VPS Server Hosting Belarus

  • Minskaya voblasts, Minsk DC
  • KVM Virtualized
  • SSD Space
  • 100 Mbps Network Port
  • Linux / Windows
  • Un-Metered Traffic

Discover the advantages of our KVM Virtualized high-performance Virtual Private Servers physically situated in the Minsk destination datacenter. Our VPS offerings are suitable for a wide range of legitimate purposes, including setting up Proxy servers, VPNs, Web servers, Databases, or Email servers. Our primary objective is to provide the lowest possible latency within the region. Our Belarus VPS Hosting is a well-established and reliable choice, capable of accommodating various software and networking customizations. Each individual node is equipped with a 100 Mbps shared internet port, offering unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage. This ensures the fastest remote access, optimal execution, and the ability to reach your customers with maximum security and efficiency.

VPS Hosting in Belarus

Belarus VPS Plans

Looking for high-quality VPS hosting in Belarus at a budget-friendly price? Our Belarus VPS plans are designed to offer the perfect blend of low cost and exceptional quality. Plenty of configuration with an inclusion of Linux and Windows operating systems so that you can select a package which can ensure the processing of your work with minimal budget.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Port OS Price
01 2 GB 15 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux VPS $17.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 30 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $29.99 / Month Order Now
03 6 GB 45 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux VPS $45.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 60 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $59.99 / Month Order Now
05 10 GB 75 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux VPS $73.99 / Month Order Now
06 12 GB 90 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $86.99 / Month Order Now
07 14 GB 105 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux VPS $99.99 / Month Order Now
08 16 GB 120 GB SSD Unlimited 100 Mbps Linux / Windows VPS $119.99 / Month Order Now

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu as Linux OS whereas for Windows Server 2012r2, 2016, 2019 and 2022 standard Editions with Russian Package are available.

Dedicated Server from Neighboring Location

If you are in need for robust dedicated server hosting with proximity to Belarus, Russian data centers offer an excellent choice. With a vast geographical presence and a strong technological infrastructure, Russian dedicated servers ensure low latency and reliable performance for your applications. You can choose from a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs and enjoy the benefits of hosting in this tech-savvy neighboring country.

Russian Dedicated Server

Best VPS Server Provider in Belarus (Dec 2023)

All the Belarusians will unequivocally attain senior expert support 1440 (minutes) / 24 (hours) / 7 (week) / 365 (year), and top of it, one-hundred and thirteen percent dedicated resources, gift covered dedicated ipv6 * ipv4 address, offer of budget-friendly-package, and 3400 days online presence if Belarusians settle on VPSandServer right now. Wherefore one and only VPSandServer is the best VPS server hosting provider in Belarus. The 5.0 ratings and reviews from dedicated Google are believable credulous for lion's share of the people having scruples. Our standard VPS hosting servers Belarus in cheap price are gainful for self-holders and businesses to stand out phenomenal, safe, full of flavour and stable online office in next to no time. In the concrete, online office is cut above than offline office. Website of yours is your online office (also named as an own business). Are your running your costume selling business shop in Belarus? Buy virtual private server hosting to establish your website from the hosting provider VPSandServer. Your established website is like a assistance in publicising costumes online involving prices / discounts / offers. Thanks our webhost platform that grants a place on its data-center so that clients may earn in dollars and dollars via their websites.

4+ Advantages of Belarus VPS

Get the most out of benefit, right from your VPS. Without scruples, a Belarus VPS hosting has bags of Advantages, offering dedicated server accomplishments and eminent average up time.

  • Absolutely commits fast and furious website page loading.
  • Manipulates top-lift volume traffic websites.
  • Harmlessly stores man-sized data and documents in SSD-drive.
  • With senior experts, gives round-the-clock aid in email, on ticket, by phone, and over the live chat.
  • Provisions encrypted free of charge SSL Certificate.
  • 100/100 grants control on folders, server, files, and scripts.
  • Serves 30 day payment option.
  • Keeps all the hosting applications up to date.

1110 + Satisfaction

We grant top-rise service without compromizing. As a matter of course, satisfied clients of us are divulging their reviews and comments about the VPSandServer service from round the globe.


Scamming, cyberattacks, email spamming and site data hacking is up rising here and there. No doubts. DDOS protection granted by our data-center can control all of these complaints quickly.


Tap on the icon of client login, place order a well fitted package, put one's feet up for a minimum chip of hours to attain Belarus VPS server. Thus, connecting to VPSandServer is effortless.


Instead focusing on people of various global countries, you must focus on people of an persevered country. Pitch on the virtual server located country of Belarus to energized local business sites.


No SSL / TLS charges. No hi-tech support charges. No migration charges. No hidden charges. Looking like a wow. Unblock all of these free benefits with the webhost of VPSandServer.


VPSandServer's VPS Servers are in 102 countries (China, India, Belarus, Malta, Iceland, Kenya, Nigeria, United States, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, etc.)


In the course of 2008 - 2023, we have delivered A1 reliable virtual private server hosting (VPS) services and solutions. It is to be assure that we would grant our services in 2024 - 2089 with remarkable solutions. To manage the ginormous tasks of a department, our partner of cPanel assisted very often. You are free-dashing up to the services of tech-managed (managed with the support of technical team) or self-managed (managed by yourself). Utilize our cPanel partner to upscale limits of resources. Undoubtedly, Belarusian businesspeople will enjoy scalability, flexibility, and stability for indelible.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Why choose VPSandServer's Belarus VPS?

Grants infinite bandwidth transfer, speical-tweaked servers, speed and performance optimization, 24/7/365 hi-tech monitoring, and security.

Is it possible to use your services for free?

No. No. Belarusian people can not use our services without the paying of charges. Pay VPSandServer to gain everything.

Can't find a server location?

In point of fact, Belarus data-center location is Minskaya voblasts, Minsk. For more specifics, get in touch with us.

Is Belarus VPS fit for Multi-vendor and CS-cart?

Yes, of course. Our Belarusian VPS fit for Multi-vendor and CS-cart to acquire uttermost performance, reliability, and stability.

Can I reboot and configure your server?

Quite right! You can change capabilities of your server including SSD, internet, RAM, and CPU at any time.

How can I pay for Belarus VPS?

It's easy. See all available payment gateways (MasterCard, Perfectmoney, Visa Card, BTC bitcoin cryptocurrency, PayPal) on VPSandServer.