VPS Hosting Bangladesh

With a population of about 160 million, Bangladesh with a capital named “Dhaka” is on its way of progress from last 2 decades. Due to territorial conditions and near past worldly updates, this part of earth has great importance and influence now. When we pin point the Information Technology sector, it gets grow with the same pace with other international neighboring countries but due to older infrastructure and with about 75% literacy rate there is a need of sizable positive changes. No doubts with its development from last few years, Bangladesh got attention and could be able to acquire heavy investments. As a result, people from around the world have a wish to target this market. So, when one has to do things remotely without any practical existence, it is desirable and crucial to have local internet access. For it, we are here to optimized your experience by presenting low rates Dhaka located VPS Server hosting for your dedicated use with lowest latency. You can enjoy your business privacy through secure Bangla connection to the world's internet along with a no sharer KVM quality virtualized Bangladesh VPS Hosting created via heavy duty machines hosted under advanced structured data center.

Bangladesh vps hosting

  • Web, Proxy or Game Server
  • Multiple Networks
  • Different ISP Ports
  • Fast Loading
  • Xeon E5-V2 Processor
  • Windows KVM/Qemu Virtualization
  • SSD Raid
  • KVM for Linux
  • BDIX Connectivity

Bangladesh based VPS Plans

You are looking for only ISP access via RDP, want to host multiple apps, require to run local proxy browser, wish good ping and fastest downloads of data, in search of good hosting provider for being a reseller or whatever your case, all below packages have something for you to select. Unlike others, we have variety of plans with a distinctive kind and amount of resources allocation with guaranteed lesser sub-continent latency, offered in both popular operating systems.

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price
02 4 GB 50 GB 1000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $44.99 / Month Buy Now
04 8 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $73.99 / Month Buy Now
08 16 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $124.99 / Month Buy Now
16 32 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited Linux / Windows VPS $209.99 / Month Buy Now

New addition to this destination in cheapest charges with same pricing for Linux / Windows OS and instant provisioning.

Processor RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth / Month OS Price
2 Cores 2 GB Dedicated 30 GB 350 GB Linux VPS $37 / Month Order Now
4 Cores 4 GB Dedicated 60 GB 500 GB Linux VPS $54 / Month Order Now
6 Cores 6 GB Dedicated 120 GB 750 GB Linux VPS $69 / Month Order Now
6 Cores 8 GB Dedicated 250 GB 1000 GB Linux VPS $99 / Month Order Now
8 Cores 12 GB Dedicated 350 GB 1500 GB Linux VPS $149 / Month Order Now
12 Cores 16 GB Dedicated 500 GB 2500 GB Linux VPS $199 / Month Order Now
2 Cores 2 GB Dedicated 40 GB 500 GB Windows VPS $62 / Month Order Now
4 Cores 4 GB Dedicated 60 GB 750 GB Windows VPS $98 / Month Order Now
4 Cores 8 GB Dedicated 80 GB 1000 GB Windows VPS $165 / Month Order Now
6 Cores 12 GB Dedicated 120 GB 1.5 TB Windows VPS $239 / Month Order Now
8 Cores 16 GB Dedicated 180 GB 2 TB Windows VPS $299 / Month Order Now
8 Cores 24 GB Dedicated 250 GB 2.5 TB Windows VPS $350 / Month Order Now

You will not be able to enable tun/tap, means any plan is not feasible for creating a VPN.

Bangladesh Dedicated Server

For heavy IT projects or big databases, put a full machine into action instead of a VM as it will give you ultimate performance, fully isolated resources and a most reliable workaround for better security and accomplishment.

Bangladesh Dedicated Server

Buy Cheapest Bangladesh VPS Servers

We do not believe in overcharging but betting on little margins that is why unlike other Bangladesh based hosting companies, you can buy cheap locally hosted virtual private servers. No doubts, due to lack of IT infrastructure and no local hardware production, whole DC infrastructure put heavy pricing costs but even then, we are committed to launch your business in your budget for online visibility. There is also a thought that cheap things come in cheap prices but we have a moto to provide the best for less. Whether you need KVM virtualization or other, you want to include anything extra or require to pay annually, our rates will be lowest and discounted in the market. You must keep in your mind that all instances are un-managed and it is one of the causes which allow us to sell VMs in that low rates. You will be delivered a VPS Server with installation of requested OS only, rest you can configure it anyway you wish better by installing services, software, firewall and scripts, means it require a healthy expertise level to manage it yourself. All highlighted plans above are equally good for proxy services providers, gaming companies, websites, apps and reseller who want to re-sell shared hosting type from local data center to their clients. As our aim is to provision virtualized container in budget so we offer LXC based lightweight Linux Containers and KVM/Qemu based high-performance plans as choices. You will be able to access your provisioned instances via SSH if it was installed through Linux operating system and through RDP if it was a Windows Edition though you can include a lower cost cPanel or Plesk Obsidian license respectively for managing it through control interface.

Best Bangladesh Virtual Hosting Provider

To assist you with the niche of virtualization from various international locations, we are in practice of choosing most reliable and branded networks. Like other origins, we are selling most affordable, featured and premium VPS servers from Dhaka. Along with allied hosting services, we are getting popular, being referred and becoming the best VPS web hosting provider in Bangladesh. While comparing and pin pointing a hosting company, one should take in account the expertise and experience in specific field so you can trust us because we are mature, expert and known for launching dedicated hosting infrastructure from last 12 years. Hope you will test our attitude and way of serving once because you can gain every kind of complex, customized and complex hosting infrastructure through us. With Xeon Processors, DDR3 and DDR4 memory kits, SSD Raid for the highest IOPS and disk bandwidth, 1Gbps shared internet connectivity, mature level of virtual techniques, Tier II+ data center facilities, top notch support and dependable repute, we can be you great companions for improving and raising your Bangladesh based corporate level of live server hosting needs. Unlike most of international data centers, we can install windows server 2019 as well as Windows 10 pro editions for utilizing your VM through Microsoft remote desktop or for deploying .net, IIS, SQL DB or Windows relevant application. At the same time, you can pick from various linux distributions like ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 & 19.04, Debian 8, 9 and 10, CentOS 7 & 8, OpenSuse, ArchLinux, Fedora and many more. You can ask us for any basic level of support like hard rebooting and re-installation of machines at any time though if you want to increase your VM resources, it is only possible by buying a higher tier package and moving your current data to newly provisioned instance.

Upgraded Storage

To keep one step ahead it is always necessary to take advantages of latest technology so with us you can deploy Raid SSDs for storing your data online, all depends upon your budget, requirements and selected specification of the node.


We never ignore clients with lesser budgets or those who do not want to pay more initially, for such customers availability of virtualization reside with LXC whereas those who are quality conscious or understand the superiority of container technique can go with KVM.

Secure Infrastructure

Storing data in today's world is not a big task but to keep it out of the reach of intruders is the most important, this fact is qualitatively imposed in our data center so one should feel safe on DC and networking end though individual security implementation is a must.

Robust Hardware

Being top reseller and partners with various data centers, we get deployed only verified, high quality and branded hardware. Internal firewall routers, switches and cables are of A+ grade with best cooling systems and numerous power backups to ensure stability.

Demandable ISP Carriers

Though bandwidth prices are high in this area yet we are offering unlimited traffic with some plans. We have various Internet service providers on our backbone to host you through unique IP ranges with different internet ports as per your financial estimate.

Unique Support

We kept ourselves busy and positive in planning and execution of basic individual security and in fixing most common routine issues though committed and ready to entertain queries and solutions of any kind and measurement.

Root Access

Sometimes, due to security reasons, default user upon provisioning could be a different one with lesser privileges which can be changed as root too though usually all machines are portioned with super users like Administrator or root.

Popular OS

Like all other important facilities, we take care of all commonly installed operating systems availability with older and newly released versions. With us you can select and order any version of Windows Server as well as top flavors of Linux like Ubuntu and CentOS.


We never compel you to buy licenses and addons from us but will encourage you to purchase control panel licenses of cPanel and Plesk Obsidian in low cost which can definitely enhance your user experience as well as allow you ease of management.

Add Value to your Instance

In most cases people do not prefer getting hosting panel installed though it is always offer convenience of managing a machine in a small cost. Here, for boosted comfort we have listed most urged addons for enhancing resources, functionality and features of a node which includes licenses and physical components. There are chances that you may not find something you want to include with your machine here, in that case we are always available on support for sorting and offering you alternate solutions.

No need to migrate your data and tune your machine again, if you want to deploy more resources simply pick one as addon which can be installed without any distortion and down time most of the time.

Efficiency and Convenience Boosters
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Pro
cPanle / WHM Licenses
Plesk Obsidian

What is your VPS Provisioning Time?

Technicians remains on work 24/7 so it is our utmost effort to process installation immediately after system will show us a paid ordered. Usually, it do not take more than 18 hours but in some overloaded situation it can take maximum 24 hours for sending your welcome email.

Can i use a VPS for creating VPN?

With Regrets, it is not allowed though you can contact us directly for Dhaka based VPN Plans.

What is DC Location and Virtualization Type?

Data center is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh with BDIX Connectivity and VMs are portioned through KVM and LXC technologies.

What Operating Systems you offer?

Normally, you can get any mature and renowned operating system from Windows Server and Linux though due to some compulsions and huge variety of flavors and versions some times you may have to adequate on available ones.

How i can pay?

From above plans, you can select one and click on "Order", it will take you to configuration page, once after configuring, you will be redirected to payment gateways, you can choose from Bank Transfer and Paypal to proceed.

How you refund?

As explained before, we are not direct data center but sale number of vps plans which are created on our demand from particular DCs and we paid upfront so once after order and payment there would no refund. It is always recommended to discuss about your requirements in details before placing your order.

How to hard reboot and re-install a server?

You can ask us via email or support ticket at any time for re-installation of OS. In normal conditions there is no need to ask for reboots to us as you can do it your self but where you will get stuck or it is imposed to do forceful reboots, write us an email instantly.