VPS Server Hosting Albania

  • Tirana Geolocation
  • 3.6GHz CPU, KVM and NVMe Storage
  • Full root or Admin level Access
  • Huge Traffic @ 1Gbps (Shared Port)

Experience top-tier Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting with our high-performance offerings, featuring advanced KVM virtualization and Albanian Geo Located IPv4 for optimized connectivity. Our diverse range includes popular Linux operating systems and Windows servers 2016/2022 with trial licenses, allowing for a tailored hosting solution. Easily customize your experience with additional IPs and Traffic add-ons. Enjoy a seamless online experience with a 1Gbps internet port speed, supported by reputable providers like Tata, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric, housed in our Tier 3 Datacenter for reliability. Access full root privileges for Linux and Administrator-level control for Windows remote desktop, powered by NVMe storage for rapid query processing. Our servers stay up-to-date with modern hardware and software, implementing robust optimization and security measures to prevent adverse events. Whether for gaming or proxy use (excluding open/public proxies), our VPS services meet diverse needs. Benefit from robust PATH DDoS protection, offering up to 12Tbps exclusively for servers where PATH is specified, ensuring a secure online presence. Choose our feature-rich VPS hosting for unparalleled performance, security, and scalability tailored to your unique requirements.

Albania VPS hosting

Albania Virtul Server Plans

Discover our Albanian VPS plans, offering outstanding performance and guaranteed resources at affordable prices. Whether you lean towards Linux or Windows, our Virtual Servers seamlessly accommodate diverse preferences. We're not just offering a suite of services; we're providing a platform you can trust for long-term utilization with minimal latency and ping. For your convenience, we accept Bitcoin (BTC), PayPal, and Perfect Money as payment methods, giving you flexible options for seamless transactions. Customize your hosting experience with a solution that blends cutting-edge features and a variety of payment choices, ensuring a personalized and trouble-free journey for your online endeavors.

CPU Cores RAM NVMe Storage Port / Bandwidth OS Price
01 4 GB 20 GB 10 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $19.99 / Month Order Now
02 8 GB 40 GB 20 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $38.99 / Month Order Now
03 12 GB 60 GB 30 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $54.99 / Month Order Now
04 16 GB 80 GB 40 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $73.99 / Month Order Now
05 20 GB 100 GB 50 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $89.99 / Month Order Now
06 24 GB 120 GB 60 TB @ 1Gbps Linux Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now

Offered Virtual Machines are geo located in Kamez City of Albania. /64 IPv6 are included with each instance.

Experience Dedicated Servers Tailored for Substantial Resources

Elevate your online presence with our Turkey-based dedicated servers, meticulously crafted for exceptional performance and strategic location. Experience reduced latency, lightning-fast response times, and seamless handling of demanding workloads. Empower your business with potent resources that cater specifically to users in Turkey and beyond, specially when you are in search for Albanian Dedicated Server.

Turkey based Dedicated Server

Number 1 VPS Hosting Provider in Albania

Just and just receive private dedicated servers! Here, there, worldwide, and for the most part all round the areas of southern east Europe, VPSandServer's Best & Number 1 VPS Hosting Provider in Albania gives you thoroughly admin level root access to accelerated NVME-drives. We provide 24-hours, 7-days, 30-months hi-technical services including monitoring and full-website security by the certified team of managers, CEO (chief executive officers), engineers, experts, and technicians. Warmly, thanks to all of them which manage out of the bound SMSs, questions, requests gathered through ticket, email, live chat or phone capabilities. VPSandServer is the pic-perfected webhost which gives in-and-in & out-and-out control on the file management settings, throughout the tools like MySQL databases, FTP, backup, image. Albanians should discover upcoming online services and fiber high-speed connections of internet up to the mark. In this state of the art world, every person has own object or goal such as altering to a software engineer, architectonics, speciality any field of doctor, etc. Likewise, goal of beginning online present businesses and websites is lifting day to day. Join the VPSandServer now and discover a world of everlasting possibilities.

8 Benefits of Albania VPS (Dec. 2023)

Incontrovertibly, there are heaps of Benefits of Albania VPS server hosting. The 8 benefits and advantages of dedicated VPS machine are:

  • Separated and Dedicated environment
  • Pre-configured Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora.
  • Amalgamate management and SLA with 100% up time
  • Hi-tech security and monitoring in round the clock mode
  • Stability and scalability
  • Cost-efficient for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor
  • NVME-Based servers and guaranteed quality
  • Free automatic-renewal SSL / TLS Certificates


In the vouture of all the security facets, firewall comes at top-one level which prudently monitors traffic coming from private & public network, and intensifies the business webs of yours.

100% UP TIME

VPSandServer grants a warranty card of far-flung up time same like business people running electronic stores which grants 12 years of warranty card on the spot after paying for vendibles.


Reliance. Reliance. Reliance transpires when community purhcase their needs from an existed store. If Albanian people buy local vps, all the time will acquire local based several visitors.


Lite control panels of VPSandServer are direct admin panel, plesk obsidian panel, and web host manager (WHM) cpanel. Albanians can pick out one control panel whenever it pleases them.


Execute unbounded reinstallations and reboots of virtual private server of yours after taking backup. The entire-profit of having backup is the twist of fate for restoration of your dedicated vps.


You can claim SATA (serial AT attachment) hard disk drives and solid-state drives at any moment yet (NVME) non-volative memory express storage drive is better than SSD / HDD drive.


Magnify your site marvelous practices, (SEO) search engine optimization off-page and on-page, accessibility from all round the universe, top tower performance, and loading speed through magnifying limits of a lot better of resources such as (RAM) memory, (CPU) processor, (data transfer) bandwidth, and (NVME) non-volatile memory express. That's a golden town where Albanians can lay out a modicum of money with budget-friendly packages. No scruples in customizing, upscaling, and upgrading packages of VPS Albania. We have got you covered whether you are first-month applicant or first-year.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Why I opt for Albania VPS?

To gain NVME disks, every day support, public dedicated Ip (1), open choice of Microsoft Windows Server and Linux, & KVM-based Virtualization.

I wanna know method to grow my web. Can you explain me?

2 possible methods: ; add content of your web customarily ; Opt for virtual private server hosting by VPSandServer.

I want tech learning videos, do you have?

YouTube. YouTube. Visit at this time for learning diverse tech videos.

Can I use VPS for CRM systems?

Albanian VPS can be used for CRM systems, database servers, online e-commerce stores, file servers, information portals, igamings, proxies, websites, etc.

If I pay $38.99 for Albania VPS, what will I get?

We supply 20 TB of bandwidth, 40 GB of NVME, 2 cores of CPU, 8 GB of memory, and 1000 Mbit/s port at $38.99.

Why about 500 error in a website?

Two reasons: cheapo shared hosting supplier ; unknown web's server error. You must contact your aid service to resolve 500 error.