We pledge ourselves to provide high quality service and assistance to each of our customers. Our unique IT team is unbelievably friendly and can help you grow your business every step of the way. In order to provide you with personalized support, we expertly combine our services so that you only get what you need and want. We begin with a careful study of what is needed for your business to thrive so we can guarantee that our products fit in perfectly for you. Deploy your services on one of the most advanced networks worldwide, complete with Anycast support and enterprise DDoS protection.

Global Data Centers

Lowest Latency

Main goal to launch this website is to propose quality web hosting services with fastest loading, reliable dependency and lowest latency, all in the lowest possible price with best SLA. First of all, you have to decide your place of marketing or work, later narrow down your destination and find below all points of being online. Our suggestion is to start with a virtual private server initially to avail maximum benefits, later you can shift to a dedicated server.

Swift ISP Carriers

Most of our adopted internet providers, backed our servers for jointing them with world internet has highest level of reputation with reliable internet provisioning. Normally, every dedicated machine is connected through 100 MBPs port but in few data centers, it is lower due to heavy bandwidth prices whereas on some places it is more than 100Mbps due to cheap price. Moreover, Our DCs offer clean IPN and ranges to start your online business without being black listed on the first stage.

Subnets for VPS Server Hosting

We have selected most asked and renowned counties from about all Continents for offering virtualization so before placing your order, you can select any available location and the specific country's IPv4 for testing Latency, Ping and suitability. We ensure the availability of mentioned subnets yet without guarantee at the time of provisioning so better contact support for inquiring a specific IP range before placing order if you are IP blockage or latency conscious.

Datacenter Location Subnet / IPv4 Range(s)
VPS Argentina Argentina / Buenos Aires 31.40.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 190.106.132.xxx (DC2 G) Buenos Aires VPS Plans
VPS Australia Australia / Sydeny 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 139.99.128.xxx (DC2 OV) Sydeny VPS Plans
VPS Austria Austria / Vienna xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Vienna VPS Plans
VPS Bahrain Bahrain / Manama 38.54.2.xxx Bahrain VPS Plans
VPS Bangladesh Bangladesh / Dhaka 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC1 L) | 103.125.252.xxx (DC2 A) Dhaka VPS Plans
VPS Belgium Belgium / Brussels xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Brussels VPS Plans
VPS Brazil Brazil / Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo 186.226.58.xxx (DC1 VS) | 185.192.xxx.xxx (DC2 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Rio de Janeiro VPS Plans
VPS Bulgaria Bulgaria / Sofia xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 146.19.80.xxx (DC2 P) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Sofia VPS Plans
VPS Cambodia Cambodia / Phnom Penh 38.54.xxx.xxx (L) Cambodia VPS Plans
VPS Canada Canada / Montreal / Toronto 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 193.203.203.xxx (DC2 OV) Toronto VPS Plans
VPS Chile Chile / Santiago / Valdivia 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 216.73.159.xxx (DC2 Z) Chile VPS Plans
VPS Hong Kong China / Hong Kong 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 74.119.193.xxx (DC2 P) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Hong Kong VPS Plans
VPS Colombia Colombia / Bogota 91.148.xxx.xxx Bogota VPS Plans
VPS Costa Rica Costa Rica / San Jose xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx San Jose VPS Plans
VPS Cyprus Cyprus / Limassol 85.239.41.xxx Limassol VPS Plans
VPS Czechia Czechia / Prague 185.53.46.xxx (P) Prague VPS Plans
VPS Denmark Denmark / Copenhagen xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Copenhagen VPS Plans
VPS Ecuador Ecuador / Quito xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Quito VPS Plans
VPS Egypt Egypt / Cairo 196.46.190.xxx (DC1 BR) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC2 L) Cairo VPS Plans
VPS Estonia Estonia / Tallinn 193.109.120.xxx Tallinn VPS Plans
VPS Finland Finland / Helsinki 45.159.249.xxx Helsinki VPS Plans
VPS France France / Gravelines 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 185.231.205.xxx (DC2 P) | 141.94.45.xxx (DC3 BL) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC4 L) France VPS Plans
VPS Germany Germany / Munich / Frankfurt 173.212.238.xxx, 194.163.148.xxx (DC1 CN) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC2 L) Munich VPS Plans
VPS Ghana Ghana / Accra 169.255.56.xxx Ghana VPS Plans
VPS Greece Greece / Athens 185.242.84.xxx (DC1 P) | xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC2 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Athens VPS Plans
VPS Guatemala Guatemala xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Guatemala VPS Plans
VPS Hungary Hungary / Budapest 77.91.72.xxx Budapest VPS Plans
VPS Mumbai India / Mumbai 65.20.66.xxx India VPS Plans
VPS Dublin Ireland / Dublin xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 185.231.207.xxx (DC2 P) Dublin VPS Plans
VPS Tel Aviv Israel / Tel Aviv 77.91.74.xxx, 194.62.42.xxx (DC1 P) | 147.78.0.xxx (DC2 O) | 185.104.195.xxx (DC3 B) Tel Aviv VPS Plans
VPS Italy Italy / Milan xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 185.248.144.xxx (DC2 P) Milan VPS Plans
VPS Tokyo Japan / Tokyo 149.28.18.xxx, 198.13.44.xxx, 167.179.99.xxx, 45.32.43.xxx (DC1 V) | 147.78.0.xxx (DC2 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Tokyo VPS Plans
VPS Almaty Kazakhstan / Almaty 77.91.75.xxx, 45.159.250.xxx Kazakhstan VPS Plans
VPS Nairobi Kenya / Nairobi 102.68.86.xxx Nairobi VPS Plans
VPS Kuwait Kuwait / Kuwait City 38.54.116.xxx Kuwait VPS Plans
VPS Riga Latvia / Riga 45.142.213.xxx (P) Latvia VPS Plans
VPS Lithuania Lithuania / Vilnius xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Vilnius VPS Plans
VPS Cyberjaya Malaysia / Cyberjaya / Kualalumpur 5.181.132.xxx (DC1 VM) | 147.78.0.xxx (DC2 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Kuala Lumpur VPS Plans
VPS Mexico City Mexico xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Mexico VPS Plans
VPS Kishinev Moldova / Kishinev 45.67.229.xxx (P) Moldova VPS Plans
VPS Kathmandu Nepal / Kathmandu 38.54.116.xxx (LN) Nepal VPS Plans
VPS Meppel Netherlands / Meppel / Dronten 77.91.123.xxx (DC1 P) | 46.175.151.xxx (DC2 NX) Netherlands VPS Plans
VPS Auckland New Zealand / Auckland 185.99.133.xxx Auckland VPS Plans
VPS Lagos Nigeria / Lagos 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 102.68.85.xxx (DC2 W) Nigeria VPS Plans
VPS Muscat Oman / Muscat 38.54.116.xxx Muscat VPS Plans
VPS Islamabad Pakistan / Islamabad 103.152.254.xxx (DC1 N) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC2 L) Islamabad VPS Plans
VPS Peru Peru / Lima xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Lima VPS Plans
VPS Philippines Philippines / Manila 38.54.xxx.xxx (L) Manila VPS Plans
VPS Warsaw Poland / Warsaw 94.131.96.xxx, 77.91.102.xxx Warsaw VPS Plans
VPS Lisbon Portugal / Lisbon 45.159.251.xxx Lisbon VPS Plans
VPS Puerto Rico Puerto Rico / San Juan xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx San Juan VPS Plans
VPS Bucharest Romania / Craiova / Bucharest xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 146.19.75.xxx (DC2 P) Bucharest VPS Plans
VPS Moscow Russia / Moscow 45.144.31.xxx Russia VPS Plans
VPS Riyadh Saudi Arabia / Riyadh 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC1 L) | 185.140.251.xxx (DC2 B) Riyadh VPS Plans
VPS Belgrade Serbia / Belgrade 45.89.55.xxx Serbia VPS Plans
VPS Singapore Singapore xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC2 L) Singapore VPS Plans
VPS Bratislava Slovakia / Bratislava 45.95.11.xxx (P) Slovakia VPS Plans
VPS Johannesburg South Africa / Johannesburg 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 169.239.128.xxx (DC2 Z) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Johannesburg VPS Plans
VPS Seoul South Korea / Seoul 141.164.34.xxx, 158.247.209.xxx Seoul VPS Plans
VPS Madrid Spain / Madrid 194.4.48.xxx Madrid VPS Plans
VPS Stockholm Sweden / Stockholm / Hagersten 45.8.147.xxx (DC1 P) | 147.78.0.xxx (DC2 O) | 46.246.96.xxx (DC3 B) Stockholm VPS Plans
VPS Geneva Switzerland / Geneva 94.131.99.xxx Geneva VPS Plans
VPS Taiwan Taiwan / Taipei, Hanoi 147.78.0.xxx (DC1 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC2 L) Taiwan VPS Plans
VPS Thailand Thailand / Bangkok 38.54.xxx.xxx (L) Bangkok VPS Plans
VPS Izmir Turkey / Bursa / Instanbul 45.89.52.xxx (DC1 P) | 147.78.0.xxx (DC2 O) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Turkey VPS Plans
VPS Kyiv Ukraine / Kyiv 185.250.150.xxx (DC1 P) | 194.61.52.xxx (DC2 NX) Ukraine VPS Plans
VPS Dubai United Arab Emirates / Dubai 146.70.xxx.xxx (DC1 O) | 45.86.228.xxx (DC2 BL) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) Dubai VPS Plans
VPS Coventry United Kingdom / Coventry 185.138.164.xxx (DC1 P) | 38.54.xxx.xxx (DC3 L) UK VPS Plans
VPS USA United Stats of America / NJ, Secaucus 138.124.180.xxx USA VPS Plans
VPS Vietnam Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh 38.54.xxx.xxx (L) Vietnam VPS Plans


We have mentioned all available IPv4 ranges from different worldly data centers. It is listed so that you can check and verify the territory where IP belongs to and to test the latency, blockage under your network and ping before placing any specific location order. All below mention subnets belong to only dedicated server from listed countries. Before ordering a dedicated server, if you must need a specific IP range, contact us for availability because it is not sure that each provisioning of machine will guarantee mentioned subnets.

Datacenter Location Subnet / IPv4 Range(s)
Bangladesh Dedicated Servers Bangladesh / Dhaka 103.125.253.xxx Bangladesh Dedicated Server
Egypt Dedicated Servers Egypt / Cairo 196.46.188.xxx Egypt Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server Malaysia Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur 111.90.158.xxx Dedicated Server Malaysia
Dedicated Server Netherlands Netherlands / Maasdijk 93.190.138.x, 89.39.105.x, 217.23.1.x, 178.132.0.x Dedicated Server Netherlands
Pakistan Dedicated Servers Pakistan / Islamabad 103.152.255.xxx Pakistan Dedicated Server
Turkey Dedicated Server Turkey / Izmir 185.238.29.xxx Turkey Dedicated Server
UAE Dedicated Servers UAE / Dubai 185.56.90.xxx Dedicated Server UAE
Ukraine Dedicated Server Ukraine / Kyiv 185.235.219.x, 194.61.52.x, 194.61.53.x, 185.253.218.x, 185.143.145.x Ukraine Dedicated Server