Brazil based VPS Server Hosting

With Distinction of ninth biggest world’s economy, fifth largest country with area and sixth huge territory as per population metrics, Federative Republic of Brazil has a huge potential and influence in any international affairs. As this part of earth is, the mixture of various traditions so there is a lot of variety to work in. People are expressive with highest literacy rate and internet understanding. Many renowned brands have their offices already in Sao Paulo and in other cities of Brazil. So, keeping the above fact in mind, we have decided to offer web hosting services from its surface. As we know, there are other Latin states with same mentality and way of living so to provide the road of business via line though world’s best hosting carrier is our main goal. For it we are presenting top quality Brazilian VPS Server Hosting which are physically live through Rio de Janeiro to issue a lowest latency throughout Latin America and to pass on fastest loading experience. In this latest optimized business environment, everything must be advanced and updated so we designed all our servers with 20X faster adaptability to maintain this versatility. With the high-performance servers, every feature is expandable according to business requirements.

Brazil vps hosting
  • iPv4/iPv6
  • Security Standards
  • Anytime Support
  • Minimum Latency
  • Trojan detectors
  • Telnet access
  • Worldwide Customers
  • Custom options
  • Lowest Rate

Price and Plans

Go through various features, resources and prices, match one comes best on your needs and place your order to go live from within Brazil. Our rates for any configuration is the best in industry as per specification, you can include various other aspects after clicking on order now.

CPU Processors Memory Storage Bandwidth OS Price
1x1.6ghz 1.5 GB 30 GB SSD 20 gb on 10mbit link Linux VPS $31 / Month Order Now
1x3.2ghz 4 GB 60 GB SSD 100 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $45 / Month Order Now
2x3.2ghz 8 GB 120 GB SSD 200 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $75 / Month Order Now
4x3.2ghz 16 GB 240 GB SSD 400 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $143 / Month Order Now
1x3.4ghz 4 GB 125 GB HDD 100 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $47 / Month Order Now
2x3.4ghz 8 GB 250 GB HDD 200 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $82 / Month Order Now
4x3.4ghz 16 GB 500 GB HDD 400 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $149 / Month Order Now
8x3.2ghz 32 GB 2000 GB HDD 500 gb on 100mbit link Linux VPS $219 / Month Order Now

Purcahse a VM to obtain its login details from 2-10 hours.

Neighbouring Locations

Maybe you are also interested in other nearby locations for having even lowest latency.

Buenos Aires VPS Server

Buy from USD.28/mo

VPS Hosting Santiago

Deploy from USD.59/mo

Cheapest USA VPS Hosting

Offered from USD.31/mo

Dedicated Server Latin America

Alongwith premium virtual hosting plans, we are happy to inform you that now you can avail dedicated high reliance servers from same place.

Brazil Dedicated Server

VPS Hosting Brazil

Your intents are to work and business in Northern America by utilizing the online surface of this territory, your wish is to have a dedicated resourced machine without any shared environment, price should be in budget then the solution for all queries is VPS Hosting in Brazil. Now the next big thing to take into account is the vastness of Brazil itself so to overcome this matter, we have hosted virtualized containers from a geographically central city as Rio de Janeiro through which can gain about equal latency from all parts of North America. We authorize any hosted vps with KVM or OpenVZ virtualization, depends upon your requirements and budget about what option you want to proceed with though the costs are even very lesser when you will compare it with other parts of this region. With our VPS plans you can avail SSDs as well as HDDs, again if you want to get extra ordinary speed and fast operation, you should go with SSDs. We do not enforce so many restrictions on the way how you want to consume it so every node can be employed as web, mail, proxy, game servers or for any other legal uses. If your interest is only to do research and development or have to establish a .net based project live under this vicinity then only remote desktop connection with windows server license would be enough though later for your ease you can get plesk obsidian installed to manage your hosting need through a control panel. A middle level DDOS attack can be blocked but those instance which are found as a continuous victim may be cancelled due to stability of other users.

Brasil Virtual Private Server Provider

With most advanced KVM virtualization method, we are superior virtual provite server providers in Brasil. You will obtain not only a virtualized machine upon ordering but a full fledge virtualization solution under a Tier III+ data center with all advanced facilities like 100% uptime due to power backups, firm colling system, best internet operators and top-class hardware. All nodes will be installed with your preferred operating systems whether it is a Linux based distribution or a windows server version. Provisioning process will not take longer and all OS will be delivered with an access of high-end user like root or Admin. By Centurylink facility, we can offer you white listed IPv4 ranges for main server IPs as well as for additional IPs to use for DNS and mail servers. With each plan, there is different internet speed available, you can configure same resources of container with different uplink by including it through addons. High traffic is the part of any plan though upon over usage, you will be charged for extra at the end of billing month. One last but not the least mentionable fact is the secure transmission with all data security for your hosting business when you will purchase a VPS from our company as we have taken maximum measures to safeguard all DC internal matters. If you are not master in managing external hosting affairs, you can put this burden even on us by putting management facility in the cart with monthly subscription.

Advanced Functionality

You have the advanced option to host unlimited sub-domains, email addresses, FTP accounts, unlimited domains, databases, and many things with easy to handle VPS hosting interfaces.

Backup options

Using our VPS backup options and secure your data on an external storage area. With the Screenshot option, a VpsandServer Control Panel helps you to take a glimpse of your virtual server in just a few clicks.

Integrated Firewall

Newly generated protection systems are used to customize the systems. Ensure the firewalls' enterprise stability as the first defensive line and protects the servers from harmful Internet traffic.

Easy Scalability

There is a friendly option to Upgrade or downgrade your VPS service with limited downtime on your server. All services will be provided without any latency.

100% Network

We promise that your system will not affect by any kind of network error. Now get 100% guaranteed power and network uptime assurance for all major routing devices within the network.

Plesk and cPanel

With the help of best OS interfaces, you are allowed to use your servers with system-level control that includes server updates, software deployment, and system maintenance.

Paid Feature

We have included everything which be used to enhance the quality of business for which you buy a machine yet you are free to add anything else from addons which may make your hosting experience unique. You can add numerous kind of plugins, control web panels and even extra resources with your machine for making its performance even better and trouble free. There are available paid scripts, full management, security addons and much more to boost the speed of your nodes so to be worry free we recommend you to include them so that you can emphasize on your business and we can take best care of your machine in all prospective.

VPS Upgrades
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
cPanle / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Brazilian VPS FAQ:

If you want more control and flexibility around your platform, a VPS server is an excellent option. This the opportunity to scale up the tools to suit your business needs. It contains a personalized setup that will allow your website to function the way you want.

It depends on your VPS resources. You can manage many websites on a single VPS server. It will occur with the allocation of the available storage. Also, a VPS platform gives you the option to upgrade or downgrade your VPS at any time based on your needs. As per your requirement, you can manage it.

All server orders are given fundamental security designs and improvement methods before conveyance, and your side is conveyed in this way.

Currently, Only flavores of Linux operating systems are available but we are planning to introduced Windows server / RDP in near future.

Our VPS servers are located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazillian based secure and fully redundant data centers

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