Dedicated Server South Africa

With the population of over 59 million and literacy rate of about 90% and areal location in the South of Africa, South Africa is a mixture of traditions and cultures. It is one of most organized, modern, civilized and economically strong country. It is the 37th biggest ecommerce market in the world and being a hub of several multinational and international brands, trademarks and main offices. A safe, secure and advanced surface for tourism and business and best source of exploring and marketing whole African continent. As per latest ways of superintending a business whether it is for local or outer world community, a hosting base is a must so with a unique strategy for having business growth and for always keeping a upper hand on your competitors, think out of the box. Give maximum convenience and trust to your viewers, buyers and consumers. Get deployed a low cost South Africa based dedicated server hosting which will ensure a devoted use of your hosting underpinning with the liberty of personalized usage as well as fastest delivery of information.

South Africa dedicated server hosting
  • SSD or HDD Storage
  • 4-6 Cores
  • 100Mbps Internet Connection
  • DDR4 Memory
  • Fair Bandwidth Usage
  • Deploy DDoS mitigation as addon
  • Intel Xeon E Series
  • 100 Mbps Internet Port
  • Windows & Linux OS

South African Server Price

While installing servers into racks, facts regarding the cost and performance have taken into account, as a result there are huge opportunities for all to select what must give maximum output. Basic machines are enriched with paramount riches so most probably most of you may not require anything to add separately. We have ensured revamped access of South Africa based dedicated server in the most competitive market's price.

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Cores Price
E-2234 - 3.60 GHz 32 GB 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD 5 TB 04 $264 / Month Order Now
E-2246G - 3.60 GHz 32 GB 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD 5 TB 06 $299 / Month Order Now

Perfect for staunch and low latecny solution for IT infrastructure, specially targeted for African Contenant.

Connecting Server Locations

Do you aware that you can attain same opportunity of getting a highest form of hosting type through other nearby location to maximize your ability and chances to win the market. For a more robust and reliable networking through main stream adjacent areal data centers, you can now manage your apps, programs and web pages more conveniently with a greatest feedback and out of the box user experience.

UAE Dedicated Hosting

Turkish Dedicated Hosting

South African VPS Hosting

Not interested in purchasing a exclusive kind of hosting due to its high cost or available plans do not match with your needs or even you want different machines with least resources and in less amount of money but the only thing, your priority is the location.

South Africa VPS hosting

Reliable Hardware

For an extended relation and lower fatigue, we selected everything involved for providing you a final service. Intel Xeon Processor, DDR4 memory card, SSD or HDD SATA drives and a vigorous internet connectivity under an organized team of technician ensure availability of your online resources.

Fast Loading

Due to developed and reformed structure of connecting cables to each machine installed in a rack through a shared ISP connection of 100Mbps and obtainability of solid socket layer storage, you can always enjoy a less loaded machine along with fastest data processing to gain quickest loading.

Secure Provisioning

As we have deployed everything top of brand, have taken topmost measures to prevent your allocated servers from being highjacked and established a connection of your hosting base with world through a secure connection so no negligence will be recorded from our side for being compromised.

Resource Booster

We understand that those who are curious about the latency and optimized user experience can also not compromise on allied functionalities which can disturb data transformation or can increase your accessibility convenience. At least, with the passage of time, you realize that you are being victim of short in resources where you preliminary have good grip. You may optimize things, can gather some space yet it is not the solution. To deal with such circumstances you always think of including more assets so that your application/software/web pages can be loaded smoothly. Moreover, there are few other worthy options which can work wonders in browsing, managing and controlling your resources without any technical know-how like hosting control panels.

Machine Upgrades
Available Addons
Additional IPv4
Windows Server 2012R2, 2016
WHM and Plesk Obsidian
Extra Traffic and Space
Backup Storage

Dedicated Hosting from Johannesburg Data Center

No doubts, always a capital city of a country have maximum potential in both ways, offering high standard services, products and goods as well for accepting various commodities. Keeping in view we selected Johannesburg as a destination for selling dedicated hosting instead of Cape Town though there are relatively lesser prices for Cape Town location but with lesser functionality. Machines are fully equipped for delivering maximal output and guaranteed resources with ability of being upgraded at any stage of utilization. Means, add more to your hosting infrastructure when you get grown despite shifting everything on a new slot. Datacenter is fully functional and powered with all technologically organized and modern equipment along with adoption of all local legit criteria. It will give you the convenience to customize your needs whether you are looking for a complex networking solution or you have specific firewall and security concerns.

Can you provide servers from Cape Town data center?

Yes, our delivered machines will be provisioned from Johannesburg based Tier 3 standard data center but if you need one from Cape Town, we can offer you that too, please contact us.

Can i increase resources?

Yes, from available packages, click on one to order, on next page, you will be asked if you are to maximize size of default storage and Bandwidth.

Can i get Windows OS installed?

Of course, we have mentioned that in available Addon area too. You can place your order with Linux based OS as well as with paid and licensed Windows server.

How much time required to receive server details?

If you are a new customer, we may need some additional information/docs once you will place order, after verification, minimum time to send you welcome credentials email is 70 hours.

Are there any setup charges?

No, to offer you lowest costs whether you are going to purchase a machine for 1 month or for 1 year, we do not impose any kind of setup charges, moreover you can rent out a server for as least as possible time of one month.

How to buy additional IPs?

If you have already gotten a machine provisioned and currently in your use, please open a support ticket, we may require justification for extra IPv4.