VPS Server Hosting Isle of Man

  • Data Center in Ballasalla
  • KVM Virtualization
  • SSDs and DDoS Protection
  • 100 Mbps+ Shared Internet
  • rDNS Facility
  • Linux / Windows OS Availability

Discover an exceptional opportunity to boost your business in Europe without the need for physical presence. Our strategically located Tier III data center in Ballasalla City, Isle of Man, offers a unique and purposeful solution for expanding your business empire. This prime European location allows you to tap into the vast European market effortlessly. Our state-of-the-art VPS Server, housed within this cutting-edge facility, provides you with the latest in hosting technology, ensuring your business thrives in today's digital landscape. Connectivity is paramount, and our data center delivers with lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 2000 Mbps. This robust network infrastructure guarantees the responsiveness and efficiency of your online operations. Worried about bandwidth limitations? Rest assured, we offer generous monthly traffic allowances, keeping your data flowing smoothly without any bottlenecks. Efficiency is key to success, and our SSD-based storage solutions ensure lightning-fast data access, facilitating seamless workflows with no lag. Security is a top priority for us. We employ standard, least-filtered firewall technology to safeguard your data from external threats. Additionally, our core virtualization technology, KVM, efficiently handles a variety of queries while enhancing the overall security of your machine. By selecting our Isle of Man VPS Server within our Tier III data center, you're not just obtaining hosting services; you're investing in the future of your business. With unmatched technology, a strategic location, and unwavering commitment to security, we're here to help you seize new opportunities in the European market. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your business without the constraints of physical presence.

VPS Hosting in Isle of Man

Buy Isle of Man Fast VPS Plans

Explore our Isle of Man VPS Hosting Plans, where we offer secure and powerful hosting solutions tailor-made for businesses and individuals. Nestled strategically in the heart of Europe, our Isle of Man data center ensures unparalleled connectivity to the European market while prioritizing data privacy and security. We take pride in equipping our VPS Hosting Plans with cutting-edge technology, including lightning-fast SSD storage and robust KVM virtualization, making them a top choice for businesses seeking reliability and performance.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 1 GB 20 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $19.99 / Month Order Now
02 2 GB 40 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $37.99 / Month Order Now
03 3 GB 60 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $58.99 / Month Order Now
04 4 GB 80 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $78.99 / Month Order Now
06 6 GB 120 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now
08 8 GB 160 GB SSD 1 TB Linux Isle of Man VPS $143.99 / Month Order Now
04 4 GB 80 GB SSD 1 TB Windows VPS Isle of Man $98.99 / Month Order Now
06 6 GB 120 GB SSD 1 TB Windows VPS Isle of Man $142.99 / Month Order Now
08 8 GB 160 GB SSD 1 TB Windows VPS Isle of Man $179.99 / Month Order Now
10 10 GB 200 GB SSD 1 TB Windows VPS Isle of Man $219.99 / Month Order Now

Unique destination in Europe to initialize your business success in such less popular areas.

Ask for Bare Metal Dedicated Resources

For time being, we are not selling dedicated servers from Isle of Man Data Center but if your desired project is not fitting in the resources of a VPS then you can always browse through our catalogue of Dedicated Servers available in nearby spots.

Dedicated Servers in Netherlands

Best VPS Hosting Provider for Isle of Man (Nov 2023)

1st grade and best VPS hosting provider for Isle of Man (IOM) is our dependable web hossting company that neither compromised regard own service, and nor will do in the future. VPSandServer tries of his best to provide you advanced services even anyone claim for it or not. Our dedicated virtual private machine with expansible resources and KVM Virtualization technology is our best service to expand your dependable website uptime and performance. This is right place for those who want value of own investment. You will gain your goals in the close future because our whole team regard technical assistance is at your back. Since our team is at your back, therefore, you must contact first. Must be noted in your diary or brain that if you want to gain success in a little while then become friend of our team which has much years of experience and knowledge. Why I said that? Because, mostly a deep friend share own knowledge with their friends. Practically apply all of their instructions and experiences into your web site, one hunded percent, will gain optimistic conclusions. Our team wanna grow your businesses in a short time. At the result, we will say that triumphant of your business is our triumphant.

4 Key Advantages of VPS Isle of Man

However, there are various advantages of VPS Isle of Man but the 4 key Advantages of it are certainly eager to please for those Manx people who need more scalability, power, security, efficiency, privacy, and speed.

  • Likewise dedicated hosting providers, it provides more security, complete control, on beyond of this, RDP/SSH administration access with the object that you can do whatever you want within your virtual private server.
  • It gives multi-award-winning around the clock technical assistance without taking advance. No matters when anybody make up own mind to place order. Share your issues via chat, ticket, email or phone to resolve them swiftly.
  • Isle of Man VPS is bullet proof for your next platforms, websites, projects apps, blogs, e-commerce sites, and, as well, ideal for games, trading, proxy servers, AI system, machine learning, VPN, databases, colossal data workloads.
  • Assuredly, choice of Linux & Windows operating systems is given to you in that you can choose one operating system between them. VPSandServer has newest OS of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Cent OS, and Windows Server 2019.

Largest Provider

Web Host VPSandServer is the largest hosting, dedicated servers, cloud and domain provider in Europe. Manx business owners can demand us one of them up to their websites, apps, or business needs.

Spam Proection

When anyone client buy our plans, he doesn’t need to pay own costly income to those security deliver companies who deliver anti-malware, anti-software, or anti-spam. We’ll deliver this security for free.

Isolated Panel

Wanna isolated panel? With isolated cPanel control panel, you will gain a mind-blowing power to reboot, start, turn on, turn off, restart, install, shutdown, and reinstall your private hosting applications.

1 Dedicated IP

As a matter of fact shared servers haven’t any local dedicated IP address but thanks VPSandServer which has all of own robust VPS servers with free 1 local dedicated IP address (IPv4 & IPv6)

99.991% Uptime

Since we’re offering 2 Gbps network shared port, solid state storage drives (SSDs), and higher bandwidth, in consequence, web site of our client will gain 99.9991% uptime along with higher performance.

Connect & Follow

Clients of us in the valuable ground of Isle of Man can also connect and follow on social media companies such as Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube, and Twitter. Most of the audience use them a lot.

Relish Expansible Resources

A business person can’t reduce his issues without the scaling up of its virtual private hosting plan resources. In addition, we acknowledge that in this kind of situation, it is not feasible to run a business website regularly to the up. VPSandServer has a remedy to solve your issues at the spot without affecting the performance of your website. Wanna know which kind of remedy is it? Upgrading is the number one remedy that comes in your website list. We want to advice to all of our hosted clients and also you that must upgrade your plan. I’ve a best example for you to acknowledged it further better. Water is a big part of your life, identically, upgrade is a big part of your business. Scale up your VPS anytime since your plan resources are expansible.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Why I hire VPS Isle of Man at VPSandServer?

Because, VPSandServer is the perfect company to gain much reasonable prices and plans, 100% easy to use control panel, in an instant website migration, round the clock fast responsive support team, and considerably more.

Does a VPS server need a technical knowledge?

Bellieve it or not but you must have a technical knowledge to reduce your confusions and issues. The best idea is the watching of tutorials regard this subject. Our team is here to reduce your all kind of issues.

What about payment option to buy Isle of Man VPS?

VPSandServer prefers MasterCard, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Visa Card, and PayPal options of payment. All of these options are simple to buy our VPS from different locations.

Why VPS is proper for me?

If you’ve a present-day created site, shared machine is fit. On the other direction, VPS will be proper for your site if it has traffic with additional number of visitors.

Should I upgrade from a VPS plan to a big plan?

Yes, if your business is swiftly growing similar as a clock runs, shows you need high consumption of resources. Therefore, you should upgrade from your present plan to a big plan to attain perfectness.

How to install an SSL Certificate in control panel?

If from our verified VPSandServer web company, you gain an SSL certificate then you’ll require to install it in your cPanel for security. Please, talk to our team to gain step by step info about it.