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China, with a population of about 1.4 billion, most populous in the world, spread on world's 3rd largest area and the oldest society on earth. It has seen many ups and downs but after its last freedom, they got a best governance and planning for future, as a result today's republic of china is most advanced, stable and in world's top economies. No doubts, they put so many restrictions to the world as well to their own people but their goal was planned. It is sending good, services, skilled engineering labor and industrial equipment throughout the world. Have very close relations with many developing countries due to various ongoing projects and investments. Keeping in view all these aspects, there are found lot of opportunities to work here in this region. Being reliable hosting provider for this origin, how we can offer online visibility options. The best and secure one is to acquire Chinese VPS Hosting but due to many restrictions, it is nearly impossible to use China mainland bandwidth remotely. In this scenario, for outer world, it is always recommended to acquire a Hong Kong based hosting infrastructure which is also the part of China main stream so can be assumed as China based VPS Server for least local latency.

China vps hosting

  • Various IPv4 Ranges
  • Multiple ISP Carriers
  • IPv6 with Windows OS
  • Un-Metered Traffic
  • Secure and Scalable
  • NVMe and HDD
  • Fastest Internet Connection
  • Lowest Prices
  • Virtualized via KVM

VPS Plans China (Hong Kong)

Utilize our 13 years of experience, virtualization and vast research for creating below plans. You can go with anyone by ordering with operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD or any version of windows Server. All plans include huge resources in fraction of price. For an unforgettable and long-lasting exposure, choose one to start though you can upgrade at any stage.

CPU Cores RAM RAID10 Storage Bandwidth Port IPv6 DC / OS Price
vCore x2 2 GB ECC 30 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $19 / Month Order Now
vCore x2 4 GB ECC 50 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $32 / Month Order Now
vCore x4 6 GB ECC 60 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $53 / Month Order Now
vCore x4 8 GB ECC 80 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $85 / Month Order Now
vCore x6 10 GB ECC 90 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $115 / Month Order Now
vCore x8 12 GB ECC 130 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $152 / Month Order Now
vCore x10 14 GB ECC 160 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $199 / Month Order Now
vCore x16 16 GB ECC 200 GB NVMe Unlimited 1 Gbps -- Linux VPS $249 / Month Order Now
2x2.66Ghz 1024 MB 25 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $47 / Month Order Now
2x2.66Ghz 2048 MB 30 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $69 / Month Order Now
2x2.66Ghz 4096 MB 40 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $99 / Month Order Now
2x2.66Ghz 6144 MB 200 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $127 / Month Order Now
4x2.66Ghz 8192 MB 300 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $159 / Month Order Now
4x2.66Ghz 12288 MB 400 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $184 / Month Order Now
4x2.66Ghz 16384 MB 500 GB HDD Unlimited 1 Gbps 04 Windows VPS $239 / Month Order Now

Get your Hong Kong residing virtual machine activated within 2-11 hours.

Close by destinations for VPS Solutions

No doubts East Asia region has great importance on globe and in few future years, it is expected that it would be become world's trading hub so those who are still thinking to market through this surface, should not delay anymore. Hire a virtual instance as per your customized requirements from here and start securing your slot as early as possible.

VPS Hosting Japan

VPS Hosting South Korea

Malaysian VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server South Korea

Keep your necessities in line with our infrastructure because we offer about everything one needs so if a virtual machine is not fulfilling your demands, you can order a nearest available dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated Server in South Korea

Best Chinese Virtual Server Hosting Provider

In case you're subsequent to lightning-quick, solid execution that can shield you from normal assaults like safety, intrusion and shared resources, you'll be enchanted to realize that the China server conveys taking all things together of these zones and more. It flaunts a noteworthy port association, which means it can give great connections with an assortment of territories inside China and around the region. With the assurance of the most extreme uptime and exceptional I/O execution got, we can assist your business to grow and grow, well into the future. As Hong Kong is the part of Chinese territory so anything offered from this location must be get to griped with as being provided from China. We are most reliable provider for VPS hosting in China due to our long-lasting impact on the virtualization and customized instance solutions for all kind of online businesses. You will avail NVMe drives with linux and HDDs with windows each plan you will select which will be a cause of boosted apps and websites on the go. Also, 1Gbps internet connectivity with multiple IP ranges can lower down your latency and increase loading speed. As google like fast websites, especially if your goal is to target local market, to achieve that end, you should have to deploy a locally hosted machine through which any pages or data can be downloaded quickly by your subscriber. For this purpose, our company is offering you best Chinese VPS hosting facilities. In the event that you are searching for VPS facilitating administrations in China to have greater adaptability and simpler versatility while extending your business? An ever-increasing number of organizations will in general use the force of the internet to expand their openness. In this way, it is important to put resources into simply virtualized nodes, which won't adversely influence the working of the site if traffic increments. With the optimized and dependable containers, you can have more opportunities to install any applications that you may require for your site, apps or scripts.

Cheap VPS Server in China

All VMs are virtualization of the heavy-duty machines where those web customers who are not fit to oversee significant expense of dedicated servers can make progress towards Windows and Linux VPS and can get total root access of server. Site crash, moderate speed, load counterbalance issues are a level of the factors which are gone up against a shared plan where you have limited access to do various operations but you can overtake them by deploying a precisely deployed container with in your budget and as per your required resources from a specific location. If you buy a China VPS Server from a leading provider like us then you will have no compelling reason to stress over anything since we give the best quality infrastructure with maximal internal security in low charges than any other competing company. With high end quality, we are proud on quantity too. The core reason of client’s trust on our China based VPS server is the efficiency, features and security along with the least amount of money to surf. All instances are provisioned via top level of privileged user with any common or specific ordered operating system, KVM virtualization, on bare metal servers under a fully organized and technological strong environment in lowest cost. So, if you want these virtual servers for solo use as dedicated infrastructure or your ambition is to acquire a cheap instance for doing reseller hosting business, our virtualized solutions are equally good to come up with your project. Along with the nodes, you are always free to choose various available addons like control panel licenses and different plugins on regular prices. You should also take the safety and security of your VPS into account as it is the main factor to prolong your relation with any provider. Here we can guarantee you top notch and versatile Data Center end firewalls to maintain and safeguard your data.

Full Control

You can monitor the personalization of the server's hardware and applications by using the admin/root access. RDP/SSH access means you can log in to your Virtual Server & administer it with ease.


Join our backup services to maintain a snapshot of your data and archives on your computer. Our wide range of backup and recovery facilities helps you to back up your data across the site.

Instant Scalability

Our adaptive technology allows you to extend and restrict your allocation of resources instantly. Depending on changes needed, customers can raise running resources without downtime.

Multiple Use

The use of virtual servers is not limited. For other than hosting your website, you can use your virtual server according to your desire. A VPS is also suitable for use as a game server, database etc.

Best Interfaces

We have the control access for our customers so they have to adapt to their servers. You may ask to install your server control panel Plesk or cPanel. That will make it easy to handle operations.

Best ISPs

Our data centers are linked to the best ISP providers in the country. On our network, we have many Internet service providers. According to your budget plan, you will get exclusive IP with various internet ports.

Additional Riches

Several plug-ins and complements are also at one's fingertips to help customers browse various features and efficiency boosters with convenience. Those will assist the buyers to build features that enhance an application's lifespan, credibility and satisfaction. We remain on your disposal and committed to deliver high-performance networking solutions, cheap control panel license and other relevant facilities so get advantages of these addons if you are not too technical or you are to acquire them by all means without being compromised and over charged. For this specific destination, we are selling backup options as well as administration, you should at least pick one for the continuous stability of your data to make sure the opportunity to not waste your hard work.

Virtualization Upgrades
Additional IPv4 and IPv6
Windows Server 2012 and 2016
Auto Backups
cPanel and Plesk

What is the location for Chinese VMs?

As mentioned above, all provisioned machines will be physically hosted through Hong Kong based data center but not from China main land.

Who should buy China based VPS?

Those who want to establish their physical or virtual business in East Asia localities with dedicated use can get maximum benefits buy getting a node deployed from this location.

When i will get login details?

Once after finishing order and payment processed, you will likely get ssh or rdp credentials in two to twenty four hours.

Do you provide any discount on bulk purchase?

We are selling maximum resources packed with each instance in lesser market's charges though you can contact is if you require bulk containers.

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