premium Bandwidth $8.00 / Month
1 Dedicated IP Address $3.50 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What software can I install on UAE VPS?

Ans: You get the full access to the VPS Server UAE. You are also eligible to run any software that is compliant with the platform and according to your needs.

Q: Can I ultimately upgrade to another plan?

Ans: Yes, all you have option yo upgrade your account as per your business requirement.

Q: Can i access the server through SSH/RDP?

Ans: Indeed, you'll be able to access your server from administrative RDP and root SSH to remotely.

Q: How much time will require for setup?

Ans: In general, the supply of VPS after payment acceptance takes between 5 to 6 hours. However, if there are few more orders in the queue, it might take little more.

Any Query?

VPS Support

Our technical support is always ready to support our UAE customers. We have an IT department that delivers solutions on the contact point. They have the experience to tackle any question friendly.

Customer Support


There will be a price for using additional bandwidth which can be charged at the end of month or at the time of renewal. All data center as well as internal universal terms and conditions are applied on any purchase.