VPS Server Hosting Qatar

If you have any kind of plans to market your goods, services or have to launch your website with a unique IP in Qatar through Middle East data center then your first choice should be to do this task through a VPS Server acquired in Qatar to optimize best results of your efforts. As Qatar is a peninsular Arab country whose territory involves a parched desert and a long Persian (Arab) Gulf shoreline of seashores and hills. The country offers a mix of custom and innovation that is hard to track down somewhere else on the planet. Qatar commends its legacy, yet at the same time offers novices and explorers present-day conveniences, inns and foundation, and a blend of global societies, cooking styles, and ways of life. As Qatar is a rich country in the economy and oil industry, people there are very interested in learning digital technology. That is why there is no unemployment rate. Virtual private server hosting in Qatar is the wise idea to get and host a server to develop and grow your business in a developed region.

Qatar vps server
  • Dubai based Data Center
  • Various IPv4 Ranges
  • Virtualization via KVM
  • Low Latency in Qatar
  • 2 Internet Providers
  • RDP with Windows / root with Linux
  • SSD Disks
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Cloud Technology

Plans and Prices

Due to non-availability of Qatar based VPS, currently you can select your most suited specification in cheapest cost available from a neighboring location, we will update Qatar virtualization plans once we got a reliable data center available in that territory.

Processors RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth DC Location Price
1vCPU 01 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $15 / Month Order Now
1vCPU 02 GB 50 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $30 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 02 GB 60 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $60 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 04 GB 80 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $90 / Month Order Now
2vCPU 08 GB 80 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $110 / Month Order Now
4vCPU 08 GB 100 GB Unlimited Linux / Windows Hosting $135 / Month Order Now

IPv4 Ranges: 185.140.xxx.xxx and 195.229.xxx.xxx
UAE based virtualization is being offered for this destination, 5Mbps port will be default connection with each instance.

Powerful VPS from relative domains

Flow of business as well new destinations for spreading your brand worldwide has a great importance so while choosing the best for your needs in respect to web hosting facilities, it is important to judge the loading speed of your website and apps as well as the regions where you can also own clients. For all of the purposes we suggest you to inquire virtualization from other native regions and give a try to be online for a precise market.


Saudi Arabia VPS Servers

Purchase from USD.29/mo

Pakistan VPS Servers

Cost from USD.30/mo

UAE VPS Server Hosting

Deploy from USD.15/mo

Cheap UAE Dedicated Server

A cool alternative to Qatar based data center for getting a dedicated machine deployed in middle east region when exactly Qatar based DC is still to be added.

UAE Dedicated Server

Cheap Qatar Virtual Private Servers

Cheap Windows and Linux-based virtual private server hosting is a savvy hosting service model to meet rising business sector and end-client requests in Qatar. It is a safely overseen environment that gives more noteworthy flexibility and focuses on the protection of your basic information and applications at no large expenses. VPS Server in Qatar is said to be an ideal hosting than dedicated servers which can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs and upgraded anytime as your site grows. Qatar Cloud Business offers you secured and optimized hardware, software, bandwidth and internet resources for smallest applications to the largest enterprises in understanding how to cover your needs. Experience the highest level of resource allocation, control, and privacy with a robust kernel based virtual nodes. Provide you with entirely isolated container, where you have full access to configure your machine without affecting or disturbing another user. We make it possible for everyone to buy Linux as well as windows based operating system, deployed to any provisioned instance in the same affordable prices.

Best VPS Hosting provider for Qatar

Most of the small businesses start with shared hosting, as they grow bigger in terms of traffic and user base, it is very important to go for a VPS. Most of the corporate companies nowadays are understanding this fact in depth for better control over their servers & security of the data & flexibility in the administration. A large number of server hosting provider companies are working and providing their services in their own way and with packages of their own will. Most of them are working on international based and some of them are on a local basis. Among all of these, we are the leading company that is working for Doha, Qatar users. We ensure maximal security, reliability, advancement and value-added elements while provisioning any instance. The proof is, positioned dual processors high quality machines of SuperMicro brand, Multi cores and threads, Shared internet ports of giga bytes per seconds, SSD storage, fool proof internal security system, power and cooling backups, 2 Gbps Distributed Denial of Service, unlimited traffic and outclass support after sales. Moreover, you can enjoy various operating systems comes with numerous distributions and versions, including windows and Linux. Every provision is done in a secure way through a different ssh and rdp port than of default to make security even better. In the same way default user would be a different one, later after login you may covert that to the root, this precaution has also been taken for extra layer of safety.

Best for Middle East

If your targeted audience is full middle east or Arab world then the best suited location with lowest latency in region is the one mentioned above through which you can reach to your buyers with maximum speed with a convenient user experience.

Buy in Least Prices

Though it is really costly setup if you will try to install things yourself within this region due to heavy taxes, inflation and bandwidth costs but due to our experience data center facility, we make it possible to authorize local access as low as it could be.


With all new and modern equipment, switches and cabling deployed in data center and enforcing maximum safety measures through DDoS and firewalling we guarantee our customers amazing experience with a 99.99% uptime throughout the period they stay.

Addons Feature

For an extra ordinary happening, while purchasing a VM, one always requires other schemes to increase the credibility and performance of owned machine. So, in this view we have listed some very important services, licenses and value-added ingredients. If you feel that your browsing is slow then you can add a bigger and higher internet connection, at the same time those who need extra IPs, can order up to five with a single container. If you are a hosting provider or not an expert in commands or unable to create and manage hosting requirements with a control panel, can order cPanle for CentOS / Linux and Plesk for Windows based operating systems.

Make VPS Powerful
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Internet Connection Speed
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
cPanle / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Qatar VPS FAQ:

Presently due to lack of a trusted data center availability in the area, we are offering virtualization from Dubai. We have plans and in search of a reliable option from with in the country to present you local services soon.

CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu in Linux Distributions where Windows 2012 and 2016 for Windows OS.

Yes, daily VM image backup with 2 copies retention is available at configuration page, you can order it at any stage of subscription.

We tried to send credentials instantly after order and payment but it must not be delayed more than 24 hours in worst circumstance.

Any Query?

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