Dedicated Server Hosting Australia

There are number of Islands, known as Oceania countries but Australia and New Zealand are two big nations regarding their population, economy and area. This continent has a vast potential with a wealthy rich community, having deep roots in adopting modernized bases of surfing daily life. great ecommerce industry is a proof for getting involved into internet convenience. Those who understand this feasibility and want to prove their selves as the best for locals may strive to launch their products, services and goods here using the remote internet connection. Big brands always think out of the box, never rely on cheap form of base where they can put there showcase online but forcing a trustable web hosting solution in the form of dedicated server which must be located within the territory where they are going to market to avail low latency and to present their belonging in fraction of time. So if you are in same desire, we recommend you to buy best dedicated server in Australia with local IP and desired OS framework.

Australia dedicated server hosting
  • Guaranteed 100% SLA
  • Secure 1Gbps Connection
  • 24x7 Support
  • Flexible Positioning
  • SSD or HDD Storage
  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • Limited Quantity
  • Cheapest Rates
  • Windows & Linux OS

Cheap priced Australia based servers

Variation of processors, resources and other customizations is under your fingertips as we have already crafted Australia based servers into different tiers as per distinctive usage cases. Our guarantee is lowest costs, best support, on demand reboots and reinstallation, instant hardware replacement and confirmation of resources delivery what you will order.

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Cores DDoS Pro Price
Xeon E3-1245 v5 3.5 GHz 32 GB DDR4 2×2 TB HDD 5 TB 04 No $129 / Month Order Now
Xeon E3-1245 v5 3.5 GHz 64 GB DDR4 2×2 TB HDD 5 TB 04 No $199 / Month Order Now
Xeon E3-1270 v6 3.8 GHz 32 GB DDR4 2×4 TB HDD 10 TB 04 No $239 / Month Order Now
Xeon E-2134 3.5 GHz 16 GB DDR4 500 GB SSD 20 TB 04 Included $359 / Month Order Now

Heavy loaded servers are also available, you can inquire to get a proposal.

Closest Server Destinations

Not interested in Australian territory or you are more comfortable with other in connection areas like New Zealand for gathering success of your outcomes from Oceania then you can take into account our other matching locations. We are committed to offer maximum opportunities for your online business achievements under one roof, compare below nearby data center with unique dedicated hosting packages.

New Zealand Servers

Dedicated Hosting Japan

Australian VPS Server

It is always not a good idea to depend on single costly asset but in most cases better way is to furnished your demands using numerous compartments so that while having issue with one object you can continue your visibility through others. Same way if you want to have capability to manage your hosting needs from Australia as a dedicated user but in even lesser budget, purchase a cheap instance then.

Australia VPS hosting

Good for Oceania

Main cause of arriving on this page is to find a specified location which can lower your latency and can increase your loading speed. We made sure to employ such aspects which can help things be more precise and faster especially wherever in Oceanic countries you are going to target your audiance.

Augmented Network

Every rack hold number of units in it and for each server, a shared pipe line of 1Gbps it attached, it does mean you can generate, hold and maintain huge amount of traffic without any distortion in network. The quantity of machines is distributed in a way so that every unit can at least utilize 250 Mbps speed.

Stat of art Hardware

For making your online journey more stable, secure and trustworthy, every part of hardware is quality controlled, cables are connected firmly and infrastructure is installed with extreme precaution so that you can emphasize on business, not on technical elements of being connected to world.

Configuration Enricher

Migration of data and configuration is a solution, must be adopted as last resort. Before doing a full server transfer for having upgraded resources one must consider utilizing all at hand resources. This way you can keep your costs in budget, moreover, can save yourself form down times, loss of valued clients and ahead of all precious time. As we have established various default configurations for all kinds of needs so you must pick first which can handle your software, later there are plenty of addons you can employ to increase your stability period. Not only this but copious options for having a more convenient hosting management systems are available in the shape of developed control panel interfaces.

Machine Upgrades
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows STD 2012R2 and 2016
cPanle / Plesk Obsidian
Extra Space and Bandwidth

Sydney based Dedicated Hosting

As you have selected Oceania region for deploying your projects so Sydney as a city must come fit to your demands because this particular part has extreme revolutionary and advanced options which can ensure the reliance of your online visibility. Under a newfangled atmosphere and transformed facility, equipment, racks and networking was done through professionals using productive and high quality branded products.

What are data center specifications?

Our Sydney based DC is highly equipped with all modern and technological advanced facilities with a Tier 3 classification, have ability to offer work arounds of any complex and customized needs.

What software / OS i can get installed?

All available plans are suitable for about all most popular Linux based operating systems like Centos, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and the last plan can also be purchased with Windows OS.

What is services delivery time?

Most probably you will receive an email with credentials of your ordered machine with all necessary information within 24-174 hours, depends upon the number of already queued items.

What is maximum number of IPv4?

By default a single IP will be associated with your machine though you can get maximal 16 IP with a justification.

How to order for extra RAM or Storage?

You will be able to find all available addons at configuration page. In few plans you have the ability to upgrade Space, few of them offers to increase traffic limit and some have the options of acquiring additional IPs.

What is minimum contract period and Setup charges?

We do not enforce any sort of limitations on buying a machine for a precised time of period, also there are no setup charges, which means you can submit a cancellation 3 days before expiry.