VPS Server Hosting Scotland

  • Pulsant South Gyle DC - Edinburgh
  • KVM, SSD Drives, Secure Data Transfer
  • Linux / root user Access
  • 100Mbit - 1Gbit Uplink

Unleash powerful performance with our Scotland VPS server hosting solutions, where efficiency, security, and speed converge to offer the ultimate user experience. Our servers, equipped with Kernel-based virtual machines and SSD storage, ensure instant data delivery and lightning-fast performance. Situated in the secure Pulsant Datacenter in Edinburgh, Scotland, our Tier III+ facility guarantees unmatched reliability and connectivity, providing maximum uptime and peace of mind. Choose from a variety of Linux-based operating systems for instant installation and activation, tailored to your specific needs, and benefit from the lowest latency, ping, and fastest data transmission speeds. Our VPS solutions come pre-configured for optimal performance, featuring a 100 Mbps shared internet port and 1TB to 10TB of monthly bandwidth. Utilizing high-quality hardware from trusted brands like HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Intel, Cisco, and Juniper ensures consistent performance and reliability. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and control by selecting from a wide range of operating systems or requesting a custom configuration. Easily scale resources as needed, ensuring the right processing power and storage capacity for your evolving requirements. Enhance workflow with optional cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin control panels for simplified server management. Our advanced security measures, including General Electric UPSs with N+1 redundancy, video monitoring, access control systems, and climate control, guarantee uninterrupted service. Experience the power of Scotland VPS server hosting and get started today!

Scotland VPS hosting

Scotland VPS Server in Affordable Pricing

Begin your remote journey to Scotland's internet facility and data storage with a plethora of options to choose from. Opt for a virtual private server plan tailored to your project's requirements, providing not only cost-effectiveness but also ensuring maximal security and dedicated access as a root user. This allows you to execute top-level commands and effortlessly install any program to meet your specific needs. Our virtual private server plans are available at highly competitive prices and can be conveniently purchased through widely accepted payment methods such as PayPal, Perfect Money, and various cryptocurrencies, offering you flexibility and convenience in securing your digital infrastructure. Join us in unlocking the full potential of your remote experience with our VPS plans, designed to cater to your unique demands with heightened security and user control.

CPU Cores RAM SSD Bandwidth / Port OS Price
01 1 GB 10 GB 1 TB @ 100 Mbps Linux VPS $23.99 / Month Order Now
01 1.5 GB 20 GB 2 TB @ 100 Mbps Linux VPS $41.99 / Month Order Now
02 3 GB 40 GB 3 TB @ 1 Gbps Linux / Windows VPS $68.99 / Month Order Now
04 5 GB 60 GB 5 TB @ 100 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now

If you require more resources such as Memory, Space, IPv4 addresses, increased Internet Port Speed, or additional Bandwidth, please contact our support team.

Order a Dedicated Bare Metal Server

Discover unparalleled power at competitive prices with our Netherlands Dedicated Servers, providing boosted resources and full control in Northwestern Europe. Whether you opt for Linux or Windows operating systems, you'll enjoy benefits such as huge or unlimited bandwidth, allowing seamless streaming, hosting, or transferring of massive data volumes without restrictions. With dedicated resources, there's no sharing – your server's full potential is exclusively yours to utilize. Moreover, our affordable prices ensure unmatched value for your budget. Count on instant support from our dedicated team, available round-the-clock to assist you. Don't settle for anything less; choose Netherlands Dedicated Servers and unleash the power you need for your success.

Netherlands Dedicated Server

The "Best" VPS Hosting Provider in Scotland

Fantastically, the reliable, scalable, secure, affordable, best Virtual private server hosting provider (also named as top-rated-solution provider) in Scotland is web host VPSandServer. In the chock-a-block meeting place today, singling out one server from shared, VPS, or dedicated is beyond comprehension. Let VPSandServer elucidates an palpable instnace to apprehend all of them much obvious same as picture. Police station's prison (a largest space of persons living in a full-locked room) is shared hosting because in this locked room, every one disturbs with other individuals and neighbors like one voicing loudly, second uttering music, third singing songs, fourth altercating, etc. Transliterating this figurative expression, your website on the similar single server would be closed or gone off-line if another client sets out using extravagant resources. That is not nice, one is relying yet other websites are shutting down. VPS server hosting is similar to living in a home in the society. No necessitate to share home with anyone else. Your server would be only of yours without anybody sharing. Dedicated hosting is similar to living in a villa without presence of anybody but it is unaffordable and extremely expensive. Whole server with massive resources would be only of you after the demand of dedicated servers. Henceforward, VPS hosting is fine than dedicated/shared. Was this detail beneficial for you?

8 Wonderful Advantages of Scotland VPS

VPSandServer, the grade-class company in the UK & USA. Sound out the top 8 wonderful advantages of Scotland VPS hosting below:

  • Dedicated resources which are dedicated completely to one client.
  • 100% lightening-fast site's speed with SATA SSD drives
  • Fine value, budget-friendly, and affordability
  • Unhampered root access and control to the server
  • Elasticity to achieve smooth performance and presence
  • High-end security and dedicated Ipv4 address
  • Independent installations of OS and software
  • Spun-out flexibility and scalability


VPSandServer's packages (solid state drive - 60 GB SSD, random access memory - 5 GB RAM, Intel processor power - 4 Cores vCPU) located in Scotland are available on a 1st time, 1st served basis.


We single out sky high-caliber Data Center (DC) namely Pulsant South Gyle, Edinburgh to serve dragging presence and seamless availability to websites of clients as same as dedicated services.


40X beyond-level protection against production of blackmails, spam-emails, scams, hacks, cyber threatnings, and distributed attacks objected at wobbling violently available websites on internet.


Scotland VPS use matters are Forex Trading, Educational Purposes, Machine Learning, AI Technology, BlockChain, and multiple servers of VoIP, Email, Database, Application, Gaming, Backup, VPN.


Without let up, our brilliant tech support team monitors your data processing, servers, information technology (telecommunication) cloud infrastructure, performance, and coming in & coming out traffic.


In the least possible costing, Scottish people are vindicated to achieve behemothic resources, invinsible servers, KVM-tech Virtualized machines, FIBER internet, and much more.


Scots would be competent to abovescale / downscale resources and manage their virtual tools, machines, settings, servers, and files same as heroes with the support of our dedicated proficient team including easiest to handled control panel (cpanel). Let's translate this metaphor, a student is visiting to the college in monday to saturday to learn computer skills (IT) for at least one year, it is to be fact that he would learn mighty of top of the line information technology skills in this interlude, and can manage each sort of tough task because of his competence. VPSandServer (sympathetic web host) gives support to those who wanna upgrade / downgrade their packages.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

I'm seeking for a mighty solution, have?

Invest $68.99 that includes 3 TB banwdith, 1000 Mbps port, 40 GB SSD-storage, , 2-core CPU, and 3 GB RAM, is the mighty solution for your agency.

Do you have VPS in location of North Macedonia?

Delivering VPSes in further than 99 locations as well as we also deliver them in the location of North Macedonia.

Can I build a WooCommerce online store?

Yes, you can switch your offline store into online store by building Woocommerce (e-commerce) website with VPSandServer's Scotland VPS hosting.

Why Choose Scotland VPS Hosting?

Scotland VPS hosting provides thoroughly managed servers, access as well as control, and anti-ddos attacks which enlarges your security blanket.

Can I call you in 12 AM to 5 AM?

The 24 x 7 x 365 support is our 1st preference, on account of this, you call our technical support team in 12 AM to 5 AM, also in 12 PM to 5 PM.

Can I launch a site without hosting?

It's right. You can launch your site without hosting due to yours starting out step. A site getting peak traffic means you have to host it instantly.