Performance VPS India

Are you interested to be recognized in front of more than 1 billion population as a local brand, an organization, services or products providers, a hosting company or a trusted trade mark. Answer must be yes by most of serious businesses so let we uncover the solution. Due to technological advancement and marketing authenticity, in today's world, it is a necessary measure to commercialize yourself in the best possible way because if you have something very much high quality in economical price but you did not adopt the correct way to reach the buyer, you will lose more than of 90% success. Whatever, you are selling, put them online for public and the top notch way is to showcase them via portal, website, application and vice versa. To be precise and ahead of all, you must have a full control on the hosting infrastructure. As we are discussing the large number of buyers in one place so it is India, while surfacing your brand up for Indian community, you must inquire a dedicated hosting type for your project deployment and it will give you an edge on other if you will select an Indian location to obtain a remote connection as VPS located in India to gather more trust of your audience as well as instant delivery of data and browsing of online resources for domestic public. It will also help you in earing best positions in search engine local results so compare below what extra ordinary platform we are offering you to buy a robust cloud virtual server.

India VPS hosting

  • Latest Generation SSD
  • Branded Hardware
  • KVM
  • Linux / Windows
  • Scalable Resources
  • Root Privileges
  • Tier III Mumbai DC
  • 10x best Performance
  • Handy Support

Mumbai VPS Plans and Pricing

While comparing and ordering a mature Mumbai based VPS plan at our portal, you will straight forwardly given an opportunity to go with premium infrastructure. We have lot of pre-defined valuable features and options which can be chosen while configuring your machine. Whatever operating system you need, we have about all Linux distribution and same way all latest windows version, plans for both flavors are listed separately for your convenience.

# of Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 1 GB 25 GB SSD 1000 GB Linux VPS $18 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 55 GB SSD 2000 GB Linux VPS $33 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 80 GB SSD 3000 GB Linux VPS $59 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 160 GB SSD 4000 GB Linux VPS $109 / Month Order Now
06 16 GB 320 GB SSD 5000 GB Linux VPS $225 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 55 GB 2000 GB Windows VPS $48 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 80 GB 3000 GB Windows VPS $98 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 160 GB 4000 GB Windows VPS $198 / Month Order Now
06 16 GB 320 GB 5000 GB Windows VPS $298 / Month Order Now

All nodes will be provisioned with a regular performance, for foremost and more efficient instances, go custom and contact sales.

United Arab Emirates Dedicated Server

Feel yourself accommodated in having basic to customized high end solution your desired niche. We do not have any issue, if so far you are unable to explore what you are looking for. We have already informed you about many relevant solutions but yet if there is thirst we are here to help, have a grip on fully loaded top solution in hosting category by availing a dedicated BareMetal machine.

Server UAE

Top Notch VPS Server Hosting Provider in India

One should not misunderstand the subject because we are an international company who deals in virtualization packages from different locations so we also provide high rated VPS Server hosting physically located through Mumbai based datacenter. While ordering a container, you will be given greatest infrastructure to start your online dedicated journey. Nodes are separated through Kernel-based Virtual Machine to ensure strict secure environment as a fundamental aspect under high specification and quality controlled dedicated servers. Fastest internet ports are connected to offer quickest downloading and uploading of files as well as instant delivery of data while quiring from any nearby destiny. Clean public geolocated IPs are assigned initially to avoid any black listing miseries. As we do not allow any kind of abusive activities so we do not welcome any spammers and scammers. Unlike others, you will be happy to see that our listed plans have maximal resources in sense of allocated RAM, SSD Storage and monthly traffic. We permit overage bandwidth to avoid suspension of your machines and charge you with minor per GB fees at the end of month. Alluring platform is ready to provision instances in no time so after ordering and payment, you will not have to wait for access codes. Friendly support is on its way to handle your issues, especially when you are in most demanding circumstances. You can ask for VM hard reboots and re-installation whenever you feel required to you for a seamless accessibility.

rDNS / PTR Records

Many providers do not present advanced options but we do. Like executing any inner shell tasks you will be given the liberty to ask for many options like adding your domain name for PTR records to avoid being black listed in various BLs, simply generate a ticket and request by inserting your desired entries.

Order and Surf

No hassles, no waiting, correct usage of money because as soon as you will place an order, it will be queued and you will receive an email with credentials to start your working instantly whether it was bought with Linux or Windows OS so you can rely upon our capabilities on provisioning process.

Administrative Control

Your container means your dedicated rights to run it for any legit purpose, most of the ports are opened by default so many tasks can be performed without any intervein of our team because your provisioned machine will have login details with root and Admin access and default SSH 22 port.

OS Installation

You can select any operating system out of Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS, Windows or ask for a different one while preliminary order processing because at any stage of clientage, you can ask our support to replace your machine with a new OS.

Utilization Freedom

As most of factors, required in a dedicated hosted infrastructure are already built in our virtualized VMs (instead of opening of port 25, you can request to get that opened by highlighting the exact reason) so utilize your machine to run it as VPN, Web, Proxy, or database server.

24/7 Support

To deliver you and your clients the best online experience, to sooth your worries and to deal with your inconveniences, especially in the hours of demand, you will find our specialist at your disposal who can perform your sales, support and billing task on the go.

Inquire More Comfort

As our infrastructure and virtualization environment is developed and designed for about all sorts of needs so we take care for all the aspects, necessary to execute in various usage cases. those who have best knowledge of inserting SSH commands, know the functionality of different features available in Windows OS or security conscious, may begin and continue with a simple machine. On the other hand, hosting companies who are to share their assets for reselling or those who are not good in managing several factors to make an app or website online can always select Linux and Windows based control interfaces. Other utilities which can be included at any stage are additional set of IPv4, cheap backup facility and DDoS protection.

How to add value in Mumbai VM
Available Addons
cPanel / WHM
Windows OS Licenses
Security Protection
Extra IPs

What is VPS hosting in India?

VPS is a kind of dedicated hosting but the main difference is that you cannot utilize whole assets physically reside in a BareMetal machine but virtually distributed resources as per demand with separated environment where no one can interfere in others access so any such infrastructure offered through an Indian geolocated IP will be called VPS Hosting India.

Is Indian VPS is different from Shared Hosting?

We can say that Virtualization is somewhere in center of shared and fully dedicated hosting because it is an absolute share of dedicated server but unlike shared platform, one can connect it as a devoted user without any sharer of resources like bandwidth, Memory, CPUs and Storage.

Do you have dedicated datacenter for India?

We are an internationalized provider for virtual instances with different specification and operating systems so yes we have tier III DC certified facility to deliver dedicated VMs.

Can i scale up if i buy Mumbai VPS from VnS?

Initially, you can start with basic configured machine if you are low in budget but with the passage of time when you are looking for excessive resources to keep on running your project without distortion, you can purchase next level plan available with more assets in it.

How to pay for Mumbai VPS?

Once you will select what a package is most suited to your business, you will be asked to configure its various components including add-ons if you are interested in, later you will be given several payments methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Crypto and Perfect Money gateways which can also be utilized for recurring payments.

How to order for 3,6 and 12 months?

By default, we receive order for a single month, you can always subscribe so that at the time of renewal, invoices may paid automatically or otherwise contact us to generate a custom invoice for multiple months or years.

Do you have discount prices for VPS India?

We are already selling India VPS in most affordable costs with least margin but if you are focused to buy more than 5 VPS simultaneously, you can ask sales team for extra discount.

What is Indian virtual machine provisioning time?

Ordering, installation and delivery process is quite smooth and continuous in 99% cases so usually provisioning is instantly done but in other cases it can take maximal 12 hours to do the job.