No doubts, internet is full of queries and solutions for dedicated hosting and you can easily find many cheap alternatives but the distinction we have is "Dedicated Servers with multiple unique destinations". Whenever you or your company need a complex, customized and distinctive hosting infrastructure with a quite quirky location then it could become a huge task to find a data center at your desired space. In that kind of scenarios people can get benefits from our vast experience of decades and being our clients can achieve the goal without much effort. We have pin pointed more secure and advanced data centers from numerous origins to offer you different dedicated server hosting solutions. This is the best option for a huge level and one business option as we have the ultimate solutions for all dedicated hosting services. Whether you want to host multiple websites, we have dedicated servers to match your requirements. If you are planning to set up your virtual environment, or want to set up reseller or shared web hosting, you can rely on our cheap dedicated servers.

Cheap Dedicated Servers

Argentina Dedicated Server

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Dedicated Server Australia

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Bangla Dedicated Hosting

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Brazilian Dedicated Hosting

Start from USD.259/mo

Chile Dedicated Hosting

Cost from USD.299/mo

Egyption Dedicated Hosting

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Hong Kong Servers

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Hungary Dedicated Hosting

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Indonesia Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated Servers Iraq

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Dedicated Servers Isle of Man

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Dedicated Hosting Japan

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Malaysian Dedicated Host

Get it Deployed USD.119/mo

Netherlands Servers

Provisioned from USD.75/mo

New Zealand Servers

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Dedicated Hosting Pakistan

Cost from USD.149/mo

Russian Dedicated Server

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Saudi Dedicated Hosting

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South African Servers

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Dedicated Server South Korea

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Sweden Dedicated Server

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Turkish Dedicated Hosting

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Ukrainian Dedicated Server

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UAE Dedicated Hosting

Deploy from USD.176/mo

Server delivery depends upon the location you will select because of different durations for provisioning a server from a specific location - Usually it can take 24 hours - 1 week.

Hardware Adaptability

We have contracted only with those DCs which has highest Tier of DC facilities as a result, they make sure quality hardware with all latest generation models. Though machines are machines but our struggle is always there to present what we can offer the best.

Modern Technologies

We do not believe in continuing with old and out dated ways to serve so to extend maximum satisfaction and fruitful out comes we have a close eye with upgraded techniques which is equally great for us as well for all of our valued customers for boosting business model.

Secure Facility

Whatever machine or location you will choose to buy, you will get the maximum internal data and privacy security though we do not have any compromise on abusing our network. There are high end switches, internal firewalls and DDoS mitigation available under few data centers.

Reboots / Re-Installation

If your server fails to answer or it het halt or you want it to do a hard reboot, you think that your current operating system get corrupted or machine is rooted / compromised or even you want to install a new OS, you can ask us though a support ticket to perform this task for you.

Effective Support

Backbone of every business is after sales, a well organized support so for a long term relation with ones buyers, a responsible provider always take the best care of this fact. Though all servers are un-managed but basic level of support for different critical situation is available with all convenience.

Operating System

We understand that every projects has different requirements so it is never possible to keep few OS as ISO, about with all dedicated server locations we have most of Linux flavors, older and latest windows server versions to select, even you can ask for a special OS, we will try to bring that.

Looking for a Virtual Private Server?

If you have least budget or your need lesser resources than a whole dedicated server then deployment of a virtual private server is even a better choice. You can find different plans from number of worldly cities.

VPS Server Hosting

Cheap Dedicated Servers

We offer cheapest dedicated server even in lesser price than market. We are popular due to our prices as well as for offering top notch server's specification from international destinations.

Windows Dedicated Server

You can get windows based server from few places but not from others. Usually, Windows based servers are purchased lesser as compared to Linux because these are more in cost. If you are to use RDP, have to run MSSQL, or core or even there is specific such requirements then you can proceed with Windows 2012R2, 2016 or 2021 variants.

Linux Dedicated Server

From all location, Linux based dedicated servers are available. Linux operating system is much more popular as it has a number of flavors in it. Most renowned out of them are CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. As Linux operating system is a free OS so it make whole online infrastructure cheaper than of windows.