Dedicated Server Hosting South Korea

Being an old web hosting provider from different regions of the world, we have best infrastructure and advanced technologies to offer you a hosting pad with dedicated resources from a little costly location for lowest latency throughout South Korean Continent. You can rely on us for your dedicated hosting need from this specific location as we are the most mature provider who can deal in any kind of customized and complex dedicated hosting solutions from any worldly location.

South Korea dedicated server hosting
  • 100 % Uptime
  • Security
  • 24*7 Multi Support
  • Efficient Activity
  • Server Firewall
  • Free Server Migration
  • Free Software Installation
  • Instant Activation
  • Windows & Linux OS


Our dedicated server systems have taken economic needs and concerns into account. Through informative comprehension, you continue to improve your business performance. Our set includes new accommodation solutions and affordable prices for your convenience.

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Cores Price
E-2234 - 3.60 GHz 32 GB 500GB SSD 5 TB 04 $237 / Month Order Now
E3-1270 v6 - 3.80 GHz 32 GB 512GB SSD 5 TB 04 $254 / Month Order Now
E-2246G - 3.60 GHz 32 GB 500GB SSD 5 TB 06 $289 / Month Order Now
TEST IPv4: | TEST IPv6: 2604:6600:25::6062:5c10

A distinctive location to start your business from.

Neighbouring Server Solutions

If current location is not able to fullfil your latency need or you need different specification then below Dedicated Server locations may be up to your demands.

Coming Soon!

Malaysian Dedicated Host

Under Process Location

Dedicated Hosting Japan

Purchase from USD.199/mo

South Korean VPS Server

If you want to stick with current destination but want dedicated hosting type in lowest funds then it is better to browse our offered South Korea, Seoul based virtual private servers.

South Korea VPS hosting

100% Bandwidth

A 100Mbps port is included in our database. 10 TB of data can be transmitted each month over your bandwidth of 100 Mbps. No other user will share your bandwidth. The server itself is so dedicated.

SysAdmin Support

Free services are guaranteed such as OS installation and server migration. In addition, full support for SysAdmin is available on request.

Price Freeze

They will not increase the price you pay during the length of your contract to ensure stability in uncertain times, even if our pricing shifts for new customers.

Addons Feature

You can get the best value from our dedicated products together with our Addons Policy. With minimum pricing, you can achieve maximum specifications.

Machine Upgrades
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
cPanle / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Dedicated Hosting from seoul Data Center

As a reliable service provider, we are generally recognized in South Korea. The company will expand its specialist servers in South Korea by providing full customer service. Recent developments are being followed in the South Korean networking industry. Our company strives to turn our company's reputation into consumer services in full and consistently. To South Korean residents, we now have several cloud choices. The most modern systems are easy and quick to use on high-speed hard drives, double CPU cores, and an operating system. We make sacrifices for our customers when using dedicated server expertise. You get additional fully managed services at affordable prices for our high-performance dedicated servers. All servers for 1 GBit / s of Ethernet links are linked for maximum speed and scalability to the current networking equipment. For your own operating environments, such as Windows Server OS or Ubuntu Linux, you can choose a high-performance HPC or (64-bit) version from our specialist solutions. The best networking choice is our dedicated Ubuntu servers. You really can take your business and website up to the next level with our high-power server and Turbo software, up to 20 times faster than competing Linux-based hosting companies. Looking for a VPS solution In South Korea?

South Korean Dedicated Server's FAQ:

All dedicated servers will be provisioned through a tier III advanced data center located in seoul, South Korea from 24 hours to 72 hours after validation of payment and order.

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