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A domain name can be used to instantly speak to your brand, letting the customers know who you are and what you are selling. A relevant domain name can help key your customers in on your product, or a unique domain name can create a link that associates your name with your product. Our Company is dealing in that domain registration, that manages the reservation of internet domain names in perfect manners. That is accredited by a generic top-level domain registry and a country code top-level domain registry. We are operating our services under domain registries.

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  • Simple Domain Setup
  • Domain Whois Management
  • Automatic Renewal Option
  • Domain Lock System
  • DNS Management
  • Privacy Protection
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Now just one click will allow you to buy our Domain registration. Click or sign in to your kit's payment zone. Various preferred forms of payment are mentioned. You could finish the buying process in a short time after payment. Our support department are willing to help.

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You have just need to select your preferred domain after you can attain from our site with your one click.

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You will provide us your Information about registration and then we forward your request into finalize option.

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In this option you will pay your registration fee and within few time you will be able to verify your selected domain.

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New affordable prices are also available on our website for your enjoyment. We activated Sales and distribution professionals, including problem-solving, implementation and development of the numerous options. We have a number of cheap and secure domain registration packages with our reliable HOSTING.

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Registration Renewal Transfer


US$10 / Year US$13 / Year US$11 / Year


US$11 / Year US$12 / Year US$16 / Year

We offer all domain features and can handle them for you upon your request.

Domain Automation

Our customers can pay us in advance and the credit will be loaded in our account team. Customers only have to pay release invoices from their customer area, and their domains will automatically renew for next year.

Domain Security

Domain of our company is locked by design, which implies that no other domain registrant can pass the domain. Customers can however activate their domains inside their consumer zone. The best way to keep the domain name secure is to encrypt the domain.


Our support team is always ready to support our customers. Via engineering we have a specialist IT team available to provide communication solutions. They have the experience and can solve any problem efficiently.

Easy Registration

By software highlights you rely upon during your requests are moved to our Domain registration facility around the same time. You can host your site within just little time after registration. You can avail also our best Hosting Packages Here.

Domain Parking

You may want to link other domain names to that page, if you have a hosting service with us and have a website set up. You can, for example, register the domain name as a parked domain in your hosting control panel if you used this as the main website.

Full Control

It is necessary for you to have complete control of your domain name to change contact details or databases of your domain name. You can register and access all facets of your domain name at any time – you can own your domain, and we want to guarantee that you have consistent power.

Why Domain Name needed?

A domain name is the name of your website address and it should be special and easy to remember an internet address. There are two parts to each domain name. The first part is the name we choose and the second part is the extensión'.com.' For example our own domain name is There are various forms of extensions which are e.g. .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .eu, or . Whether it's a name focused region, we use.SA domains as we do for Saudi Arabia .


Top Level Domains, Six top domain names were published by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Those top-level domains were referred to in the hierarchy of the Domain Name System as domain name extensions, representing the highest level,includes .com , .org , .edu ,.net , .mil , .gov etc.


Country code Top Level Domains like for saudi Arabia .SA , USA .US ,Pakistan .pk , you can get your own country code domain name with your desire.


Generic top-level domains are a top-level domain category in the DNS. At present, there are 21 common top-level domains within the root region that is the highest level of the framework of the domain name network. Those 21 are the vast majority of domain names while more than 1,500 gTLDs are in use. (.com, .net, .org, .info), domains that can be used for general purposes. (.pro, .biz, .name) domains that can only be used for their specific purposes. (.edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .aero, .cat, .asia, .mobi, .coop, .travel, .tel, .jobs) domains that can only be used by businesses involved specifically with that industry.

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Our Domain Registration plans provide you with the perfect intermediate solution . Our platform certainly has a Domain option for you, based on where the page stacks up or your specific needs. We attains a best feedback from our customers because we know about our customers needs and desires and we are available all the time to fulfill our customers need and requirement.

Addons Feature

With your account, our company gives you the opportunity to demand some unique "Addons" Feature to add to your package. You can attain maximum specifications with minimum pricing.

Together with our Addons plan you are eligible to get best functionalities of our VPS services .

Web Hosting Upgrades
Upgrade Price
10 Hosted Domains $2.50 / Month
25 GB NVMe SSD Storage $6.00 / Month
200 GB Premium Bandwidth $8.00 / Month
1 Dedicated IP Address $3.50 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are domain names and domain name systems?

Ans: The domain name system (DNS) is a naming database, which locates and translates the internet domain names to IP. The domain name system maps the name used to locate a website to the IP address of a computer. For instance, if somebody types into a web browser, a server maps that name to the IP address behind the scenes.

Q: How What are top-level domains (TLDs), as opposed to second-level domains (SLDs)?

Ans: The last section of the domain name is a high-level domain. Therefore, it's all stored in the Internet address after the last stage. It is also recognized as the expansion of the field. High-level areas,.net,.me,.info,.org, etc. The domain of the highest level is complemented by a second domain. It is a part of the name of the domain on the left side of the last level. When you look at the "" case, then,.com is the highest level domain, while "Microsoft" is the second level. It's that easy.

Q: Who is responsible for managing domain names?

Ans: The ICANN is responsible for DNS control, IP address allocation, and name-spacing-related registry administration — all in compliance with the highest security standards — from a non-profit organization recognized as the ICANN Internet Organization.

Q: What is WHOIS??

Ans: WHOIS is the Domain owner question and response system, that describe date of recording and expiry and the use of or not a domain name, etc.

Q: What is the difference between VPS vs Dedicated Hosting? Confusions about VPS and dedicated?

Ans: VPS is created by taking one massive server and partitioning it into several independent servers Virtualization layers are then created to ensure each virtual environment appears as a standalone server. Each “virtual” server has the ability to run its own operating system and applications. A dedicated server is, by definition, associated with a single client. The client has access to the full range of resources on the physical server. This includes all network access, hard drive storage capacity, memory, and processing power. Enterprise-level companies ordinarily have the most specific needs for dedicated servers. Small to medium-sized businesses are often best suited for a VPS.

Q: Which Hosting Control Panels are Available?

Ans: Every dedicated or VPS are controlled by a tool called a virtualization board, Control Panel. This tool allows you to restart all VPS or separate services like HTTP, MySQL, etc., to monitor and manage all running processes and to monitor the system resources consumed and available. You can also set up server-side programs for some script-powered systems to operate, display comprehensive Traffic Statistics and Background for all the activities running on the VPS since you will have full root access.

Q: What is difference between Windows and Linux hosting ?

Ans: Two types of operating systems are Linux and Windows. Linux is the most commonly deployed web server operating system. When Linux-based hosting is more common, web designers anticipate more functionality. But Ubuntu is the preferred choice unless you have websites that need specific Windows applications.

Q: Could my hosting policy for Linux Reseller update if necessary?

Ans: Sure. Indeed, sure. You could upgrade your Web Hosting Plan accordingly as your company needs to expand. In order to select an upgrade, the price difference of the hosting plan must be paid.

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