VPS Server Hosting South Africa

If Africa is your next destination for marketing your goods and services or you have plans to physically set in motion your brand there or you are a company who is looking for optimizing your content to receive best search engine results with best website or app loading performance or even if you want to test the local internet through remote desktop or Linux command line then the best bet is to choose the means first, how it could be more effective and victorious. For all such necessities, we pin pointed technologically most advanced and superlative location in the region and the cost-effective solution with maximum efficiency and outcome. We are offering low budget VPS Server Hosting from South Africa tier III data center, comes with about all Linux distributions through relatively best LXC virtualization and Windows RDP under numerous latest versions. South Africa has one of the biggest data and correspondence innovation (ICT) markets in Africa. Several worldwide corporates work in subsidiaries from South Africa, including IBM, Unisys, Microsoft, Intel, Systems Application Protocol (SAP), Dell, Novell, and Compaq. It is seen as a local center point and an inventory base for adjoining countries. Understanding such potential, it is necessary to work through such surface by getting your resources live through low cost South Africa based VPS Hosting.

South Africa vps server
  • KVM with Windows OS
  • Full SSD Storage
  • 100 Mbit/s Internet
  • LXC Virtualization for Linux
  • Multiple IP Ranges
  • Free Re-installations
  • Connected to INX-ZA and NAPAfrica
  • Top quality Hardware
  • Johannesburg Data Center

VPS Plans from Johannesburg DC

After calculating the top territory, next point was to encircle the premium availability of high leveled datacenter which was searched from Johannesburg for meeting all kind of hosting challenges. From powerful and secured machines, we have created various instances, including variety of RAM, CPU and storage as resources and converted them to present plans. You can compare them, select and configure with your required addons and pay safely to order us for installation and provisioning.

# of Cores RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 1 GB 25 GB 1000 GB Linux VPS $18.99 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 55 GB 2000 GB Linux VPS $33.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 80 GB 3000 GB Linux VPS $57.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 160 GB 4000 GB Linux VPS $108.99 / Month Order Now
06 16 GB 320 GB 5000 GB Linux VPS $205.99 / Month Order Now
08 32 GB 640 GB 6000 GB Linux VPS $288.99 / Month Order Now
01 2 GB 55 GB 2000 GB Windows VPS $47.99 / Month Order Now
02 4 GB 80 GB 3000 GB Windows VPS $97.99 / Month Order Now
04 8 GB 160 GB 4000 GB Windows VPS $195.99 / Month Order Now
06 16 GB 320 GB 5000 GB Windows VPS $294.99 / Month Order Now

You will get credentials instantly in normal circumstance whereas it will be delivered into your email address in maximum 12 hours after confirmation of order and payment.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 2 GB 50 GB 1000 GB - Unlimited Linux VPS $28.99 / Month Buy Now
02 4 GB 50 GB 1000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $45.99 / Month Buy Now
04 8 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $76.99 / Month Buy Now
08 16 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $112.99 / Month Buy Now
16 32 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $221.99 / Month Buy Now

Preferable when you need provisioning with Windows operating system.

CPU Cores RAM SSD Storage Port Bandwidth OS Price
01 1 GB 30 GB 1 Gbps 1500 GB Linux VPS $19.99 / Month Buy Now
02 2 GB 40 GB 1 Gbps 2000 GB Linux VPS $29.99 / Month Buy Now
04 2 GB 20 GB 1 Gbps 2500 GB Linux VPS $39.99 / Month Buy Now
02 2 GB 80 GB 1 Gbps 2500 GB Linux VPS $47.99 / Month Buy Now
03 3 GB 60 GB 1 Gbps 2500 GB Linux VPS $59.99 / Month Buy Now
04 4 GB 80 GB 1 Gbps 4000 GB Linux VPS $69.99 / Month Buy Now

Online success with no load on pocket.

CPU Core(s) Memory SSD Storage Bandwidth OS Price
01 512 MB 30 GB 200 GB / 100 Mbps Linux VPS $21 / Month Order Now
02 1 GB 50 GB 400 GB / 100 Mbps Linux VPS $35 / Month Order Now
04 2 GB 100 GB 800 GB / 100 Mbps Linux VPS $60 / Month Order Now
06 4 GB 150 GB 1200 GB / 100 Mbps Linux VPS $109 / Month Order Now
02 3 GB 100 GB 500 GB / 100 Mbps Windows VPS $65 / Month Order Now
04 6 GB 200 GB 700 GB / 100 Mbps Windows VPS $95 / Month Order Now
06 8 GB 400 GB Unlimited / 100 Mbps Windows VPS $135 / Month Order Now
08 12 GB 500 GB Unlimited / 100 Mbps Windows VPS $199 / Month Order Now

Purchase a VM to obtain its login details from 2-10 hours.

Dedicated Server South Africa

If a virtual machine physically hosted in African continent is unable to satisfy your demands then the coolest solution is to acquire a real resourced machine.

South Africa Dedicated hosting

South African Best VPS Hosting

South Africa's economy is the second-biggest in Africa so being the most industrialized, technologically progressed, and differentiated providence in the African continent, it is an upper-center pay capital, one of just eight such nations in Africa. With all of these, the e-commerce business is also growing rapidly. As South Africa is digitalizing, business companies and e-commerce portals are working widely in the region so to manage and run the entire tasks about organizations, brands and corporate sector there is a need of high-speed internet and power systems, which can help to serve clients on time efficiently. Moreover, each business owner wants to expand product services on large scale, to accomplish all the goals, the VPS server in South Africa provides you all the necessary solutions. Our state-of-the-art South Africa-based virtual private servers will not only boost your business in the country but also all over the continent because we offer virtualization through most advanced techniques, KVM and LXC through powerful servers comes with large number of cores, Freedom of getting any popular operating system under a Tier III facilitation data center from ultra-modern and technologically well-formed city Johannesburg. Quality virtualization is our distinction and we are trusted and being socialized for our offered hosting infrastructure. You will always like to purchase your VM from a reliable, modern and supportive provider in South African Territory so be with us to attain your climax of business.

Cheapest Virtual Private Servers in South Africa

Virtual Private Server hosting is an amalgamation of shared and dedicated hosting so you can enjoy the most amazing aspects of both but the superiority of this kind is that you can obtain full hand on allocated resources like RAM, Space, Cores and bandwidth whereas price is nearly equal to shared hosting type. Pursuing a container implies that you are portioning the machine with a number of different clients and the is the cause of its minimal cost. As technology is growing, different operating systems are playing different roles in the security and efficiency of work. South Africa-based Linux and Windows-based VPS hosting running the latest version of all popular Linux/windows distributions on 100% pure SSD arrays, perfect for simple to high-performance websites and apps. All nodes are designed for optimum performance, undeniable security, least latency with fastest loading, High IOPS for any application, database, and CPU-intensive servers. Every instance will be connected with 100Mbit/s internet port as default whatever plan you select but monthly traffic ranges from 200GB to un-metered. You are free to increase your resources at any time of subscription, especially when you feel that your machine is overloading or you are to run multiple projects on a single container. We offer all basic level of support including hard reboots and re-install of OS at no cost with initial package create by strong combination of server's resources with extra ordinary performance of machine but in the cheapest market's rates.

Low African Latency

Through a standard internet connection established against each container from high facilitation data center, reside in Johannesburg, you can enjoy quickest browsing and instant loading of resources throughout African continent, It does not matter whatever your remote location is.

SSD storage

For quicker page loads, faster databases, and great overall speed, all Virtual Servers come with high-performance SSD. If you can understand, you will be aware that instead of getting more ram, processor and cores, it is better to have an SSD despite HDD for quickest processing.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You will have the latest VPS hosting experience with our uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent. All resources are installed with RAID infrastructure to ensure you the availability of your uploaded resources on the go and in worst conditions when date get removed due to any reason.

Virtualization Ameliorate

For having success in online projects with higher level of convenience, one may have to purchase more than hosting structure. As everyone cannot afford huge amounts for developing scripts, installing and creating security patches or even if someone will do that, cannot maintain its upgradation due to a continuous heavy cost. For such compulsions, the best and top-notch solution is to acquire a similar pubic project for your needs. This section is totally for those who want to add up ease of using virtual machine in expert manner without being experts. Add IPv4 as additional source for configuring various service separately, include a windows license to have rdp access or buy a control panel license for easy hosting management.

VPS Enhancer
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2016, 2019
cPanle / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

What kind of virtualization is available?

Each Linux based instance is virtualized through Linux Containers whereas for windows based nodes we use Kernel-based Virtual Machine.

How you are charging tax?

We are not adding VAT separately but it is added already in the total price of a plan.

What is your service delivery time?

It normally take us 2 to 24 hours to send machine's credentials after installing your order operating system.

Can i ask for customization?

yes, our technical and sales teams are capable of answering all of your queries, if something straightforward is not required but a complex configuration is your need, feel free to discuss before or after buying any service.

How i can upgrade a plan?

Simply order an upgraded plan, shift your current data on that and request cancellation for old VM.

What is the datacenter location in South Africa?

Each virtual machine will be provisioned from tier III data center physically located in Johannesburg, South Africa.