Worldwide VPS Hosting

We are unique in web hosting industry due to the locations we offer for virtual private servers to be hosted. You can select a specific worldly origin to go online dedicatedly along with cheap dedicated experience through our number 1 data centers. Browse below to find your desired country or city from where you can hold the control of Linux or windows based virtual server. Our prices starts from $8 per month

VPS Servers

UAE VPS Server Hosting

Deploy from USD.29/mo

Most Popular

Turkey based VPS Hosting

Order from USD.21/mo

Bangladesh VPS Hosting

Starts from USD.25/mo

Japanese VPS Hosting

Issued from USD.35/mo


Hong Kong VPS Hosting

Provisioned from USD.15/mo

Malaysian VPS Hosting

Deploy from USD.12/mo

Argentina VPS Server

Buy from USD.28/mo


Saudi Arabia VPS Hosting

Purchase from USD.23/mo

Brazilian VPS Hosting

Start from USD.14/mo

China VPS Hosting Server

Buy from USD.28/mo


Pakistan based VPS Hosting

Cost from USD.35/mo

Chile VPS Hosting

Deploy from USD.22/mo

Russian VPS Hosting Server

Get it from USD.24/mo

Sweden based VPS Hosting

Price Starts from USD.32/mo

Cheap Priced

Hungarian VPS Hosting

Get Provisioned from USD.29/mo

Egyption VPS Host

Get it from USD.24/mo

New Zealand VPS Hosting

Price Starts from USD.35/mo

Approach Europe

Poland VPS Server Hosting

Get Provisioned from USD.19/mo

Please note that provisioning time from each location varies but usually after payment and order a server is delivered from 1 to 72 hours normally.

Top class virtualization

Virtualization with fastest and active performing servers is the main factor in hosting, which entails independent computing, our IT system may support itself and worldwide computing. With us, you will be able to experience the latest technologies and various kinds of virtualized VPS availabilities.

Fully Redundant

RAID is one of the most important types of redundancy so we do this practice in most of the cases for lost backups. The RAID arrays offer better performance and/or consistency than the availability on a single disk. It can maintain the system running if a disk failure occurs.

Secure Infrastructure

Best available switches are in placed in our datacenters. Networking level firewall, Intrusion detectors and DDOS mitigation is being offered by default with some Tier III level data centers to avoid the basic to complex level of out bound and inbound vulnerabilities attacks.

Instant Activation

We managed all activations with the fast approach. VPS can be created in fast action depends on confirmation of the order, it will not take much time to install an operating system. You will receive soon welcome email quickly by our installation team. We took every client on priority to deliver the orders as per queued.

Dedicated Support

Our technical support is always ready to support our customers. Via engineering, we have a specialist IT team available to provide solutions through optimized communication. They have the experience and can solve any problem efficiently to maintain your visibility without any restrictions.

Lower Latency

We know your purpose why you are selecting a unique located server. It is because your audience is there or you are to offer goods and services, which can be accommodated in that region so, we provide you IPs, which will assure you the lowest latency and fastest loading for that country or region.

Need a Full Fledge Dedicated Server?

sometimes, you requirements are not being fulfilled in less resources so you look for more. The way you can better and highest level of resources is by renting a dedicated machine or number of machines. We have dedicated servers from various data centers with multiple cities of many countries.

Dedicated Server Hosting


VPS Hosting Price

We are working in the hosting market for years and we kept on analyzing the upcoming needs, modern technologies and availability of specific services in a particular region. There are few more things accountable to standardize the price for a readymade plan of a virtual server. We can say with guarantee that the prices you will get with us for any solution in your mind will not be offered anywhere else.

Guaranteed Resources

, Unlike others, we deliver, what we have portrayed and for what you have paid, most of the time there are no hidden charges for anything. Though there are few areas where Government charges tax so those taxes would be added separately other than the original price of the server. Sometimes, upon non-availability of ordered service, we offer even better and with more resources but it is asked before finalizing and provisioning the replacement.