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China, with a population of about 1.4 billion, most populous in the world, spread on world's 3rd largest area and the oldest socity on earth. It has seen many ups and downs but after its last freedom, they got a best governance and planing for future, as a result today's republic of china is most advanced, stable and in world's top economies. No doubts, they put so many restrictions to the world as well to their own people but their goal was planed. It is sending good, services, skilled engineering labour and industrial equipents through out the world. Have very close relations with many developing countries due to various on goin projects and investments. Keeping in view all these aspects, there are found lot of oppertunities to work with for this region. Being reliable hosting provider for this origin, how we can offer online visibility options. The best and secure one is to acquire Chinese VPS Hosting but due to many restrictions, it is nearly impossible to use China mainland bandwidth remotely. In this scenario, for outer world, it is always recommended to acquire a Hong Kong based hosting infrastructure.

China vps hosting

VPS Plans (Hong Kong)

Utilize our instructions, virtualization and vast resarch for creating below plans. You can go with anyone by ordering with operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD or any version of wWindows Server. All plans include huge resources and convenient of upgradation.

CPU Memory SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
02 02 GB 20 GB 250 GB $15 / Month Order Now
02 04 GB 50 GB 250 GB $25 / Month Order Now
02 06 GB 100 GB 250 GB $45 / Month Order Now
04 08 GB 300 GB 250 GB $85 / Month Order Now

Best Chinese VPS Hosting Provider

As HongKong is the part of Chinese territory so anything offered from this location must be assumed as being provided from China. We are most reliable provider for VPS hosting in China due to our long-lasting impact on the virtualization and customized instance solutions for all kind of online businesses. You will avail SSD drives with each plan you will select which will be a cause of boosted apps and websites on the go. Also, 100Mbps internet connectivity with multiple IP ranges can lower down your latency and increase loading speed. As google like fast websites, specially if your goal is to target local market, to achieve that end, you should have to deploy a locally hosted machine through which any pages or data can be downloaded quickly by your subscriber. For this purpose, our company is offering you best Chinese VPS hosting facilities. If you till need more to know, feel free to write us an email or contact us via chat.

Cheap Virtual Private Server in China

With high end quality, we are proud on quantity too. The core reason of client’s trust on our China based virtual private server is the efficiency, features and security along with the least amount of money to surf. All virtual machine is provisioned on top level of privileged user with any common or specific ordered operating system with KVM virtualization and SSD drives on bare metal servers in fraction of price. So, if you want these virtual private servers for solo use as dedicated infrastructure or your ambition is to acquire a cheap instance for doing reseller hosting business, our virtualized solutions are equally good to come up with your project. Along with the nodes, you are always free to choose various available addons like control panel licenses and different plugins on regular prices. You should also take the safety and security of your VPS into account as it is the main factor to prolong your relation with any provider. Here we can guarantee you top notch and versatile Data Center end firewalls to maintain and safe your data.

Full Control

You can monitor the personalization of the server's hardware and applications by using the admin/root access. RDP/SSH access means you can log in to your Virtual Server & administer it with ease.


Join our backup services to maintain a snapshot of your data and archives on your computer. Our wide range of backup and recovery facilities helps you to back up your data across the site.

Instant Scalability

Our adaptive VPS technology allows you to extend and restrict your allocation of resources instantly. Depending on changing needs you have an option to scale up. Customers can raise running resources without downtime.

Multiple Use

The use of virtual servers is not limited. For other than hosting your website, you can use your virtual server according to your desire. A VPS is also suitable for use as a game server, database etc.

Best Interfaces

We have the control access for our customers so they have to adapt to their servers. You may ask to install your server control panel Plesk or cPanel. That will make it easy to handle operations.

Best ISPs

Our data centers are linked to the best ISP providers in the country. On our network, we have many Internet service providers. According to your budget plan, you will get exclusive IP with various internet ports.

Various Tags

Several plug-ins and complements are also accessible to help customers browse various websites. Everything you need to know and pick your server system for your unique specifications. It helps the user to build features that enhance an application's lifespan. Users can quickly add new functionality to any application. We remain committed to delivering high-performance networking solutions at affordable prices. Get advantages without compromising. Our Addon is committed to offering competitively low priced, and high-quality machine resources.

Web Hosting Upgrades
Upgrade Price
10 Hosted Domains $2.50 / Month
25 GB NVMe SSD Storage $6.00 / Month
200 GB Premium Bandwidth $8.00 / Month
1 Dedicated IP Address $3.50 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you provide DDOS Protection?

Ans: Yes, we know the effect and loss of resources and services that can be caused by DDOS attacks. Each of our VPS Servers includes free DDoS protection to maximize availability and prevent unexpected downtimes. We offer advanced settings to customize protection and security.

Q: Do you provide data redundancy?

Ans:All our VPS servers are available with RAID infrastructure. RAID will add redundancy to prevent downtime and data loss from a complete drive failure. Our integrity system is customized with RAID6 frameworks.

Q: Can I upgrade my VPS?.

Ans:At the time of your convenience and need you have options to upgrade your VPS quickly and easily. Everyone can expand their machine with RAM, Bandwidth and storage, etc.

Q:Do you make security settings and optimization?

Ans: All server orders are provided with necessary security configurations and optimization procedures before delivery, and your side is delivered in this way.

Q: What is the difference between shared and VPS hosting?

Ans:Shared hosting hosted you on a server where you share other users with your physical resources, such as CPU, memory / RAM, and storage space. A VPS is also a virtual private server and is based on a single, not shared server. For any device, the VPS hosting offers a virtual dedicated partition.

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Terms and Services

You are not allowed to use our VPS servers for any kind of illegal use. We are very strict for this harmful uses and utilization, We advised to you must read our terms and conditions before placing an order.