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When we analyze things geographically, we come to know Turkey which was once the state head of Muslim Community is once again being the point of ignition due to its past history as well as its placement on earth. It is in very center of Asia and Europe and have a great access throughout the world. Moreover, one of modern and advanced Muslim nation with abilities of technology and power in the region. Its recent foreign policy is very investment friendly so it is issuing great opportunities to outer world to come and do business. So to avail this chance despite moving your whole infrastructure and hiring staff there, be smart, think smart and simply be live online, open your ecommerce store or do other operations remotely by purchasing a Turkey based VPS hosting server, It will allow you to use the Turkish internet part with no other party involvement and in lowest possible cost than any other solution you are looking for to market your products/services for having your industry’s share.

Turkey VPS Hosting
  • DDoS Detection and Prevention
  • 03 Internet Carriers
  • KVM and OpenVZ Virtualization
  • Turkish Low Latency
  • Server Firewall
  • Remote Access
  • Linux and Windows OS
  • Huge CPU Cores
  • Full root Control

VPS Price in Turkey

When you decide to go with a locally histed solution and with the ambition to utilize its resources dedicatedly then the best choice is absolutely a virtual server so then the next part is to have it from a trusted provider who can offer you maximum features and sell you this solution in least charges. Being an oldest virtualization company, we are renowned throughout the world so quality is a guaranteed thing with us. About pricing we can challenge you that you cannot find the costs for resource we have against each readymade plan. We have various affordable and reliable packages ready for use in Turkey at low cost, browse below to compare and pick one.

CPU Core (s) Memory Storage Bandwidth OS Price
02 01 GB 40 GB 500 GB Linux VPS $20 / Month Order Now
02 02 GB 60 GB 600 GB Linux VPS $39 / Month Order Now
04 04 GB 100 GB 1000 GB Linux VPS Turkey $69 / Month Order Now
04 08 GB 250 GB 1000 GB Linux VPS $99 / Month Order Now
01 2GB ECC DDR3 40 GB Raid10 SSD 1000 GB Windows VPS Turkey $43 / Month Order Now
02 4GB ECC DDR3 50 GB Raid10 SSD 1500 GB Windows VPS Turkey $70 / Month Order Now
04 4GB ECC DDR3 60 GB Raid10 SSD 2000 GB Windows VPS Turkey $85 / Month Order Now
08 8GB ECC DDR3 100 GB Raid10 SSD 3000 GB Windows VPS Turkey $129 / Month Order Now
08 16GB ECC DDR3 150 GB Raid10 SSD 5000 GB Windows VPS Turkey $179 / Month Order Now

Turkey Virtual Private Server Company

Our company relies on the full time of server features that are needed for all kinds of websites running. Especially in Turkey, we are dealing with ultra-web hosting description. If you are looking for VPS in Turkey so you can fully rely on "vpsandserver". Our company has extra features with Linux and Windows hosting including user-friendly control panels. Everyone can easily handle their hosting account with our provided cPanel and Plesk Panel. All servers are kept with high-level security and network connections with unlimited bandwidth and virtualization technology. We are Presenting the swift VPS hosting in turkey to optimize your experience for fetching business clients. As per your requirement, we are dealing in best CPU cores, wide disk space, Linux/Windows OS & wide Bandwidth. All server’s customization is freely allowing you to present authentic and reliable web hosting in TURKEY. Nowadays our services are available at a very reasonable price and with low latency and fast loading practices. You have to feel free in a time of all disaster situations because our user-friendly technical team is always available for your convenience.

Cheap Turkey based Windows and Linux VPS Servers

You can amuse with freedom of ordering Windows Server or Linux based operating systems with any of our show cased virtual plan. There we have a huge variety of operating systems especially in Linux which includes most common versions of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora. The leverage to buy a VPS from this location from us is the cheapest price with top notch quality of services. Let us explain what you will get as quality, KVM and OpenVZ virtualization, 1Gbit/s default internet port, DDoS mitigation, Fast local apps and site loading, 3 back end internet carriers, DELL powerful server hardware, voxility protection and hardware firewall. Now let we narrate the versatility and suitability of our data center, after buying a Turkey based vps, you can utilize it for whatever purpose you want like it can be used to make a proxy, game, web, email, CDN or exchange server. For windows based virtualized nodes, the basic use is to access and aces the search engine results from that particular part of universe through the browser available in remote desktop. Unlike other providers, our data center is located not in Istanbul but in Barsa which will give you even better and unique experience while comparing with your competitors.


With ultra-high security measures and over many years of managed hosting experience, our managed VPS servers are the best overall value in Turkey. All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

Powerful Servers

The new Dell Hardware and Storage System provides you with impressive results. Our state-of-the-art data center will hold you in extreme conditions. You can find us friendly and responsive in case if there will be any hardware failure.

Enhanced Network

All Services are provided from Turkey’s best Data Center with high quality redundancy and various internet providers for securing the feasibility to offer you numerous IP ranges to test and select the one which can provide you lowest latency.


Our VPS Hosting also gives you full access, even though we can customize your server for you. Simply add new scripts, program libraries or configure everything you need through root access and rest put on our shoulders to perform you.

KVM Virtualization

As we believe highest standard of services so with both Linux and Windows VPS, you can avail KVM, the most mature virtualization approach so far, responsible to authorize your all resources on hardware level with maximum efficiency and output.

Quickest Provisioning

Our priority is totally programmatic for delivering a server after installation as there is always an installation queue, ordered are being provisioned in the number as received. Ou best approach is always there to send welcome email with credentials asap.

Virtualization Booster

For a more well-built and uncomplicated handling of machine, you always need something extra. Sometimes, you may need some basic configurations to execute but most of time a lot more complex management is required. In such layouts, various plugins, features and scripts are available as readymade which can prevent you to do those complex things yourself but to buy their licenses and get them installed in your container for a most advanced, updated, well coded and optimized experience on the go.

Feel free to ask support if you are to install or to customize something to avail special solutions.

Node Customization
Upgrade Price
Extra IPs $6 / Month
1 GB RAM $11.00 / Month
50 GB Cloud Backup Space $10.00 / Month
Plesk Web Host $35 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is VPS?

Ans:VPS is a virtual software-oriented server that operates according to the root of the main operating system and is generated by splitting main server resources, oriented on such values.

Q: Which operating system I can choose?

Ans: Ans: We have the most widely deployed Linux distributions for Linux. Windows Server 2012R2, 2008R2 and 2016 may also be chosen as OS with additional licensing cost.

Q: What are the key benefits of VPS?

Ans:The consumer can operate on an optimal server's resources. It offers full hosting server confidentiality. It boosts the website output on the server. You will get the quality support that you are happy and guaranteed. It enables you to quickly switch to a huge resource to fulfill the requirements.

Q: Is there any control panel available?

Ans: Yes you can install advanced panel like cPanel and Plesk for CentOS and Windows server respectively.

You need Any Solution?

Our Technical support is always ready for customer support. We having a specialist IT team available that can provide solutions at the point of contact. They have the necessary expertise and actively able to deal with any problem though only basic support is included in provisioning of each server but you can add full management as addon.

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