VPS Server Hosting Algeria

  • Algiers DC
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU
  • root / Administrator Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Un-Metered Traffic

Experience the pinnacle of VPS Server Hosting in Algeria with our secure, reliable, and blazing-fast services, powered by cutting-edge KVM technology. Gain complete control over your code and software execution, complemented by lightning-fast internet connectivity for global accessibility and targeted regional delivery. Each plan includes unparalleled DDoS protection, ensuring your server's safety against common attacks. Benefit from the unique advantage of our Algerian VPS servers, featuring Algiers-based IPv4 addresses for the lowest ping and latency in the North African region. Positioning your brand locally? Capitalize on the strategic location to enhance trust and elevate local search engine rankings, even without a physical presence. Enjoy dedicated resource allocation, choose from various Linux and Windows (Trial) operating systems, and leverage root access with the default SSH port 22. Virtualize your server for web hosting, proxies, mail, databases, and more while strictly prohibiting spamming and port scanning. Along with huge default features, to minimize your expenditure and to present you with fastest fastest data transformation speed, each node contains maximum available internet connection in the region with utility of unlimited monthly traffic. Our state-of-the-art hardware and partnerships with reputable data centers in strategic locations ensure advanced networking and configuration solutions. For assistance, our pre-sales support team is ready to help, whether you need guidance or support for hard reboots and virtual machine reinstallations.

Algeria VPS hosting

In Budget Algeria Virtul Private Server Plans

Explore a myriad of configuration options within our pre-designed Algerian virtual private server plans, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of any project. Begin by analyzing the available virtualization nodes, starting with a basic plan for testing our network and assessing the quality of service. As your demands grow, easily upscale your plan accordingly. Upon proceeding to the next page, fine-tune your machine configuration to align with your specific needs. Take advantage of available add-ons such as control panels and more. Complete the process by placing your order seamlessly using your preferred payment methods, including PayPal, Crypto coins, or Perfect Money. Your flexibility in configuration and payment ensures a hassle-free experience tailored to your preferences.

CPU Cores RAM HDD Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 2 GB 60 GB Unlimited Linux Windows VPS $41.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 120 GB Unlimited Linux Windows VPS $72.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 300 GB Unlimited Linux Windows VPS $99.99 / Month Order Now
06 12 GB 500 GB Unlimited Linux Windows VPS $145.99 / Month Order Now

Alger state in Algeria is the designated point to live our servers under a Tier III standard data center.

Want to go Dedicated?

While we don't currently offer the highest tier of hosting from our Algerian data center, we understand your need for high resources and low latency. Secure your dedicated server slot from our nearby African or European data centers, housed in our unwavering infrastructure, and explore our cutting-edge plans to meet your resource needs. If you require a customized solution, don't hesitate to speak with our representative.

Dedicated Server in Netherlands

Best Algeria VPS Hosting Supplier in 2024

In 2024, best Algeria VPS hosting supplier VPSandServer supplies thronged instances, and sharper web loading times on mobile / tablet in spite of uneager loading times. Is your business-web takes long-haul-time to load? It translates that there are distant and distant multiple connections at one point. We promise upper-type, mid-type, and lower-type people in the Algeria country of Africa either nominate low-edge $29.99 / 30-day package or high-edge $79.99 / 30-day package, we will supply blameless dedicated environment, NVMe-space (smaller & robust than SATA, HDD, SSD) and unlimited bandwidth over the beggarly shared server. In Algerian situated hell-for-leather fast server, we save segment by segment details of your site videos, texts, images, headings, and HTML. Need to rent? - no problem - order now aftermost storage space on rent. Hotel is the real example to acknowledge rent. Wordlwide, you're living in Iran, Austria, Nigeria, France, or Italy, you've to give rent to acquire a room into the aparthotel. 7-star hotels like 'The Flower of the East, Iran', 'The Town House Galleria in Milan, Italy', etc, take too much rent which could be bear by affluent people, this sort of 7-star service also can be presuppose as Dedicated server hosting, while bearable hotels like The Comodo, Austria, Capelongue, Beaumier Hotel, France, etc, can be presuppose as dedicated virtual private server hosting. Buy Algeria VPS hosting which takes bearable rent than dedicated hosting!

Advantages of VPS Hosting in Algeria

The advantages of VPS server hosting in Algeria presented by vpsandserver.com are:

  • Unshared NVMe, RAM, bandwidth, and processor.
  • Reasonable than really expensive cloud / dedicated hosting.
  • Own-rule of flawless scaling-up and scaling-down.
  • Replacement of manageable and unmanageable servers.
  • Downright Access to console and WHM - cPanel plugin.
  • Fast Setup, establishment and customization.
  • Windows Server 2016 - 2019 - 2022 & Linux Ubuntu.


Wanna displace physiological renting machines, automobiles, fishes, cloaks, and planks street front shops of yours into e-web-stores to attain unmeasurable audience? Algeria VPS could be efficacious for you.


Web App Firewall, Anti-Malware-Virus-Software, and Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks are VPSandServer's 100% sober security factors including in each Algerian virtual server hosting plan against invaders.


While there is life, while there is life, allow our team know of your irritations - let's as an intellectual assistance, faster answer your questions. Though there is not due to capitulate tickets.


On our e-web-shop hosting, email hosting, web hosting, Algerian VPS server plans, unveil ultra-fast speed, NVMe storage arrays, environment-affable up time, and more edge-to-edge advantages.


VPSandServer gives you unconditional dashboard to manage your all in all feature-packed document manager account. Algerians are at all times in access and control.


Recompensed let's encrypted SSL Certificates. Remove or sign up account of yours whenever needed. Billed charges on the base of 30 days. Scaled measurements of server instances any time.


Emancipation of yours is our emancipation. Your own plugin - Your own rule. It is to the point that management of every document oneself denoted not necessitated to spit out cash to the professional tutors for learning cpanel control plugin, and not necessitated to meet "Technical Support Team (TST)". Depart from this, to manage server seems difficult, free of all, without share tag, learn management of plugin by reaching our team through landline call, email, live chat - 24 & 7 & 365. Systolic pressure and diastolic pressure look identical as your business profile. In this sort of example, upgrade and downgrade your instances of server to obtain 100% performance.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Oceania server locations?

The locations of New Zealand and Australia have our servers in Oceania. Apart from that, Algiers has our data-center location.

Can I configure app myself?

Yes, configuration of any app is convenient for you. Indubitably, our team can aid you to configure your app, server, and plesk..

Do you agree to receive "Buy Now, Pay Later"?

Algerians can't buy our VPS packages with "Buy now, Pay later" method. To purchase any package, choose BTC, PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa Card.

Why consider Algeria VPS?

Algeria VPS is more chock-full of long-drawn-out scalability, accessibilty, reliability, liberty, and stability.

What is emergent to access any site?

Robust-Guard Https... SSL let's encrypted domain name is pure emergent to access any site after all everything embarks with it.

Do you take rent for root name server?

The root name server is not served without share through VPSandServer. We take rent for webspace, cpanel, domain, hosting, domain, and plesk.