Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Today, Bangladesh is one of the most growing countries in the Asia with 8.2% annual change and a 15.32% export rate. Dhaka, being the capital city is in continuous connection with regional and international countries for improving mutual relation to widen its markets and to deal with many kinds of export quality products for earning extra financial growth. In such view, every business is in an effort to associate with new adaption criteria like digital marketing and websites industry. If you are a local or an abroad investor and in search of meeting a high web industry with ultimate features then the utmost solution is dedicated servers physically hosted under one of the best Bangla data center to acquire flexibility, necessary configuration, no sharer of resources and ahead of all trust of local community with fastest loading and lowest latency. You can put your IT ventures, business applications or remote accessibility at a high level of hosting infrastructure to customize an architecture that provides fast output and development of your company.

Bangladesh dedicated server hosting
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Soft Raid 1
  • BDIX Connectivity
  • 100K IOPS
  • Free DDoS Mitigation
  • Premium Network
  • Multiple OS Choices
  • Tier 2 DC
  • Resource Upgradation Facility

Prices for Bangladeshi Servers

We packed limited traffic and maximum server accessibility, consistency, and performance with each provisioning. Choose up to 12 CPU cores and more for your high-performance requirements along with huge memory. You will get Windows or Linux, Root and Administrative control, fastest connectivity, and 24/7 support. For those who are to buy a Bangladesh bases full fledge server, we acknowledge multiple inexpensive packages to deal with every kind of needs.

Processor ECC RAM SSD Traffic Shared Port (Intl / BDIX) Price
Intel Xeon E5-2667v2 32 GB DDR3 2x 500 GB (RAID 1) 10 TB 100Mbps / 500Mbps $199 / Month Order Now
Intel Xeon E5-2640v6 32 GB DDR4 2x 500 GB SSD (Hardware Raid) 20 TB 100Mbps / 500Mbps $299 / Month Order Now
2x Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 32 GB DDR3 2x 500 GB SSD (Hardware Raid) 40 TB 100Mbps / 500Mbps $399 / Month Order Now
2x Intel Xeon E5-2678v3 32 GB DDR3 2x 500 GB (RAID 1) 100 TB 100Mbps / 500Mbps $499 / Month Order Now

Servers are self managed with availability of upscaling Memory, Storage, IPs and Windows OS Options.

Regional Server Locations

If current location is not able to fulfil your latency needs or you want to target other sub continent regions from a different areal data center location or even if you want multiple machine in nearby places to Bangladesh, you can endure below mentioned countries to pick as per demands. You must be enjoying our efficiency as we are putting everything under one roof for your convenience.

Dedicated Hosting Pakistan

UAE Dedicated Hosting

Bangladesh VPS Server

You are low in budget or not in the mod of putting excessive money for acquiring a destination hosting infrastructure for dedicated use then you can still achieve this goal be deploying an in budget source of dedicated hosting in shape of VPS.

Bangladesh VPS hosting

Quality Hardware

To ensure long term reliance, we deployed enterprise-class hardware along with SSD storage which will allow you and to your viewers a speedy loading of browsing and loading. All our setups are up to dated and delivered to you with innovative adaptability.

DDos Protection

Our channel provides you the free protection against DDoS to improve usability and avoid unwanted downtimes. Our DDoS security operates evidently by routing malicious traffic directly through your System when transferring the supply of high traffic.

Data Redundancy

Reliability and redundancy are our number one focus therefore we guarantee power control, cooling, and network a 100% uptime SLA. Any hosted machine will be placed in a top-level atmosphere with redundant layered power, networking, and temperature.

Adulatory ingredient

Adoptability of current technological updates and several factors which can give you effortlessness while managing a dedicated machine have great worth to consider. There are many elements, resources, licenses, extensions and control interfaces available that you may avail for your existed machine or with new orders. We enlisted very meaningful related commodities for your convenience through which we allow you to configure a device with new programs as well as process an upgradation of RAM, Bandwidth and storage. We always made our best effort to present industry's newly stable addons in market's low prices.

Machine Upgrades
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
cPanle / Plesk Obsidian
Extra RAM and Storage

Dhaka based Dedicated Hosting Servers

When running a high-speed website like an e-commerce shop, or a critical program, a dedicated server is an easy alternative. For bigger organizations and high-transit websites, this is a perfect option. It is a great challenge to obtain the best-output to host those websites. In Bangladesh, we are the only organization with the finest infrastructure. Based on years of experience, we have created a very strong network with Dhaka based services. We understand the importance of your time, money, and business. Our Tier 3 and Tier 4 Dhaka data centers can deploy all features. You can use our high capacity, protected infrastructure for essential programs, including ERP, accounting apps, etc. Our hosting systems are modular and elastic, meaning that if you require any improvements, you are not contiguous to technical requirements. We will help you develop the newest equipment and revolutionary technology for your site.

BD Cheap Linux and Windows Dedicated Hosting

You can select with us fantastic choices for operating systems on Windows and Linux. We will supply you with these servers that are highly adaptable to your job. Both servers are ready for successful service use. Each server, we provide contains KVM via IP which allows clients to manage their servers completely. The KVM supports full server maintenance on hardware for tasks like BIOS configurations and custom OS reinstallations. Besides this, our team of system administrators will help you to set up, protect, and manage your server every day or night. Price can be the only consideration, so we have built several packages at a reasonable price and with a high degree of functionality.

What is data center location?

Every server will be provisioned with root user through a tier II DC located in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Why should buy a Bangla Dedicated Server?

If you want to run various online operations as independent functionalities with a fastest loading local speed. In that case, it is the best choice for all of your corporate needs, particularly when you are involved in reliability, maintenance, stability, privacy, and productivity.

How many websites can i host?

You can freely upload as many websites as you want on single machine, no restrictions at all. With the management of available disk space, you can make separate website accounts or even can resell space.

How many IPs do I get?

With our hosting, we provide one static IP. For each additional IP, we charge a separate cost and for this location you can add up only one extra IPv4.

What Storage Configuration are you offering?

Our stockpiling is truly accessible and SSD-fuelled, triple-duplicated, multi-controlled and self-recuperating systems with a RAID1 setup.

What is delivery time?

After confirmation of payment, a server is assembled, installed as per OS and delivered usually from 48 to 120 Hours.