VPS Server Hosting Paraguay

  • AsunciĆ³n Capital City DC
  • Root or Admin Accessibility
  • SSD & KVM
  • 100 Mbps Networking Port
  • Linux / Windows OS Competibility

Paraguay stands out as a secure urban hub with robust telecommunications services, strategically positioned near two pivotal South American regions as Argentina and Brazil. These key attributes make it an excellent choice for conducting remote business operations in Northern American territories, leveraging its advantageous geolocation. While acquiring shared hosting in this country is nearly impossible and poses heightened risks, opting for a Paraguay-based VPS Hosting server emerges as the optimal solution. This choice not only facilitates targeting the local audience and providing optimal domestic search engine results but also ensures a secure deployment and enhancement of corporate capabilities through a protected connection, root privileges, and dedicated access. Benefit from a 100 Mbps internet shared port for instantaneous communication with diverse global points. The Tier III datacenter certification enables the deployment of nodes on advanced infrastructure, offering the capability to implement customized and intricate networking solutions. KVM virtualization enhances hosting redundancy and security, and the integration of SSD storage ensures lightning-fast remote task performance, minimizing lag for users and subscribers. Count on our dedicated support team, ready to assist with basic queries and swiftly resolve issues. For other tasks such as system reboots and re-installation requests, simply open a ticket, ensuring comprehensive and timely assistance for all your hosting needs.

paraguay VPS hosting

Paraguay Virtual Server in Affordable Pricing

Explore cutting-edge hosting solutions through our Paraguay Virtual Private Server (VPS) Plans, meticulously designed to seamlessly intertwine affordability with outstanding performance. Our VPS plans strike a harmonious balance between reliability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring a robust foundation for your online ventures. Embrace payment flexibility with secure transactions facilitated through BTC and PayPal gateways, underscoring our commitment to convenience and financial security. Elevate your business to unprecedented heights with our Paraguay VPS Plans where each package is not only powerful and secure but also intricately tailored to pave the way for your sustained success in the digital landscape. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering support, we empower you to navigate the online realm with confidence, backed by a hosting solution that aligns perfectly with your unique business goals.

CPU Cores RAM SSD Bandwidth / Port IP Type OS Price
01 1 GB 5 GB 1 TB @ 100 Mbps IPv6 Only NAT64 + DNS64 Linux VPS $19.99 / Month Order Now
02 2 GB 25 GB 2 TB @ 100 Mbps IPv4 Linux / Windows VPS $59.99 / Month Order Now
04 4 GB 25 GB 4 TB @ 100 Mbps IPv4 Linux / Windows VPS $109.99 / Month Order Now
08 16 GB 50 GB 6 TB @ 100 Mbps IPv4 Linux / Windows VPS $219.99 / Month Order Now

Geographically redundant DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility.

South American Dedicated Servers

Unleash the boundless potential of your online presence with our Argentina-based Dedicated Servers, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance, ample resources, redundancy, top-notch security, dedicated access, and high-bandwidth usage. Tailored for businesses with exacting application demands, these servers ensure optimal performance and unwavering reliability. Whether you require dedicated hosting for resource-intensive tasks or aspire to resell geolocated shared hosting with the lowest latency and ping in South America, our servers provide a decisive competitive edge. Experience unparalleled control, minimize downtime through redundancy, and reap the benefits of robust security measures, laying a solid foundation for digital success. Elevate your online ventures with the prowess of our Dedicated Servers, redefining performance and efficiency standards.

Argentina Dedicated Server

Superfine VPS Hosting Provider in Paraguay

VPSandServer - secure, dependable and superfine VPS hosting provider in Paraguay, Asuncion provides apodictic online availability, and dedicated servers. Excited to achieve increasingly more follow / do-follow back-links as good as traffic, want superuser root access on server as good as control on site's privacy ? Contemplates Paraguay based VPS server. Selling your clothings and wares on MEDIUM, LINKDIN, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP, TWITTER ? Now, get go your own E-COMMERCE wares selling website with bequesting order of a plan, 219.99 dollar per month, offered by VPSandServer grants delights like 16 GB of memory, 8-core processor, 50 GB of SSD, 6 TB of data transmission, IPv4 address, port speed of 100 mbps, and more to grow it in the American ground. Your assistance is our numero uno preference. Whizz technical masters are standing in 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, three hundred and sixty fives a year to dismantle all of your matters by ticket, phone, chat, email. Wake up your business website with a dedicated Paraguay Linux VPS.

7 Advantages of Paraguay VPS Hosting

Lotsa of Paraguayans businesses could not be perpetuates with shared hosting, rather only VPS (Virtual Private Server). Albeit, the 7 advantages of Paraguay VPS hosting are:

  • Propels SEO rankings and page loads of sites.
  • Furnishes with unlimited Let's encrypt SSL/TLS Certs.
  • Capables one-click installs of SUSE, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora.
  • Gives terrific-swift LiteSpeed servers that loads swifter than Rocket Speed.
  • Offers real-time protection for Brute Force, DDoS, Malware.
  • Ensures thorough control over hosting uploads, files, domains, and FTP.
  • Dedicates 99.9% up time, viscosity, and SLA.


Paraguayan clients could be control all of their resources, PHP applications, and documents with RDP access empowered default on all servers and websites. It's the upright company that provides outright control on site/server.


Every individual manoeuvres gas boiler to brew up cookeries. Same as principal speed fire of a gas bolier, discover flaming-quick download speeds with 100 mega bits / second internet connectivity.


If you're looking for numero one email hosting provider, no look spare. Just host email marketing business of yours with VPS to enjoy responses and unrestrained emails, putting an end to the restraints on it.


Top of the business hosting, supreme required aspects for growing any shape of business are control as entireness, flexibility, scalability and smoothness which eventurates from our dedicated Linux servers.


Statistics continues with formulas. Further, hosting continues with dedicated, cloud, shared, and virtual (VPS), and web. According to your business performance, choose one hosting.


Secure Paraguayan virtual server serves Hazard Blocking, SSL, Firewall, Privacy, DDoS protection, and WAF to protect your empowerness on online. Experience also authentication and long password.


Scale CPU, RAM, SSD anytime oneself. Operating in the Asuncion / Paraguay based virtual private server translates tailored - upgradeable resources, scalability, one-hundred % dedicated environment at low-end cost, and edge-to-edge access to the WHM License cpanel - plesk - directadmin control panel. VPSandServer reassures 3x performance, outsourcing, flexibility, caching optimization, reliability and maintenance throughout the entire process. We enhance spirits of those who can not manage own servers. Management of broad of applications in one panel is drove-easy due to online available video tutorials.

Facilitate Yourself
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanel / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

Is Paraguay VPS pre-eminent for ML?

Paraguay VPS is pre-eminent along with ideal for AI (Artificial Intelligence), VPN (Virtual Private Network), iGaming, Email, Proxy, and ML (Machine Learning).

Can I access to the instances of mine?

Yes, you can access to your instances namely bandwidth, solid state drive, memory, processor - scale-up or scale-down when wish.

Is Apple Pay accepted by you or not?

VPSandServer, which prefers 5-methods of payment (Perfectmoney, Visa Card, BTC, MasterCard, PayPal), doesn't not prefer Apple Pay mobile payment method.

Where my VPS plans are hosted?

Our VPS plans are hosted in up to the minute data center situated in Paraguay which serves edge-to-edge access and management to the control panel.

Applications involved license???

License is involved in Plesk obsidian and cPanel but applications of Windows and Linux do not involve license.

What if I need to add users?

We confirm whatever you say. Administrator user having 99.998% control can add users who have 20% control to access application (cpanel) up to the need.